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Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo November 12th 2012

Yangshuo was our favourite place in the whole of China, by quite some considerate distance. There's no doubting you're still in China, but finally there's the carefree feel, wealth of activities, and eating and drinking options of a south-east Asian travellers destination. Not to mention scenery that eats the typical south-east Asian travellers destinations like a banana pancake for breakfast. The signs were good from the start, our flight from Shanghai to Guilin was, like our previous Chinese flight, very comfortable. We then walked straight out of Guilin airport and onto the last two seats on a bus into town. As with every other bus journey in China, we were to the intense interest of the other occupants, being the only westerners onboard. This was exacerbated as those last two seats weren't together. My seat buddy ... read more
Yangshuo Sunset
My View

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo November 2nd 2012

Day 1 After the excitement of the physical examination at the airport, the flight was a bit of an anti-climax. One and a half hours after takeoff, we landed at Guilin and then transferred to Yangshuo (about a one hour drive). The scenery from the air looked impressive, but on the ground the limestone karsts were very imposing. It's a bit like Halong Bay in Vietnam without the water. We familiarised ourselves with the place by taking a walk around the town and mingling with the many tourists, although, as usual, few Westerners. We ate a small dinner by Chinese standards and when Dean went to meet the guide later in the evening, Eleanor and I caught up on the latest snooker news and had an early night. Day 2 Experienced one of the best days ... read more
Stopped outside a hotel
Typical vehicles in this area
Cycling through a village

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 29th 2012

Day two arrived with a rather disrupted sleep patern including waking up at 4 in the morning despite having gone to bed at gone midnight. The day began with filling in some forms for the Buckland office followed by opening a bank account. I was told that I had been assigned a school (Lucheng No. Middle School in Shaanxi Province which is very far north) and they wanted me there asap. As such this means that I will be leaving Yangshuo on Wednesday without much chance of being able to explore the city's natural beauty. There was little chance to do much today due to the constant rain and tomorrow I have a full medical check and then a very quick introduction to the school I'm going to. Once I know a bit more about the ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 28th 2012

We weren't nearly as active in Yangshuo as we had intended. Instead of long hikes along the river, we found ourselves aimlessly walking around Xi Jie (West Street). There were shops of every kind, restaurants with all types of cuisine, and street vendors filling in any gaps that were missed by the other store owners. Fresh donut with chocolate and peanuts drizzled on top? Fresh mango smoothie? Potato chips on a stick? Breaded and fried chicken drumstick? Duck meat wrap? Street food is the best! The majority of the locals spoke English and for once we welcomed the touts for things like bamboo raft rides. Of course we still declined but it was nice to be able to come across a familiar language again. A couple of times we found things we wanted to buy but ... read more
View from the roof of Monkey Jane's
Li River
Yulong River

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 28th 2012

After arriving at Guilin airport at 22:15 I was met by a cheerful member of the Buckland team who proceeded to take my luggage and led me to a small people carrier. After a rather long journey through Guilin city and then onto the high way I arrived safe and absolutely knackered at the hostel where I am to stay for at least the next week. The hostel appeared closed for the night which is not unlikely considering it was 01:00 in the morning by this point. The poor owner had most likely ben dragged from his bed to lead me to my room and explain the various facilities. The room it’s self is very nice and consists of an en-suite bathroom in the Chinese style (read shower room and toilet in one). Having been told ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 15th 2012

If getting our exit stamp from Hong Kong was as seamless as a bespoke Vera Wang dress, then entering the border town of Shenzen after being stamped into China could have been likened to a fourth generation hand-me-down sweatshirt which had been patched together several times. It was chaos in which is essentially a town with a train station, multi-bus station and duty free area all under one roof with hardly anyone speaking a word of English except for the very annoying Chinese touts who were trying to pull us from one direction to the next - 'Where you go Mr?', 'I have cheap ride', 'My friend can take you for good price' 'Miss all bus left for today, stay at my guest house' etc. These were some of the favourite one liners we heard in ... read more
Colourful veg at market
Mud Baths in Moon Cave
At Dragon Bridge

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 10th 2012

So after another nerve dangling, painful and awful bus journey we arrived in Yangshuo from Guilin. Very touristy here for China but the scenery around is quite spectacular when the haze that surrounds the mountains lifts for a few minutes. We spent Monday and Tuesday getting our bearings, spoiling ourselves with english breakfasts, beer and foot massages , oh and haggling for tat at the stalls.However, Jina is very very good at it! Today it was time to take the bamboo (plastic water pipe) boat down the Li River for a scenic tour. After a truly traditional chinese breakfast (of 2 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, beans and tomatos) we headed down to the river to find a boat. Didnt take more than 10 seconds to find the touts and their brochures-First tout wanted 200 yuan for ... read more
Interesting ingredients!!!
Interesting scenery on the Li River

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 7th 2012

All the way to Yangshuo we were surrounded by towering green karsts of different shapes and sizes. We have seen karsts in Laos and Vietnam but as with all things Chinese, the Chinese karsts were bigger and the scale was enormous – it just goes on and on. We haven’t seen many blue skies on this trip and we weren’t to see any here either. As we rode along, gazing at the scenery, weather a bit hazy, I started to feel sleepy. In Asia, whenever I take a fairly comfortable ride, the rocking of the car makes me sleepy. I tried to keep my eyes open. I didn’t want to miss the magnificent scenery that we were passing. I have to admit that I spent a good deal of the trip dozing. In my waking moments, ... read more
Photo 17
Photo 19
Photo 20

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 5th 2012

Day 19 After 15 hours on our least comfortable sleeper train yet, but still feeling reltatively refreshed, we arrived in Guilin and took a two hour bus ride to Yangshou. Yesterday was National day, the start of a week long public holiday where, apparantly, 300 million Chinese take to the road for their holiday. It was therefore no surprise to arrive to jam packed traffic. We had an orientation walk around the very busy, but pretty town centre, which was full of small market shops and surrounded by beautiful tree-covered limestone mountains. We had a relaxed afternoon and evening where we sampled the local beerfish--a local fresh water fish marinated in a beer and chilli sauce. Delicious! In the evening we chilled out with a few quiet happy hour drinks. Day 20 Today we had a ... read more
View from our hotel
A nice spot for arrival lunch
Mark at the market!

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 5th 2012

It was time to move on. We had a flight from Kunming to Guilin in the afternoon. We decided to take the bus this time. It took about five hours from Dali to Kunming with a 30 minute stop. The time went quite fast, we were accompanied by lovely scenery for the entire journey. I took a few photos from the window. We watched all the stages of the rice harvest, from green stalks not yet ready, to harvesting of the yellow stalks, then binding all the rice in stacks, and finally the cleared field of golden stubble. Most of the fields we passed were still green and not ready for harvesting. By the time we got to Yangshuo a few days later, they had already finished the harvest and were burning off the stubble and ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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