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Hi! Could you pls. give us advise what to visit and where to stay in Norther Africa?
13 years ago, October 12th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #89073  
N Posts: 3
Hi Everyone! I am planing a trip to Northern Africa at the end of the year, do you have any advise such as what to visit, were to stay and general advise before taking this trip, thanks! Reply to this

13 years ago, October 12th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #89113  
Hello Monica 😊

You could check out some blogs by the members of TravelBlog, who have been to Morocco, to get some ideas about what you want to see and do.

Blogs about Morocco

Mel Reply to this

13 years ago, November 1st 2009 No: 3 Msg: #91589  
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im from morocco and is one of the country in the north africa and ther s alot of things to seee history places desert place mountains alot of things
poeple they are friendly u can contact with thelm derictly to know the cultur tradition and how they live
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13 years ago, November 1st 2009 No: 4 Msg: #91607  
Hello Monica:

I am coincidentally meeting you here in this forum and at this point I can conclude that in North Africa, Morroco remains one of the most astonishing area or country to head to , and this is very well noted and famous for it sparticularities well hospitality and if you could imagine for instance my area Chefchaouen in the north of the kingdom IA M PRETty sur ethat u ll be fancying it to visit and to enjoy seeing it and recognising the initiala nd modest humble way of life of its inhabitants and their culture etc...........

in any case dont hesitate to contact me wether u re passing by so as to have a tea or to shar e a cofe and exchanging the culture and experience traling.

best hugs Reply to this

13 years ago, November 1st 2009 No: 5 Msg: #91608  
Hello again Monica

I am so sorry for not instructing you with my msn in caseof well it is the following:

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13 years ago, November 4th 2009 No: 6 Msg: #91948  
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Hi Zohair! Thanks for your message, where in Morocco do you live? What places do you recommend to visit? I am plaining on staying 2 weeks. It will be a pleasure to meet you and chat over a tee there! Have a nice day! Reply to this

13 years ago, November 4th 2009 No: 7 Msg: #92032  
Hi Amiga:

I ahve to thank you as well for your reply , concerning your question about what I live , Do you know the north of Morroco ?! I am living in Chefchaouen , the most appreciated and charming small beautiful town in that zone, extremely attractive , even during the Spaniards'occupation , they used to call it La ciudad Mysteriosa wich s the miraculous or rather mysterous town, well I can recommend you to see other places as well , but if I ll get started with my place there s some suburbuns wich they worth to see and to visit as well ; like the waterfull for example wich is a bit far 32 km from the centre and there 3 ways that the other may follow ,: one is the peripheric way using the vehicles and it is a bit confortable , the second is through walking but without hitchhinking anf the last wich is a kind of adventure is extremely fascinating is climbing the mountains but i dont recommned it usually in the winter time , and there s alot and lot ot see monumental historical sights .....
for me personally I have the graet pleasure as well to meet you and to chat over a tee or balck cofee here!
I am still following my essential cursus in the university in Tetouan: section French Studyins and literature...and I am seeking to exchange with you the ideologies and experinces of our societies , ...

Looking forward meeting you .
r Reply to this

13 years ago, November 5th 2009 No: 8 Msg: #92141  
N Posts: 3
Hi Sphinxus,

Thanks for advising places to visit, I am eager to visit your country, its culture that seems to be so lively!!! Your country seems full of places to discover, somehow magic! I am trying to find if I can get a visa entry aet the airport as I learn that we Bolivians need a visa to enter Morocco, unfortunately there is not an Embassy here in Bolivia but in Peru, as we (I will be traveling with my niece) will go first to Europe we donĀ“t have much time to send or go to Peru first. I cross my fingers that we can enter Morocco this way, and for sure enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with you, as you say to exchange experiences. I do speak french but have not practice for a while, worst yet write it, being in Morocco will give me the chance to practice it.

Kind regards and hope we will meet soon,

Monica Reply to this

13 years ago, November 24th 2009 No: 9 Msg: #94363  
WELL Monica it will be more than a pleasure to host you and to show you all around .

I hope that everything goes prety well concerning ur visa and stuff.
saludos Reply to this

13 years ago, September 1st 2010 No: 10 Msg: #118491  
Hi there Amiga how are you ?finally I wonder wether you were hypermanaging to cross rthe borderes here ?. Reply to this

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