We both love exploring the world together and learning about other cultures, history and food. This blog started as a way to keep our families up to date whilst we were travelling, but has turned into a record of all the fabulous experiences we've shared together whilst travelling.

We live and work in Melbourne, Australia but try to travel as much as our jobs (and cats) will let us. Happy reading 😊

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split November 29th 2019

After spending our last marks on breakfast, some drinks and scarves we hopped in the car and departed Mostar. A little over an hour into the drive we reached the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the final country we’d visit during this trip, Croatia. We had expected the border to be a little busy given there are quite a lot of day trips from Mostar to Split and vice versa, but we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered there was hardly a queue. From the border crossing we opted to take the slightly longer route via the coast. The first part of our drive in Croatia was through lovely mountainous scenery; the autumn leaves were stunning. The scenery changed dramatically after we drove through an almost 3km long tunnel through the mountain and out to ... read more
The old town of Split
Looking towards Željezna Vrata, Diocletian's Palace
Main Square, Diocletian's Palace

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar October 27th 2019

We left Jajce straight after breakfast and headed off in the direction of our final stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar. Unfortunately it was rather foggy for much of the drive so we didn’t get to see a lot of scenery during the first part of the trip. Once the fog lifted, the scenery was quite lovely. High mountains covered in autumn leaves next to a blue-green river. The drive to Mostar took about 2.5 hours. As we entered the area close to the Old Town a man in a hi-vis vest waved at us and said something in Bosnian that we didn’t understand. I thought he was dodgy but Scott chose to turn around and find another route to our hotel. On the second route towards our hotel we were again waved at by another ... read more
Mostar from lunch
Mostar Old Bridge...and hoards of tourists

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » North »  Jajce October 24th 2019

After checking our of our hotel in Sarajevo we hopped in our car and headed in the direction of our next destination, Jajce. Not long after we left Sarajevo we entered a tollway and rather thick fog. The fog continued for most of our trip to Jajace so we didn’t get much of a chance to admire the scenery for the first part of the drive. The tollway ended before the fog did and soon we were back on local roads which were fairly good quality although tough to overtake as they were quite windy. On the way to Jajce we made a small detour to visit Mlinčići, also known as the Watermills of Jajce. The mills, which are in a park next to Pliva Lake, were constructed during the Austro-Hungarian period and used by farmers ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 23rd 2019

After checking into our hotel in Sarajevo, which was just across the river from Baščaršija, we set out for a walk through the city. Sarajevo is full of history, both ancient and modern. The city was the meeting point of Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south. Historically it was a fairly tolerant city where Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisted peacefully for the most part. That tolerance and mostly peaceful coexistence was shattered in more recent history first with the expulsion of Jews when Bosnia was under control of the Nazis and then even more recently during the Bosnian war. Nowadays the city is on the road to recovering its tolerance. As soon as we crossed the river and entered Baščaršija. The part of Baščaršijawe enteredwas constructed in the 15th century by ... read more
The Sarajevo (War) Tunnel Museum
View of Sarajevo from Trebević mountain
Bobsled run on Trebević mountain

Europe » Montenegro » Žabljak October 20th 2019

After breakfast at our apartment in Kotor we hopped into the car and set off for the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Durmitor National Park. After driving for a while on good quality new roads we wondered when they would run out….and discovered the answer not long after as we pulled up behind some cars. The cars had obviously been stationary for quite some time as people were milling around. After we’d been sitting there for a while I hopped out of the car and walked to the front of the traffic jam to see what the hold up was. There were concrete barriers blocking the road… As one of the cars at the front of the traffic jam was a taxi I figured we’d be moving at some stage so headed back to the car. On ... read more
Snake Lake
Black Lake
Đurđevića Tara Bridge

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor October 18th 2019

We left Berat at about 9am and retraced our steps back to Shkoder. After stopping briefly in Shkoder to spend our last Albanian lek on some soft drink we continued on back across the same border crossing we’d entered Albania at. The border was busier than on the way through, but still not too bad. After crossing the border we continued on to Podgorica. Our first task back in Montenegro was to sort out sim cards for our phones. We entered the phone store and asked the assistant whether they sold tourist sim cards, to which she replied no. Then asked if they had any short term sims, to which she replied no. When I asked if they said do you sell prepaid sim cards, she said they did and that they had one which lasted ... read more
Pavlova Strana viewpoint, Lake Skadar National Park
Bay of Kotor

Europe » Albania » West » Berat October 13th 2019

We left Shkodër after breakfast on the balcony at our hotel. The drive from Shkodër to Berat wasn’t particularly scenic for most of the 3 hour journey, largely because of the haze but also because many Albanian cities and towns aren’t particularly beautiful (uninspiring buildings, litter, unfinished gardens). The roads were mostly pretty good though. We drove into Berat through the new part of town. Eventually we turned around a corner and caught our first glimpse of the beautiful old city Berat is famous for. Berat is the 9th largest city in Albania and is also home to a historic centre which, along with Gjirokastra’s, is UNESCO world heritage listed. Berat and Gjirokastra are recognised as rare examples of an architectural character typical of the Ottoman period. Berat’s historic centre consists of a castle (Kala) most ... read more
The new part of Berat
Kalaja district
Kalaja district

Europe » Albania » North » Shkodër October 11th 2019

The trip to Albania was slightly less straight forward than it was supposed to be thanks to the demise of Adria airlines. Instead of a direct flight from Ljubljana to Podgorica, Montenegro we first flew from Ljubljana airport (which was about a half hour drive from our hotel in Bled) to Belgrade in Serbia. After an approximately 3 hour long layover in the rather uninspiring Belgrade airport we caught the next flight to Podgorica. Podgorica airport must be one of the easiest airports for passengers; we hopped off the plane, queued for immigration as we entered the terminal building, clear immigration and headed to the baggage carousel which was about 10 meters away. After picking up our hire car for the next 3 weeks (a white VW golf), we set off for Shkodër in Albania. Along ... read more
Abandoned road construction equipment on the drive from Theth
View on the drive from Theth

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled October 7th 2019

We awoke to a rather chilly morning in Kranjska Gora; our windscreen was covered in ice! After defrosting the windscreen / washing the ice away we set off towards Vintgar Gorge. The drive to Vintgar Gorge took about 40 minutes. After leaving the freeway and driving uphill for a while we ended up on a narrow road, which seems to be typical of the approach to tourist attractions in Slovenia! Eventually we reached the car park, paid our 5 euro parking fee and headed off to buy our 11 euro per person tickets for the Gorge. Vintgar Gorge is a 1.6km long gorge close to Bled. It’s one of the more popular tourist attractions in Slovenia, for good reason. We’d read that it gets really busy so to arrive early, but assumed that was only during ... read more
Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Kranjska Gora October 3rd 2019

We departed Kobarid in much better weather than the previous day. Our first stop on the way to Kranjska Gora was Slap (waterfall) Virje. We turned off the main road onto a small trail which drove through a golf course and then into a small town. We weren’t quite sure we were going in the right direction but eventually encountered a couple of people walking the same direction we were heading and then saw a sign pointing to a car park. From the car park it was about a five minute walk downhill before we reached the beautiful waterfall. The waterfall was quite strange as the flow splits in two just before it drops off the edge. This creates a dual waterfall with blue ponds, which are connected by shallower water, at the base of each. ... read more
The drive from Kobarid
Slap (waterfall) Virje
The Great Soča Gorge (and actors)

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