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August 17th 2014
Published: August 17th 2014
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Had grading and it went well not sure if I can post videos on here but will try. I was happy with it, and I guess thats the main thing.
Some very good friends here now, I have finally got some of my trust in people back and am able to talk to them about things again, also thank you dad for the encouragement and strong words. They have definately worked and im taking them in.
Well..... shit hit the fan today. One of our sifu was fired, long story but not for 'bad' reasons. One thing lead to another and he was chased away from the school by 5 guys who had rocks and shit to throw at him. Also you would think a shaolin master should turn and fight them it was 5 guys against 1 and these 5 guys were friends of the headmaster and also very high up in the shaolin world. The whole situation was bit pathetic from the headmasters side due to him having these people here waiting but T.I.C(this is china)
Anyway its all calmed down today but we are 2 sifu down. This is because the sifu who was fired has a very close friend/shaolin brother here and he left aswell, because he felt it was unfair dismissal and also unfair how these guys were waiting.
Anyway as you can see we dont need eastenders out here we have our own shit.
Lots more people have left now and in 4 months time I will be the longest serving member of my group. Haha I will be the veteran. And at 27 I already feel old compared to some of these guys. 1 guy was born in 1995. I remember that year. God I feel old sometimes. Haha

rite so....... it has been ages since I have written anything here, another sifu (my sifu) has now lwft us aswell but that is due to him not liking the way the headmaster was treating him. So I have a new one who is actually quite good but its not the same. I had got quite a nice bond with chunky sifu but I think more of a friend rather than a sifu, anyway......
the main reason I havent written anything on here in a while is that I havent been doing for myself, I have been writig his blog for all the wrong reasons. I have been hinking lots recently and meditating more and more. I have come to terms massively with aituations in my life and understand that they are all taking me down a path where I will end up where I want to be, both spiritually and physically. My spiritual state has broadened massively. I can calm down with qi gong and I can also reach a higher state thanks to it. Mum and dad have been massively supportive and I know the rest of you guys have aswell. I feel the energy being sent.
Running away like this was the best thing I could have done, I got away from what and or who I needed to and also it made me realise what is out there can help towards myself being a better person.
So from now on thw blogs might be far apart from eachother but its because im writing it for the right reasons now, im not trying to make any1 jealous. But jnstead I am writing to prove to any1 who thought I couldnt...... I can and I knew I could. Im 4 months into it now thats 1/3 of my time. Hahaha and fuck me im a better person than I ever could have been without this. So thank you for getting me to he point where I had to do it. I feel more like me than ever and I feel I have reached a new level in my life.
I love all of you and want to hug and kiss you all.
im off to shanghai on friday for a week. So pictures will follow after my trip.

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