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Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo February 19th 2015

18 fév Je suis à Yangshuo, petite ville touristique ceinturée de montagnes en tourelles. Je suis dans une toile accrochée au dessus des banquettes du buffet Fu-Lam, rue Jean-Talon. Yangshuo est touristique. Les chinois y viennent nombreux pour assister à ce décor en montagnes russes hallucinées. L'artère principale de la ville est occupée par les nombreuses boutiques modernes vendant des produits locaux et par les restaurants chics. Spécialités italiennes de ce côté, et délices allemands de l'autre. Ce sont des restos exotiques pour les chinois ça. Certains regardent les menus intrigués, confus devant les plats de choucroute proposés par les allemands sur la rue. Un gamin en vacances pointe la photo d'un gros hot-dog choux-moutarde en s'exclamant à ses parents. Ça m'a fait sourire. Et dire que le même gamin aurait probablement souri aussi... ... read more
Scène de nuit
Nouvel an chinois

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo September 17th 2014

We arrived in Yangshuo after a scary bus ride, where the driver seemed intent on overtaking everything, regardless of what was coming the other way, on a very bumpy road. We also discovered that the Chinese way to deal with telephone lines down across the road is the driving equivalent of a scrum to be first to have a man climb on the vehicle to pass them over... Anyway, once here we discovered that the weird-shaped karst scenery is really spectacular. Yangshuo itself is quite touristy, in an oddly Western way (it really doesn't feel like China), but it's surrounded by limestone peaks on either side of the Li river - in our first afternoon we climbed up a couple of them for the view. Today we went cycling, first to moon hill, a mountain with ... read more
Man with water buffalo

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo May 30th 2014

Everywhere in the town these old Asian ladies are selling these headbands with decorative flowers. They’re pretty but I certainly have no interest in purchasing one and one else in the group seemed to either. It’s not like it’s hard to say no, but these women are so hunched over because they’re backs are in such terrible shape that I just feel bad for their situation. In any case we saw many more of them during our bike ride Sunday and like with the vortex shedding incident no one responded in humor to my double situationally aware pun. Today after breakfast we started our scenic bike tour of Yangshuo. Renting bikes in the middle of the town we had an exuberant time biking through Chinese traffic to get to the outskirts of the town before we ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo May 29th 2014

It’s the more than affectionate name dubbed for the near immediate heat and humidity induced sweat of the region. And boy was it in effect during our travel and visit to Yangshuo. It was stifling heat all weekend and we all sweated ourselves way beyond the limits of comfort. The only time the Guilin Glisten wasn’t in effect was while we slept with the AC blowing, otherwise it was inescapable. Our travel to Yangshuo was by “river cruise” I guess because it came with lunch it’s not just a boat ride. It was nice, even though the river had about as much traffic as the roads the scenery when looking out was much better. There were maybe 10 boats like what we were on all making the same trip from Guilin to Yangshuo. Each with probably ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 14th 2014

"Aujourd'hui ce matin on s'est baladés de nouveau dans les villages Dong, à vélo pour Patraq, Gabrielle et Caro, et à pied pour les autres. On a eu des belles vues sur les rizières entre autres, c'était splendide ! Ensuite cet aprèm après quelques emplettes, on s'est remis en quête d'un bus pour redescendre à Sanjiang. Après l'avoir attendu en vain, on a pris 2 minibus pour une grosse demi heure de trajet. Arrivés à Sanjiang, on enchaîne avec un autre bus pour Guilin pendant 3h. Enfin, un autre minibus et une grosse heure plus tard, nous voilà à Yangshuo ! On dort au 11 Hostel, dans le centre ville. Clément était déjà venu dans cette ville il y a 8 ans mais ça a vachement changé, ça s'est développé à mort. La rue principale est ... read more
Balade à pied et à vélo
Balade à pied et à vélo (toujours)
Retour vers l'auberge pour rentrer prendre le bus

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo November 27th 2013

This past year, that is the fourth year, of my time here in Asia has been the most exciting one yet. Particularly because I was able to cram a whole lot of travel in a short amount of time. And more importantly because of the awesome people I met along the way. After last year's tumultuous roller coaster that was my life, I decided to start afresh, clean slate, for me and me only, ticket for 1 please!! I needed to 'rediscover' myself, as most divorcees would say after a horrible long-time coming divorce. But it's true. Amazing how one can completely loose themselves, their values, their motivation for life, while in a poisonous relationship. Anyways... after spending Christmas and New Year's back in California with my loved ones I came back to Hong Kong with ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 22nd 2013

We wake up to a beautiful morning in Yangshuo. What an incredible sight! All around and even in the town stand sheer limestone mountains in a variety of shapes. Although it's a sunny day, there's a mist around the more distant peaks. We realize now that these are the mountains so often depicted in Chinese paintings. They remind me a bit of the mountains around Rio de Janeiro. I wonder if the geological processes that created them are the same. A not-so-great breakfast at the hotel, then on the bus. Our first excursion today is a boat ride on the Li River. We descend from the bus to the peer along a residential street with a few shops. Here is how the vast majority of real Chinese live, in ramshackle homes patched together from wood and ... read more
Karst limestone peaks and rice paddies, Youngshuo, China
Frisky water buffalo calf, Youngshuo, China
Old woman in her home, Youngshuo, China

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo September 15th 2013

Bruce's Blog 4 Shenzhen, Yangshuo The Age reports that the.population of Shenzhen thirty years ago was 350,000 and was a swampy agricultural area. We were planning to visit twenty years ago but were told there was a cholera outbreak and as we had 6 year old Ben with us, decided not to go. We did not realised Liz had close relatives living there at that time. Now the population has increased to 10.5 million and the area is a vast vertical metropolis. A highlight of Shenzhen is away from busy business, shopping and residential areas to visit the Shenzhen Mountain Nation Park. This is 360 hectares of botanical garden, reservoir, walking and cycling trails and an impressive Buddhist temple and monastery. The monastery was populated by monks and nuns in grey robes, groups of orange clad ... read more
Deng Xiao Ping's tree
Shenzhen mountain national park
tea ceremony

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo May 4th 2013

For the May Holiday we ended up going to Guilin / Yangshou for 7 days. Day 1: To Guilin We caught our flight to Shanghai and the connecting flight to Guilin Airport arriving in the evening. We caught a shuttle bus into the city, and taxi'ed to our hotel. The taxi's were all asking extravagant pricies (upwards of 10x normal rates). And we ended up giving up and settling on 30 RMB as no taxi would take us. Turns our that the hotel was a short 3-4 min ride away. So we gave him 15 RMB - still more than fair - and the bellman at the Sheraton helped us convince the taxi to take it and leave. Our hostel was nearby. We checked in and headed out into the walking street. It was late, but ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 4th 2013

We set off from central Yangsuo on a mixture of hire bikes - from mountain bikes with 18 gears to road bikes with no gears at all. I chose mine based on the squidginess of the seat and the most upright handle bars to avoid neck ache. We set off with our guide - tiny Sofia - cycling at snails pace at the front which made negotiating traffic on the 'wrong' side of the road interesting with all the braking and freewheeling so as not to crash into her! We eventually got off the main roads and onto the country lane heading into the gorgeous karst mountain scenery I'd been so looking forward to seeing. All around us were the beautiful towering peaks with farmland in between. Aaron in front of me kept shouting 'Nee hau' ... read more
Mountains near Yangshuo
Cycling in the countryside around Yangshuo
Enjoying a cycle ride in the countryside near Yangsuo

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