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June 23rd 2014
Published: June 23rd 2014
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I went 2 a chinese physio who works wih meridian lines, acupoints and the flow of energy. He was pushing his elbows into my knees and then did a weird toe thing (I hate ppl touching my feet) he pulls the ties till they nearly pop out then clicks his fingers on them. It was horrible. But just b4 going in he made me walk up some stairs. It was hard and I was limping.Then after the massage/pain I fliction he made we walk up them again and there was no limp. It was incredible.Well worth the pain and 100rmb (£10).
Did another circuit with chris the mma guy, its high heart rate and big fat burning. So doing this regularly shud make a huge difference. He is doing a class 2moz after power stretching that consists of wot 2 do if u up against the ropes or a fence or wall...etc.lets c how it goes.
P.s.I think I have burnt my bald scalp.Lol
Had vibish's leaving drinks and food.It was good about 12 bottles of bajo(however u spell it)53% rice wine or sumthing. Its horrible,but being the onky 1 not drinkig it was interesting 2 watch the chaos unfold.On the way home Tasmin(the auzzie)jumped on my bak and I span round 4 or 5 times he got off 2 run and his legs didnt move. He fell face 1st with no hands 2 stop him and buat his cheek. Maybe a few stitches in the morning, but we will c.We gunna have a buffet bfast atbthe shangri-la for vibish's leaving bfast.Then more scooters.All this after a trio 2 the hospital.I feel like a rite knob. He is ok but I still feel bad.
Had buffet bfast 2day. It was amazing, rented more bikes and whizzed around like loons again. Vibish left us at about 4ish. Craig came bak about 5.30ish. Im happy craig is bak.Even tho he is Scottish he is alrite. Hehehehemy mattress turned up. I now sleep on a normal mattress and not the granite beds we have. I dont mind a hard bed every now and then, but this was prooving 2 b a little 2 much 4 me. But my mattress is nice and firm anyway.
Had a very chilled sunday rented bikes with craig and just looked for nice parks around town. I bought more papaya and yoghurt.
Had an alrite day my shoulder was playing up a little bit so I went 2 the physio person again for both my shoulder and knees. He only focused on my shoulder the pictures r the outcome of it. I feel like he may have given me leprosy. He scraped a credit card sized stone over me as if trying to peel me like an orange. It felt horrible. My shoulder is a little better 2day but not amazing. The work they did on my knees was defo better.
Hope u guys r well


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