My entries vary between being theme based about travelling in general or mimicing a style of writing for a recent adventure. Sometimes I just summarise my feelings or thought about a country. Its a bit eclectic, don't expect Dickens.
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A Favourite Quote
"But real adventures, I reflected, do not happen to people who remain at home: they must be sought abroad."

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge January 29th 2018

Forgive me Google for I have sinned, it has been 3 years since my last blog post. I have much to confess... I have been using a VPN to mask my sins so that you shall not see, but I know now you have an all-seeing eye and seek your guidance to set me back on the path to well-groomed, targeted advertising. I have set up false idols and usernames on other less invasive mail clients only for me to see now that they are nothing when compared with your majestic 128-bit encryption, through which you are still able to see my wildest fantasy novel selection on kindle and my greatest flaws and underlay choices. And you lay before me your omnipotent offerings of that only you, in your unerring knowledge, could possibly divine what I ... read more
I, solemly
Angel in Budapest
A Thai Phallacy

Africa » Sudan » North » Atbara January 29th 2015

The Nubian mausoleums within the current borders of Sudan are famous amongst Archaeologists and Pyramidaphiles a like. However seemingly the current Sudan residents don't quite value them in quite the same way. On my first attempt to visit these red teeth rising up through swirling yellow sands, the driver decided that a much more worthy site was the "world famous" mango market. I have to say I do like a good mango, the market however tends to lend itself to buying as opposed to eating (NB: As it was Ramadan, we couldn't eat them even after buying!) and as such I was rather disappointed to have skipped past the pyramids. Once again (re: Nigeria blog) I had to remember my youth and John Cleese's documentary about fruit-based assailants. Luckily I had prepared for such an event, ... read more
Nubian Mango Market
Breaking Fast

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca December 31st 2014

So I've jumped north and here I find myself in a blue skied Morocco. And here I have waited and waited ... and waited. Apart from Rick's bar which has only recently come into being, the Casablanca film references (+1 pt with Laura's family for knowing the director was Hungarian) within Casablanca are few and far between. There is definitely pretty unrestricted Ryanair flights to Lisbon these days and happily the vultures are gone (seeking refuge in the more touristed spots around Fes and Marrakesh no doubt). Casablanca is not really on the tourist circuit but the Atlantic coast city has a rather nice feel to it, a Medina full of locals bartering, a new town with some interesting (often crumbling) mauresque and art deco architecture. Note: I have no clue what art deco and mauresque ... read more
Sundried Hides
Water Sellers

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos December 17th 2014

Beware Nigeria has Friendly People! When one tells people that you will be visiting Nigeria, the first thoughts that are released from their mind are that of Ebola, kidnap, evil oil barons and bombs. And in a way they can be forgiven as CNN and BBC tend to overcook these topics. As it turns out all of these things are (or in the case of Ebola, were) things found in Nigeria (also true for the USA and Spain), but not by me. My first week in Nigeria I was not kidnapped, but I did walk through a rather normal market known by many as quite perilous. And I have to say there was one woman who was menacingly wielding a banana. Unperturbed by this potential bandit dressed smartly as banana seller I walked on and as ... read more
Arsenal and Nigeria, LG
Myself and Peter my trusty taxi driver
Sesame Truck Decoration

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul October 29th 2014

When you read about a country in a guide book undoubtedly the national movement of the country comes up. Each modern state has a few dates a year that it dedicates to this nationalism. Normally the "independence day", "constitution day", "republic day", "president's day", "liberation day" etc. Some even have more than one of each type. Hungary for example I believe has three independence days! Which pretty much tells you how good the Hungarian Army was more than anything! I don't really know where I stand on nationalism, I would never think of myself as anything but British and was definitely upset by the concepts of devolution in the UK. But on the other hand this clinging to some sort of geo-political outlined piece of mud seems a little ridiculous. To me it conjures up this ... read more
Union Jack, the right way up I presume
The largest Free Standing Flagpole in the World, no wind
A Flag in Mourning, Kyrgyzstan

Africa » Tanzania » West » Sumbawanga July 19th 2014

So what happened next, Laura and I settled down in Budapest and never went travelling again. Well as much as it would be a nice idea to have appeased the travel parasite that lives within us that was not the case. I took on a job - and it's with this wacky new age thinking that I find myself sitting in the Acropole Hotel in Khartoum thinking blimey I have been to a few countries since Hungary and yet I haven't written about any of them! So here is a bit about a few trips I have made to Tanzania. The first time I came here was way back in 2005, living in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in a village called Moshi. I came back to the village and they were happy to see me if ... read more
Meanders, OTZ
Extra relatives, ZZB
Tim and the Giant Banana, ZZB

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest July 4th 2013

Sometimes things get in the way of other things. Which is probably the closest thing you'll hear in any of my blogs that approaches wise. The relevance of this is that this blog has laid barren for months on end and not really due to me not travelling and more to do with me not writing or being good at keeping travelling habits when I am working or at home. So lets talk about Home or should I say my New home, Budapest, which has plenty of amusing foiballs to discover and chuckle over. I arrived in the bleak mid winter to Budapest, snow hung on the trees and every surface not vertically aligned was layered in white. It was pretty and the vast supply of Christmas chocolates on Gabor's breakfast bar were still being slowly ... read more
Tram and Chain Bridge
Redbull Airshow, BP
Hungarian Snacks

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza November 1st 2012

It was the late autumn of that year I was in Pyrennes, the mountains were gray becoming white as the clouds descended and dropped they first flakes on the highest peaks. The rivers low from the long summer exposed their smoothed stones and peebles. They were gray also and the road was gray and there was a chill coming. The trees were bare and pointed and held no leaves anymore and it felt like winter already. We had been higher in the mountains the previous month and were to move out onto the Aragon plains in the next days. The plains were dry and sandy and yellow and they stretched very far and there was emptyness there. We had been stationed in an apartment in Zaragoza, it was hot there and it was uncomfortable to walk ... read more
Pont to Garde
Spanish Village
Monaco from the bendy bit

Europe » Andorra » Encamp November 25th 2011

From Paressiene bussle and smog And to avoid the eternal fog Venture we did to warmer towns To the great Carcassonne; city of crowns Where kings and knights once did meet Along winding alleys and grand royal street Then up to where the air is clear Pyrennes mountains scattered with deer Near a lake in frosty Andorra We studied the beautiful fauna and flora It was then my car keys did disappear We scowered the snow far and near As we descended we couldn't be sure But a eagle was clasping them by its claw As it widened its brilliant span And sawed through the sky as well it can They jingled and jangled as he ascended Where mid-air my keys were pended Down they came at a terrible pace To a dismayed look upon my ... read more
Fanny running free
Corner Towers at Carcassonne
View over Castle

Europe » France » Île-de-France November 17th 2011

The naval voyage was as expected smooth with light winds to lead straight in and out of Calais. The fog that had descended upon us in Canterbury was thicker and colder on the French edge. We wound our way through the French countryside, the roads mounded high with turnips. Toward the cobble stone roads of Paris. A devilish route but the weather began to lift as we escaped the wintry coast. Laura was able to enjoy the views of rural France whilst detection was unlikely on such diminutive tracks that we took, avoiding the grand French highways with their towering toll gates, gave me some respite from the Gendarmerie and Interpol. The road system in France is seemingly directed to confuse and bemuse the average touring party with every road leading to another toll, roads renamed ... read more
Mounds of Parsnips
Eiffel Tower in Cloud
Town Market

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