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Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca October 7th 2015

Dnes sa mi spalo lepsie, zobudil som sa iba raz o 6/00 na hukot z mesity. Bol som v tom,ze CS ide do skoly tak isto ako vcera, keby vim,ze ide o hodinu neskor este sa vyvalujem v posteli. Rozlucka s mamou, sup ho do pooskieraneho auta a smer konecna elektricky. Drobne skrabance sa vraj vobec pri nehodach neriesa, len sa clovek ospravedlni a ide sa dalej (no nevim ci by toto platilo keby ma neake fungel nove auto). Na ceste opat mini zapcha. Opat kupujem listok na mhd v budke a smer zastavka gare rabat (zel.stanica). Na stanici (nic obrovske,taka mensia budova) kupujem listok na vlak Casa-Port na 9/30. Do Casy (kazdy vola casablancu casa) ide vlak kazdu pol hodinku. len si treba ustrazit na ktoru stanicu. Casa-Port je blizsie k medine,mojmu vytipovanemu ubytku a ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca May 17th 2015

Morocco. Casablanca. The very names evoke the essence of exotica. Maybe it is the dark aura of Rick's Cafe from the movie, with the sweeping lighthouse beam and the dark menace of the Gestapo. Maybe it is the old Pepe LePew line of "Come with me to the casbah!" Or maybe it is just the Vietnam era reverberating through "Marrakech Express". For whatever reason, the mere saying of "we are leaving Paris and will be in Casablanca in 3 hours" just reeks of adventure and secret places. The reality, at least for Casablanca, is somewhat different, for this is no ancient city with a many-alleyed medina. It is a large city of some 4 million inhabitants, or about 5 million in the greater metropolitan area, making it the largest city not only in Morocco but the ... read more
Morocco 2015 008 Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Morocco 051715
Morocco 2015 011 Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Morocco 051715
Morocco 2015 058 Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Morocco 051815

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca April 5th 2015

SUNDAY 5th APRIL 2015 (21.00) - 3 teams have just cleared Marrakech and are heading north towards Casablanca. Just making a fuel stop then taking it in turns driving on as far as they can tonight as they want to get the ferry across the straits tomorrow afternoon. Being separated on the way down has made them appreciate how important it is to keep the team unified and they are all sticking together like glue and really watching out for each other. Great to hear :) Comms will be better once they are back in Spain. Will update you all again when I hear from them tomorrow.... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca April 2nd 2015

THURSDAY 2ND APRIL 2015 (18.30) - text update from Geoff & Tom: We are both good, exciting day with customs and traffic being mad. Currently about 30 mins north of Casablanca so not bad progress. We hope to make it as far as Marrakech tonight. As for the others, we are hoping they are able to get on the ferry tonight or first thing in the morning. UPDATE: just before midnight the other two teams reached Morocco! Chris managed to get through after a slight interrogation about his holiday to Egypt a few years ago. All happy and on there way to Marrakech. Good luck!... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca March 29th 2015

Total distance travelled from Santos: 5086 nautical miles Time is definitely going by. We have been on board now just over two weeks with six more full (fun?) packed days left before disembarkation. A word I don't even want to contemplate yet as there is still plenty ahead of us. In fact the coming days are probably going to be busier than the past two weeks due to the planned schedule. The day after Madeira was a sea day. Our last sea day before a new port each day until the end of the cruise. We received a phone call in our cabin from Emelia asking if we had had our invitation for lunch with the Captain today at 12:15. It was currently 11:50 so the answer to that was a resounding ‘NO!' I popped down ... read more
The skylight at Rick's
Rick's cafe - original crockery?
The balustrade in Rick's cafe

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca December 31st 2014

So I've jumped north and here I find myself in a blue skied Morocco. And here I have waited and waited ... and waited. Apart from Rick's bar which has only recently come into being, the Casablanca film references (+1 pt with Laura's family for knowing the director was Hungarian) within Casablanca are few and far between. There is definitely pretty unrestricted Ryanair flights to Lisbon these days and happily the vultures are gone (seeking refuge in the more touristed spots around Fes and Marrakesh no doubt). Casablanca is not really on the tourist circuit but the Atlantic coast city has a rather nice feel to it, a Medina full of locals bartering, a new town with some interesting (often crumbling) mauresque and art deco architecture. Note: I have no clue what art deco and mauresque ... read more
Sundried Hides
Water Sellers

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca December 25th 2014

Summary: Casablanca does not have much, just a big mosque which is worth seeing. In Marrakech airport bus is very good to get to city center. Casablanca to Marrakech train or bus are much convenient than taking a flight. We reached here yesterday night, the flight was OK. At airport it took long time to get out of immigration because the person at our counter was really slow. I think that rarely see Indian tourists so he was quite amused at our passport. He flipped through all the visas showing it to person on next counter. Thankfully we had enough time to catch the one an hour train into the city. The way to hotel was long, treason and then tram and then quite a bit of walking. But we finally reached by 9:00pm. 25th December ... read more
Grafiti in Casablanca
The Mosque

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca November 17th 2014

CASABLANCA. 17 November, 2014. Blue sky, finally. We departed Marrakech by a good train this morning at 10.45 for the three hours ride to Casablanca. The train was busy, but left punctually which was a little surprising as many things appear haphazard, but in reality seem to work smoothly. The scenery was interesting, low rolling hills with little natural foliage. The land was extensively cleared and plowed, yet evidence of crops was little. The paddocks were edged with cacti as the fencing barrier, and their vibrant green against the red furrowed earth interesting. The homes amidst the paddocks were surrounded by tall earthen walls. Noticed flocks of grazing goats and a few sheep, not sure what they would have been eating, rocks perhaps!! We saw plantations of what we thought were eucalyptus trees. Not sure why, ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca August 1st 2014

Greetings from Casablanca! I can't believe that just yesterday I was in Europe and now I'm in Africa. After a very long and somewhat overwhelming travel day of switching buses (didn't make the direct bus to Malaga), taking a small plane, and guessing which Moroccan cab drivers were legit, I made it here in one piece. Let me new friend Josh told me a horror story right before I left Granada (out of pure concern). He explained that his ex-girlfriend took a taxi in Morocco that drove her to a Moroccan prison in the middle of nowhere--where men were hanging out the tiny windows of a run-down structure screaming & shouting. The cab driver threatened to leave her there if she didn't give him all the money she had on her. Don't worry mom--I made ... read more
Hassan II Mosque (close-up of tower)
Hassan II Mosque

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Mohammédia April 19th 2014

Nice drive up to the camp site from Ouzoud, with Dad's truck able to go along at 60 without issue, we made the camp site by 3pm. Though unfortunately the co-ordinates in the book put us in the middle of a building site, and no they wouldn't let us camp there, but they knew where we should be and told us how to get there. At Marrakesh, the reception could order taxis for us and organise tours if need be, but not this place. We had to walk up to the main road and hail one Moroccan style. Attempt number one failed due to a large language barrier, attempt number two involved a local security guard, two passers by and the Lonely planet travel guide, but we got our taxi. The next problem was I miss ... read more

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