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Sleeping in Morocco

Any secret hot spots, hostels or riads that are especially lovely or cheap?
9 years ago, July 2nd 2009 No: 1 Msg: #78209  
Hello fellow travellers!
I'm going to Morocco in July and August with my girlfriend and I'm still setting up the travelling route. A very important question is where to sleep during such a journey so that it doesn't get too expensive (10-15$ a night), isn't it?!
We will visit Chefchouen, Fès, Meknes, Marrakech, Essouira, El Jadida, Rabat and Tanger.
I found nice hostels in Chefchouen and Marrakech, but I'm still looking in the other cities - and it doesn't look all too well! So I wanted to ask those who already travelled through Morocco and know some nice places to stay. I would really appreciate any advice or hint. So I can go on with planning and my girlfriend calms down a little 😉
Thank you guys and take care!

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7 years ago, November 22nd 2011 No: 2 Msg: #147320  
Hello Daniel,

I know that you posted this two years ago but I was wondering how your trip went.? We've just gotten back from Morocco. We loved it and want to hear what you had to say.

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