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South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos July 28th 2019

Dear All Greetings from the Amazon jungle! Wow, it feels so amazing to be able to write that! I am currently in a city called Iquitos, and with nearly half a million inhabitants it is the world’s largest city unreachable by road. The only way in or out is by river or by air, and since the former takes about five to seven days by riverboat from the nearest roaded settlement, Yurimaguas, I chose the latter. On Thursday morning, I took a taxi to the airport and flew LATAM airlines the one-and-a-half hour flight to here, and what an amazing few days I’ve had here exploring the jungle! The adventure kind of started at the airport, however – not really an adventure, though, I’d say. The hotel I was staying in booked for me a “taxi” ... read more
Lima to Iquitos Flight
Amazon Jungle
My Piranha!!

South America » Peru » Loreto March 30th 2017

Yes all, it's true. I'm back in NJ. Arrived in home yesterday, 4:30 ish..........alive but exhausted from arduous day of travel.But better now. I was not able to post much for a few reasons ......... 1. My electronics failed me miserably. img= Had it not been for new tablet, would have been completely cut off. I took many pictures with my old UN-Smart equipment, so the photos I managed to send with Facebook, were basically those that I could take with phone or tablet (smart equipment) and figure out how to get some wifi to load them. That was mostly in beginning of the trip. Last 3 days on Amazon...NADA. 2. If It's Tuesday this must be Machu Pichu; so much movement, no real downtime to write. img=https://... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto March 28th 2017

The Manatee Rescue Center in Iquitos, the Amazon This private center rescues animals from the Amazon that are orphaned or would be poached otherwise. In particular they focus on their indigenous manatee, which is the smallest in the world. Our Florida manatee is the largest in the world. Both populations are endangered but for different reasons. Here it's the motorboat propellers and pollution. In the Amazon it's the local people who want to eat them. In the last shots they were doing some surgery on one little guy to remove an infection and puss........and he was crying. When he's grown and rehabilitated they will release him back into the river.... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto May 27th 2016

So hard to believe today is our last day on the boat. We were given a sleep in with breakfast at 7.30. It was a bit of a shit day weather wise as it was raining. We were due for a skiff excursion in the morning but due to the weather the boys decided to put it on hold as we would not have seen too much. The boat kept travelling towards clearer sky and it ended up ok for us to do our excursion at 900 am. We went fishing today at several spots but this time not only for piranha. We also caught Sardines and Ashley caught a poisonous catfish. I caught (or more so seemed to stab with the hook) a tiny fish. His head ended up getting chopped off and he became ... read more
The entire group. Could not have asked for better people
i get to drive now

South America » Peru » Loreto May 26th 2016

Today set alarm for 515 and we had to be at the boat at 6. There were so many Dolphins around the boat today. Turns out the gray dolphin is a lot easier to capture on camera than the pink. This morning we also witnessed our first sunrise. Every other day it seems to have been to cloudy or too late to see anything. I somehow managed to get an amazing picture of the dolphin and the sunrise in one snap. Pretty happy with that. The gray dolphins seemed to surface a lot more and do more acrobatics than the pink. They also stayed up longer and swam in a pattern that made it easy to know where they were heading and where they were likely to surface. We went back out to the island we ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto May 25th 2016

Woke up several times through the night. At one stage I was sure I felt something bounce on me and thought we left our door open and had a monkey in the room. Obviously we didn't but I swear at the time I was pretty certain we had a little monkey in our room. Jungle fever I guess. Woke up about 6:40 am and went up to the main deck where a few people were. Had some coffee and then headed to breakfast. Our little click generally sits at the same spot every night so the older groups keep threatening to steal our seats and shake things up a bit for us. We all seem to have a built in food radar however and know as soon as we are allowed in the dining room and ... read more
Little girls in Nauta market

South America » Peru » Loreto May 24th 2016

24 May 16 Today we woke up at 600 again for a 630 sloth expedition. We had an option to pull out the gumboots. I decided to use the supplied boots and ended up truly grateful for them. Our skiff stayed mostly the same however we gained the extra Canadian woman. We did feel a little MEH about this situation as rumour has it the day prior on the other Skiff she fell over on the jungle walk and they they didn't do any more landings and she slowed them down a lot. Being the young adventurous boat that's not really what we wanted to hear. Pretty much as soon as we got on the Skiff we saw a sloth. We could have seen it from the big boat if we had been looking. We travelled ... read more
Starting our sloth expedition
Got one

South America » Peru » Loreto May 23rd 2016

Today wake up was 600 am for a 6.30 departure. I slept pretty well woke up a few times but fell straight back to sleep. Maria woke up 500 to try catch the 5.30 sunrise. She invited me last night but I said I would sleep in. When she got back she said there wasn't a clear sunrise with the clouds but she saw lots of birds. We went downstairs and a lot of people were already in the other skiff. We jumped into the quieter one with the bench seats. It ended up the best group. We were the 'young' boat which soon became known as the anacondas. Pretty much because any time Juan Carlos asked what we wanted to see I'd scream out Anaconda. I like to set the bar high. Leopard in Africa, ... read more
misty morning - camera all fogged up
a village on the river

South America » Peru » Loreto May 22nd 2016

Today Gladys had organised wakeup calls for 4 am. We were due to depart the hotel at 500a m and had to be in the lobby and checked out by 4:45 am. Too early for breakfast when we left the hotel supplied us with a slice of cake and tea/coffee to help wake us up. We loaded up onto a private bus and drove to airport. At this time of morning the trip only took about half an hour. Gladys checked us in as a group and we had a free hour to eat or do whatever before we were due at the gate. Our flight ended up delayed about 40 minutes. I met another Canadian girl Ashley. Myself, Christine and Ashley are all 32 and said we will be taking plenty of photographs. So its ... read more
Manatee rescue centre
Manatee rescue centre
Manatee rescue centre

South America » Peru » Loreto February 24th 2016

I’m not sure if my words can accurately describe my Ayahuasca experiences, at times I feel like they fall short. Some of my descriptions in this blog I am satisfied with and other I struggle to find the words to do the experience justice, but I try my best! I have a few songs I listen to that portray my experiences energetically to a tee that words fail to do, but through both means of expression they come close to re-creating my spirit journeys. This last month, beginning soon after arriving at Eco Truly Park, have been body, mind and soul preparation for Ayahuasca. I have undergone significant healing and lesson learning that have placed me in a heightened energetic vibration, I’m so fortunate. What a ride it’s been being in the flow of the universe. ... read more
The amazing group from the retreat :)

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