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9th May 2020

isolated individuals in a sea of strangers
A poignant essay Tim. And if a long residing non-citizen dies in Saudi, are they remembered? What is the value of their life?
26th April 2020

Let's not forget the latest craze in the celeb world - downright weird baby names! North West, Kanye West's daughter (his other kids being Saint, Psalm and Chicago), True/Dream/Stormi/Reign (some other Kardashian babies), and then Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne's baby boy Bear Payne...... Honorary mention to Brooklyn Beckham :D
21st April 2020

In the legs
Enjoyed the climb the shadow of others or breath on your neck. Punctuated with water crossings that were refreshing but potentially parasite borne...then the rush of reaching the top. Africa has a vibe that is infectious. Thanks for taking us on the climb.
19th April 2020

Enjoy and stay safe
Tim, I know for a fact my mum (Val) would have love reading from your travels. That sounds so fantastic, I wish I had your strength and confidence. Well done and keep going. Alison
19th April 2020

Hi Alison, That makes me very happy. Although I haven't made it to Alaska either.
6th April 2020

paused in time at his final solitary moment
What a thrill to read this blog. I was alerted to do so as I am also blogging Russia. But to read your words that I liken to a desert flower when watered that blooms and is glorious...beautifully penned blog Tim...really takes one there. And maybe you are safer where you are than in Western Europe as the pandemic appears to be raging there. I am aware though of strict visa issues in Russia and if you are on a tourist visa an extension may not be possible if applied for in Russia...(at least for Aussies). Be safe and remain inspired.
6th April 2020

Dear Dave, thanks for your praise, good to know someone is even reading my blog :p I was there for work, but I'm a bit slow in writing up my entries so just got round to filling in the gaps!
5th April 2020

Overview of the Steppes
Fascinating insight into a part of the world I haven’t experienced. Excellent writing and great photographs.
5th April 2020

stay there
stay there, it's probably safer than Europe.
22nd March 2020

Aboriginal Australian naming conventions
And let’s not forget the Aboriginal Australian naming conventions, where in some communities, using the name of the deceased is if you want to name your child after it’s grandmother you change it a little... we end up with all sorts of spelling variations of a common name....Letisha becomes Letiqua... Renee becomes Raynaya...
23rd March 2020

Great Addition
Thanks! That's a good one. Must lead to a high turnover of names.
22nd March 2020

Dutch names
It's not all pre-approved in Holland, we have our 'Naaktgeboren' (Nakedborn), 'Poepjes' (little poop's), 'Kwasteniet' (Not the worst sort of person), 'Anus', 'van Kut' (from the vagina (well the vulgar word for vagina)), 'Slettenhaar' (sluts hair), 'Riool' (sewage), 'Knoflook' (Garlic), and much more...
23rd March 2020

Quite the poetic language
Are they first names, or just things you were called in school?
8th March 2020

I'm looking forward to reading about...
your adventures in paradise.
3rd February 2018

What the Google is this?
The Tim has come forth from his hiding place? I can't believe it! Fake news perchance?
30th January 2018

Forgive or forget? Are you kidding?
Life was never meant to be easy, Tim...the Another Chance card in Monopoly is not so easy to get. Big Brother is watching You. I hear a voice saying: “Perhaps you do not want to be loved so much as to be understood.” ― George Orwell, 1984
30th January 2018

You are forgiven...
just learn from your grave mistake and continue to write your inspired blogs.
13th January 2015

Vultures Everywhere!
Excellent blog. You should become the English Bill Bryson!
26th December 2014

But did you use the internet?
We all known it is on the internet that the Nigerians strike ;)
29th October 2014

Very Good one
I agree with you 101%. To much jingoism in the world! Great blog!
7th October 2014

Short and snappy!
I like it! Good to see some photos... We all know that is what is most important in a blog.
11th September 2014

My opinion of Hungary blog
Well written, and entertaining '
From Blog: Entering Hungary
11th December 2012

Your blogs of your trip are not complete....
how does it turn out with Miss Toth. By the way, I enjoyed your travels from Lebanon to SE Asia. Right now a good friend of yours, His Dudeness, Ralf, is giving me advice on traveling through Central Asia.
1st March 2013

Sorry, got a bit carried away with work and such. I will update soon - blimey it has been 3months since you wrote this!
3rd October 2012

how did people travel before google?
totally agree with all seven - especially the tea! :)

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