some more fjn and games tryig to be a warrior. hahaha

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July 23rd 2014
Published: July 23rd 2014
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Well I went dancing I the rain this evening. We had a thunder and lightning storm. I danced a jive, charleston, some ceroc, east coast and west coast and also a bit of a cha cha. It was really fun, then we made rain angels... kind of thw same as snow angels, but wetter and thw angel doeant actually stay there, hahahaha. I recomwnd it to you.
Had a word about our sifu not really doinf his job...e.g teaching us. Its a long story but he is only 17 and doesnt really know how to teach. His skills r amazing but his teaching not so. After a chat with him it is really good now he gives good details about everythung and we still have fun.
I ran up 960ish stairs to a pagoda. Then back down. It was amazing but my knees r now buggered again. Bollocks!!!!!
I am writing this from the bed at thw physio with a heat pad attached to my leg after having my leg raped by the 'doc' or wot ever u call him, it feela really good afterwards tho.
We have finished our long staff form and now we just refining it for our grading atvthe end of the month. Then next month 2 new fist forms and the broad sword. Whoop whoop.
I will report wen I have my swords. Hahahahaha wot cud go wrong. Lol
Went to ktv a karaoke bar it was so fun. A very good night and will be remembered for a long time. Haha
I have 3 new toys, 2 daggers and a broad sword. My mum will not be happy. Hahaha
I faught with one of our warrior monks today. We had a sparing sessiom. I have had it recorded but need to figure out how to get it on here. I was the most frightened I have been so far and I think it shows. I didnt get many punches off on him but I landed a few. He was so fast. He got me with some really good kicks. I enjoyes it because it showed me where my flaws are. And I can improve from watching it. I will try and get the clip uploaded on here soon.
Going through some more of my broad sword and ataff form. I think said it before but I will grade ky ataff form at the end of the month. I hope my knees hold out, lol


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