shanghai shenanigans and back to training

September 4th 2014
Published: September 4th 2014
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Well well well...... shanghai was amazing. 7 days of free booze due to us being being white. Well the free booze was in the evening during the day it wasnt. We went to some clubs that were up on the 28h floor of some buildings and some that were in an old bunker. The buildings were amazing and so was the company I went with. Im back at school now and feeling the need to detox and fix all the bad I have donw in shanghai. Hahahahaha. The 1st run will be today and im not looking forward to it, but I did this to myself so I must reep the consequences. I feel like that about a lot of things. If you do it then its your fault. Deal with the consequence. I had the choice to not do it but I did.
Being back in qufu made me realise how westernised shanghai is. There was cheese in the supermarket and milk and evwn english sections in there. On the 1st day I gorged myself so much cheese I threw up. I learnt my lesson quickly after that. Cheese shall only be consumed in normal quantities from now on when I find it. Hahaha I own a pink suit aswell. Pics from shanghai will follow soon. Untill then here is my suit.
The 1st few days back have been painful to say the least, haha. Im walking like john wayne without his horse. But it will only be for this week. Then im back to my good old self.
Today a good friend and last person of my original group leaves. Chris a.k.a. neptune. He is an absolute legend and one of my best friends here. I will miss him so much.
Sad times.
Obviously people come and go but some more than others you bond with. And he is a good 1.
My 1st power training for a while now. Im worried I cant do it. Hahaha ohh well I wiol only fail if I dont try. Even if im not amazing at least I tried. Boo rah.


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