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June 16th 2014
Published: June 16th 2014
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Went 2 hospital 2day 2 check out my knee. My left knee is griding and my rite knee is filling with fluid.The docs seemed confused as 2 y a western man with a dodgy barnet was there. Also they were confused about the lumps and fluid in my knee and legs. I was sorrojnded by other patients who wanted 2 stare at a western mans legs with the doc poking me and them hearding round me. I felt like a zoo animal.
Anyway still not sure wots wrong with them.Every1 at school is giving their opi ion which is kool but its no medical advise.Lol
I slept in thw common room last nite aa the concrete beds that were helping my bak r now crippling me. Its 400rmb to buy it thwn anither 100rmb 2 ger it delivered, so thats 500rmb (£50 or €50) its not bad. And they not really shitty mattresses either.
Found a dying hedgehog 2day. Its face and body covered in ticks and it had a crust of maggot type things over its eyes. Tasmin an aussie guy was really good at helpjng to clean it up he works on a farm in Australia and deals with rhis stuff all the time. Its now being kept in 1 of the girls rooms. We think it will die soon but if we keep it happy till then, we have dun well.
Had wing chun dummy lessons. So I have learnt the 1st dummy form. Hopefully 2day the second and 3rd. Its like conditioning for the arms aswell coz we hit it hard.
Power stretching 2day and time 2 squeel like a pig again. It didnt go 2 bad.
We rented electric bikes and whizzed around town. It was soooo kool. The scooters aint really meant 4 a man of my size but it was fun. We gunna get them again next weekend. I will post a pic of me as a chinese mod. Hahaha.
Very relaxed juat pottered around town, I now have papaya, peach yogurt and almods for bfast, aswell as my 3 boiled egggs.
Tried the run buggered my knees more, I mite c about doing a days rest, also had another wing chun lesson on the dummy, im on the 2nd form now. It dont seem like the practicle application part is gunna happen tho.
Jumps and rolls 2day I dont think its gunn happen, I did a fitness circut last nite and that didnt help my knees. I will c wot my sifu says 2day.
U guys saw the monk hair doo..... its now changed again, for those of u not on facebook this is my skinhead with amazing tan lines look.


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