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Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin June 27th 2021

Guilin is famous for his 2 rivers and 4 lakes The Li River & The Peach Blossom River The Four Lakes are Chinese Fir Lake, Banyan Lake, Osmanthus Lake & Wooden Dragon Lake This evening Yvonne was able to show us two of these beautiful lakes during our walk through the illuminated waters edge. It was a interesting to learn how this area had fallen into deglect but back in 1998 a new mayor to the city had a vision to bring these beautiful lakes bs into life. Fir Lake with its Sun & Moon pagodas & Banyan Lake with the it’s zig zag bridge & crystal bridge that changed colour all looked so magical in the evening light. I had visited Guilin back in 2010 so today’s visit with Yvonne brought back many happy memories. ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi October 11th 2019

GUILIN Our flight from Xian was quick and as we drove from the airport we noticed a slightly slower pace of life, although a lot busier than we had anticipated and probably not only due to the fact that we were in the middle of their national holiday and its special year. We were looking forward to seeing this scenic area and hiking up into the rice terraces. Guilin is renowned as one of China’s most beautiful spots and I must say our first glimpse was impressive but we had only seen large cities so far on this journey. Our guide Helen said that this was her home town and she was really enthusiastic about everything we could do here. It was hot though in the mid 30s so you had to take things at a ... read more
Wonderful greeting
Pizza with gloves
Gold & Silver Pagodas!

Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin August 29th 2019

Dear Blog Readers, Arriving quite late at Guilin train station after the panda-infested train ride, we nervously waited outside trying to let down the baying taxi drivers down gently. Mercifully, our apologetic pick up from our hotel found us and hurried us to a nearby car park. There seemed to be some singing and dancing going on in the nearby car park - like an overenthusiastic flashmob without the impromptu audience watching. We were soon crashed out in our unbelievable hotel room at the Secret Courtyard Resort Hotel - it had a wonderful view of the mountains with a tea set already lined up. The roof turned into a huge sky-light too so we had the moon and stars beaming down on us as we fell asleep. We had a lovely cup of tea and breakfast ... read more
Red Flute Caves
Entrance to the Beauty Solitary Peak
View from the top of the peak

Asia » China » Guangxi » Xingping October 9th 2018

Hello! Due to a pretty substantial blunder by me, today is our last day in China. Mixed emotions, sad to leave some people we love, but not totally sad about leaving China. It's beautiful and interesting and all, but it's just so hard because I'm useless at learning Mandarin and so it a bit limiting in what you can actually do by yourself. I had thought we had a full day left and we were going to travel home from Yangshuo tomorrow night and then have almost a full day in Shenzhen before we flew home, but our flights are actually tomorrow night. Luckily I realised that last night while we were making plans because originally our tickets out of here weren't going to get back to Shenzhen until a few minutes before our flight starts ... read more
Ivy Dancing in XingPing
Sue and Liam with the RMB20 note & mountains
More Sue and Liam and Mountains and Money

Asia » China » Guangxi » Longji Rice Terraces October 8th 2018

Hello everybody. So after 8 years of wanting to, we finally got to see the Longji Rice Terraces. We had originally planned on visiting in 2011, we even bought tickets, but life took a certain unexpected twist and instead of a holiday we got Liam. Liam's a better option. But, after all that time, today we took the trip out there and it wasn't disappointing. This whole area is so nice. I think everything gets lumped in as being a part of Guilin but Guilin as a city is pretty unremarkable from all accounts I've heard of it, although it seems like it's probably a pretty good base to check out some of the areas around about. We drove past it today on the way out to the terraces, it took about 2 hours each way, ... read more
Lord and Lady Hunter
Steep Stairs
Long Haired Lady

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 7th 2018

Well, this is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Today we travelled out to Yangshuo, which is about 450k from Shenzhen where we've been staying, or about 2 hours on an awesomely fast train - I think it got up to 320 early in the trip but slowed down to an average of 250 for most of it. We wanted to get the most out of the day so the train we were on was the one that left at 7:20 in the morning, which meant leaving at 6:00, which meant waking at 5:30. Some of our party were less enthusiastic about this than others. But we made it with a mere 10 minute delay. It's all a bit non-eventful. If you're trying to guide yourself around without any mandarin, I don't know how it ... read more
Balcony View
Another Balcony View
Took this on the drive to our accommodation

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo September 24th 2018

To avoid the shuttle bus - bus - taxi - bus - taxi - shuttle bus combination required to get from Ping'an to Yangshuo (required due to a national park being declared on the direct route between the two places apparently), we splurged on a taxi which would cut the commute down from about 6 hours to 3. We were picked up from our hotel in Ping'an just before 2pm. Our driver was quite friendly and spoke reasonably good English. We made our way down through the mountains and then onto a highway. Midway through the trip he pulled over at a service station to have a power nap and get some coffee before continuing on towards Yangshuo. As we got closer to Yangshuo we were surrounded by the beautiful but strange karst scenery the region ... read more
Fuli Bridge

Asia » China » Guangxi » Longji Rice Terraces September 22nd 2018

We arrived in Guilin after a 1.5 hour flight from Lijiang. After collecting our bags we met a very giggly Chinese lady who was our driver for the 2.5 hour trip to Ping'an. The trip was beautiful but very slow (and included a stop to refuel and get the car washed); our driver didn't do much for certain stereotypes which exist about her gender or race... On arrival at the gate to enter Ping'an we said farewell to our driver and avoided the women offering to carry our bags in baskets on their backs (Scott's bag has wheels and mine is a backpack so we're not sure why we needed someone to put our bags into a basket and then carry them...nor would we have felt comfortable watching a grandma lug our bags up the hill..). ... read more
View from our balcony
Sunrise from our balcony
The trail

Asia » China » Guangxi » Dazhai September 10th 2018

Dziś cały dzień spędziliśmy na szlakach pobliskich gór i tarasów. Jako, że trudno cokolwiek więcej, poza obrazami do tego dodać, wrzucamy zdjęcia przepięknych okolic i tego jak żyją tu ludzie. Basia i Wojtek. Ps. Nasz hotel wyposażony jest w basen z permanentnie czysta woda. Po prostu przepływa przez niego górski potok. Pani na recepcji była bardzo zdziwiona, że chcemy się w nim kąpać. Od tygodni nikt nie chciał z niego korzystać bo woda jest za zimna... 😉... read more
Wejście do starej chaty Mniejszosci Yao.
Dróżka pomiędzy kilkusteletnimi chatami
Widok na pola ryżowe

Asia » China » Guangxi » Dazhai September 9th 2018

Kierowca w koszulce z napisem “Shooting Guard” i klapkach ze skaju jest naszą jedyną nadzieją na dostanie się do wioski Dazhai. Podróż z Yangshuo trwa około 4 h i kończy ja serpentyna górskiej drogi. Szczerze mowiac nie wiem jak nasz autobus to przetrwa. Wszystko skrzypi i jęczy na każdej dziurze, wrzucenie kolejnego biegu jest dużym wyzwaniem dla kierowcy a kierownica, stale przekręcona o 30 stopni nie świadczy najlepiej o przeszłości pojazdu oraz geometrii jego kół. Może jakoś to będzie. Zatrzymujemy się w przydrożnej, bezpańskiej toalecie. Toaleta jest do “jedynek” bo są w niej tylko wykafelkowane dziury bez opcji spłukiwania. Ktoś się chyba wyłamał i zrzucił większy ładunek. Basia, mimo potrzeby rezygnuje. Inne panie zaciągają koszulki na nosy i, przyzwyczajone do podobnych niedogodności, odganiając chmary much wchodzą do środka. Có... read more
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