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Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca June 8th 2018

“What city is your final destination?” asked the gate agent. “Casablanca,” I replied. Landing in Casablanca is pretty much a blur. This was the fourth airport I had been in within the previous twenty four hours. And except for my home airport, I only had enough time in those airports to run between gates. (As an aside, why is it I always land in the furthest away gate in the most remote concourse, and depart from the gate that is as far away as possible and still be in the same airport?) One of those flights took me from San Francisco to Montreal, where I would connect to the flight to Casablanca. Even though I wouldn’t be leaving the secured area of the airport, I still had to pass through Passport Control. No worries, I thought, ... read more
platform at Kenitra station
street to  Kasbah Rose, guest house

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca June 7th 2018

After an uneventful, rather boring train trip from Fes, I arrived in Casablanca. My train compartment was full this time around, but it’s still more comfortable than the average airline seat in economy class. Unlike in Tangier and Fes where I stayed in a dar, or guesthouse inside the medina, in Casablanca I stayed in a proper business hotel. There are advantages to both types of accommodations, but I was happy to have an elevator to get to my sixth floor room. Hassan II Mosque One of the reasons I chose this hotel was because of its proximity to the Corniche, a broad walking path along the Atlantic, as well as to the Hassan II Mosque. I could see the mosque from my hotel window, and even though I was on the sixth floor, the minaret ... read more
collonade around the plaza
mosque plaza
balcony for muezzin

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca February 17th 2018

I,m in Africa ! The journey was not difficult although I can,t say I slept to much . Suzanne met us for lunch in Montreal and we had a great visit . All is well with the Bourasa family . We arrived here at 6 am and had no trouble finding an ATM a and the train into town but the train was delayed nearly an hour for some reason . We didn't, get to the hotel until nearly 11am . It is a comfortable enough space within easy walking distance to the Medina and the Hussan II Mosque . We walked and wandered all day and found the people we encountered to be pleasant and helpful . .They seem relaxed .The sun was shining and our coats were too warm ...except when the wind was ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca January 25th 2018

2018, 1-17 to 24 Paris, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia DVD 200729 0 2018, 1-17 to 24 Paris, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia DVD 200729 1 2018, 1-17 to 24 Paris, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia DVD 200729 2 2018, 1-17 to 24 Paris, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia DVD 200729 3 2018-1 Underwater Lac Rose 1 2018 2018-1 Paris 1 23 2018 2018-1 Shells Island, Senegal 1 2018 2018-1 Lac Rose Floating, Senega... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca May 23rd 2017

We've been home for nearly a week already so It is about time that I actually finish up the posts about Morocco. Ending our 4 days on the road with Ibrahim and the Japanese Camel in Fes, we made our way through a beautiful gate into the city and to our Riad. In Fes we stayed in a Riad which was stunning. It had been through a 3 year renovation and was covered in amazing tile mosaics and carvings inside. The Riad manager was almost tour guide like in his love for the building, telling us where to go, and his willingness to even take you to places so you cannot get lost or end up at a similar but different location. Our first meal in Fes was composed of an animal which works hard for ... read more
Walking in the Medina
Adina in an old school
Me in our Riad

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca December 20th 2016

Geo: 33.5756, -7.6178Sin haber dormido fuimos al tour temprano. Empezando por el Mercado Viejo, todo está dicho en su nombre. Luego fuimos a la Mezquita Hassan II, construida entre 1987 y 1993 es la tercera más grande, caben 80000 (dentro y fuera) almas. Luego fuimos a las compras de chucherias, un "City Hall" y al Palacio Real, que usa el Rey Mohammed VI, cuando está en Casablanca. Aunque todavia teniamos tiempo para regresar caminando decidimos comer y dormir. En la noche fuimos a la fiesta de los 70's, después del show "Cuore Classico Italiano".Otro día de navegación, fuimos a la presentación del tras telones del barco, y en la noche fuimos al show inspirado en Enrico Ceramico "Young Master".... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca November 12th 2016

12-13 Nov 2016DAYS 1 -2 ARRIVE CASABLANCA MOROCCO After 2 glorious autumn days in London catching up with our sons and reacquainting myself to some the marvelous museums in London , Kieran & I left for a organised two week tour of Morocco. Arrived a day prior to the start of the tour to briefly explore Casablanca as it’s not part of the trip. Despite the exotic connotation to the name Casablanca, it’s now a vast modern city with the usual traffic congestion and few redeeming attractions for tourists. As it was a Sunday everything was shuttered up & was a very subdued aftmosphere. Spent the early part of the day walking through the medina (or old town) but was pretty underwhelmed as shops were mostly selling cheap Chinese imports. We then headed to the Hassan ... read more
Beautiful Natural History Museum
Incredible carved & painted roof
Roof detail

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca March 5th 2016

Day 5 - Goodbye Taghazout, hello Casablanca I was up, by the alarm, at 6.45 this morning. No yoga today, as I am leaving Taghazout to go to Casablanca to join an 8 da tour. I booked it last minute, so quite honestly I'm really not very well prepared! Laden and Chakib have been telling me that it is going to be cold where I am going so I've been doing some last minute shopping for warmer clothes! I'll be ok, apart from the footwear, no one had boots small enough for me to buy! I'll try again when the opportunity arises. It'll be alright in the end, if not, it's not the end.... As Ankur would say! Larsen had got a taxi for me to go to the bus station this morning. He arrived at ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca December 12th 2015

Hi everyone Today I'd like to tell you about Casablanca or Grand Casablanca to give the city its proper title. First of all I'll set the scene. I'm the Manhattan Bar which you can see in the photo. Overdose of orange! I'm listening to bing Crosby Christmas carols for the zillionth time. Sounds like Michael Bubble now...bring back Bing! We took a 10 hour shore excursion from the ship covering Cassablanca and Rabat. We usually go and muddle around but this seemed to be a better option. Getting lost in Casablanca is a very unappealing prospect. So we set off on a hot sunny day with busload of "friends". You know typical cruise stuff. We were no 16!!!! We drove past "Rick's Cafe"! Yep, where the movie was shot. Oh, I forgot that the movie was ... read more
Not so white sand but still really nice
In the mosque
The casbah!

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca December 11th 2015

Since the last blog we have been to Barcelona, Casablanca and Tenerife. All great places but before i got there, I thought I'd share life aboard MSC Fantasia. It's very large ship with about 4000 passengers and 1500 crew. It's pretty full on especially at breakfast time. The majority of passengers are Italian and german so announcements are made in multiple languages. Despite the language "soup"everyone seems to muddle along quite well I seem to be able to understand a bit of German and Italian is decipherable. Peter can do Spanish and French. We've had some great mealtime pantomimes especially breakfast the first day which I swear was scripted by John Cleese. Manuel and several of his brothers served our table that morning! Our ship the Fantasia has a bit of a reputation for poor food ... read more
Bit of Christmas
Swarovski staircase
 4 intrepid sailors

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