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Asia » China » Hangzhou October 3rd 2019

Days 65 to 69 of 80 Hangzhou - what an utterly, lovely, delightful place that no one outside of China will have heard of..... possibly. In fact it was on the world stage in 2016 when it hosted that year's G20 Summit of world leaders. More locally, Hangzhou has been designated 'the happiest city in China' for the past 12 years. It shows. There seems to be some feel of joyous infection around in this place, though that might be because of the lead in to the 70th Anniversary celebrations. Hangzhou, population 9-10m, is built to the east, mostly, of West Lake, one of China's most scenic and most trip-visited spots. The other three sides are backed by small hills/mountains giving picture perfect vistas all around its circumference. It is a gentle, flat, 15 km amble ... read more
Water calligraphy
Dragon boat
Hangzhou West Lake

Asia » China » Hangzhou April 4th 2019

DAY 3 cont - After arriving in Guilin late afternoon, we had another wonderful dinner followed by a wander around the local streets. Plenty of activity as there is a festival in full swing, with dancers and displays in the major park of Guilin. We found an Irish Pub in an alley, where you'll not be surprised to find, all the Aussies eventually accumulated. DAY 4 - A short coach trip to the Li River, boarding our cruise boat for a 4 hour trip to Yangshuo. Amazing scenery again as we wound our way through high peaks of limestone. Arriving in Yangshuo, we checked into our hotel and went for a casual stroll through the local streets. Plenty of colour, music and the smells of the local delicacies were abundant, some chilli, blue claw and noodles ... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou May 13th 2018

On day five of our China trip we embarked on a tour of Hangzhou city; renowned for its beauty and abundance of cultural heritage it is the centre of the Zhejiang Provence, known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. We were accompanied by our new tour guide Anthony who, while good, was not a patch on Kitty who was a hard act to follow. Hangzhou, which has been awarded the 2022 Asian Games, sits at the head of Hangzhou Bay, which separates Shanghai and Ningbo and grew to prominence as the southern terminus of the Grand Canal. It has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for much of the last millennium. The city's West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, immediately west of the city, is amongst ... read more
The honeymooners
Michelle and our Irish friends on the West Lake junk
Another junk and a pagoda

Asia » China » Hangzhou May 4th 2018

On March 31st 2018 I decided it was finally time to expand my horizons of Suzhou but stay in China and explore my neighbouring cities after being here for well over two years so I decided to first hit up Hangzhou. As with most things in China, it did have a few little hiccups but what's a trip without a few hiccups? I didn't realise the popularity of Hangzhou on weekends so where I thought booking my fast train ticket on the Wednesday for my Saturday overnight stay was way more in advance than really needed, turns out this was extremely naïve of me. What could have been under a two hour train trip, ended up being a four hour slow train from Suzhou Main to Hangzhou main. But no worries, I am fairly good at ... read more
Xi Xi Wetlands
West Lake
West Lake

Asia » China » Hangzhou March 23rd 2017

Okay, so things are getting so much better! I started my clases and my teachers are great! Ive been getting to know my roommates & classmates who are also fantastic! Everything is improving! Including the weather! We've been exploring Zhejiang, I went with my roommate and her friends to Leifang pagoda, the views of West Lake were stunning! And there was BLUE SKY! Yes you read correctly, BLUE SKY! We also ate our first tang hu lu! Me and Sam went to visit an old style shopping street, where they have kept the traditional buildings, some dating back to the 1800's! It's fascinating to look at, you can buy silk, tea, postcards, food all sorts... definitely will be kissing goodbye to lots of money here.... Over the next few weeks it's all been about settling in, ... read more
Leifang Pagoda

Asia » China » Hangzhou March 23rd 2017

Well... everything was going so well- we've been travelling around Hangzhou, during the day and at night. But it all ended up with a hospital visit! (At this point I'm so thankful to have such amazing friends in China!) special mention to Sam who I dragged along for the experience! My ankle had been hurting over the last week or so but then one day it became so painful and swollen- it was time to take the dreaded trip to the hospital! Firstly we tried the on campus hospital however 5pm Friday is clocking off time- so any illnesses must wait until Monday morning...! Therefore plan B... find a hospital that allows international people and is open on the weekend... Luckily all it took was a 20 minute taxi ride! Upon arrival we realised it was ... read more
The fat one!

Asia » China » Hangzhou March 20th 2017

WELCOME! 大家好! So, this is going to be my first ever solo blog! I decided documenting my time in China was important but I thought I'd try and be a little creative with it! Basically you'll get to see my high points and maybe even low points of China (though hopefully there aren't many), and who knows, it may even inspire others to travel... or maybe put them off....? Hmm, We'll see! I'm having to devise this all from my phone because China and the internet have a very complicated relationship- so I'll do my best! Fingers crossed, let's hope this goes well! Enjoy! Steph ... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou March 20th 2017

Well I arrived! Arriving in Beijing airport was incredibly surreal and didn't quite feel real however arriving in Hangzhou airport- now that was the strangest feeling! I expected to feel so excited or maybe even overwhelmed, nervous... but I felt numb! This all changed after being greeted by a familiar face! Huge mixture of emotions, plus the realisation, THIS IS HAPPENING! Now the challenges began: 1. Get to Zhejiang University. An hour long bus ride and 15 minute taxi ride later, CHECK! 2. Figure out where to register. After questioning several Chinese people and visiting two separate offices, in two different buildings. CHECK! 3. Locate the accommodation. After more questioning & wearily dragging suitcases around campus we located it... *queue heart and soul sinking into the ground.... CHECK! 4. Get to know accommodation. Every accommodat... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou November 1st 2016

Today was a bit more traveling... Surprise, surprise. I think moving every night is taking a toll. To much time sitting on a bus. And let me tell you, our tour guide today was annoying! She talked and talked and talked. I was very good in blocking out her voice until the last 20 minutes when I sslipped.... I just wanted off the bus so much! I felt like I was in a time share presentation for a city! Anyhow... Today we went to the pearl factory to learn about fresh water pearls and how they are harvested. That was pretty interesting. They opened a clam in front of us to see everything. This particular clam was only 2 years old, you can tell by the dark lines on its shell, like the age of a ... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou September 14th 2016

Hangzhou Tuesday - Setting off from Shanghai town center I got the metro to the main train station to make my way to Hangzhou 30 minutes to get there 20 minutes in a queue finally at the desk and managed to explain what I want perfect time to pay and then the girl behind the desk asks for my passport and it all falls apart as I have left it with the reception at the hostel for safekeeping what a dope! Never mind headed back to shanghai and went to see the Pearl instead I’ll try again tomorrow. Wednesday – not taking any risks today tickets have been booked online passport is in my bag and I’m out of the hostel by 6:15am nothing is stopping me today!! I get to the station pick up my ... read more

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