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May 27th 2016
Published: August 22nd 2016
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So hard to believe today is our last day on the boat. We were given a sleep in with breakfast at 7.30. It was a bit of a shit day weather wise as it was raining. We were due for a skiff excursion in the morning but due to the weather the boys decided to put it on hold as we would not have seen too much. The boat kept travelling towards clearer sky and it ended up ok for us to do our excursion at 900 am.

We went fishing today at several spots but this time not only for piranha. We also caught Sardines and Ashley caught a poisonous catfish. I caught (or more so seemed to stab with the hook) a tiny fish. His head ended up getting chopped off and he became bait. We went to 4 different fishing spots and the water was a lot clearer. We were having so many bites but most of them were from tiny fish. The two newbies and Raquel managed to catch some fish. Alex was on fire he kept brining them in. Piranha after Piranha. Kristan was about to give up but we gave her all the remaining bait and tried to stop everyone else fishing so only she could catch anything. I think with a little help from fisherman Alex she pulled up a piranha so that made her and everyone else happy. It would have sucked if everyone got one except her.

We went back for lunch and hung out on deck for a bit until Daniel did a talk and finished the map of where we had been/what we had seen.

Martin joined the anacondas on our final skiff excursion. We cruised around a bit, experienced a few more boat troubles which got fixed and then got some nice group photos of the single 7 with our Amazon boys. The boys also let us take turns having a drive of the boat.

We had to hang out and wait a little for the other Skiff to arrive. Martin was part of a surprise for us. He came baring gifts and treated us to a champagne sunset in the middle of the river. It was so beautiful. Could not have asked for a better way to end our time here then incredible sunsets and champagne with some amazing people right in the heart of the river. Very sad that it is all over.

Emily and go pro got an amazing group selfie of both skiff together. I really need to get myself a go pro. I say that every trip but hopefully I will actually do something about it soon.

We had about 40 minutes to be ready before the band made their final appearance. Very impressed Maria and I both showered and dressed within 20 mins. Pretty good for 2 girls in one bathroom. I tried a different drink tonight - iceberg - it was pisco, blue Curaçao, ginger ale and lime and it was so yum.

Once again the band played for a final time. Some of the songs are so random. You don't expect to hear John Denver Country road in the Amazon or hallelujah. Everyone was up again for a dance.

I'm also sad to say goodbye to this wonderful food though my waistline will be grateful. After dinner all the crew from the ship came out and were introduced to us. The boys were in white collared shirts with the stripes on sleeve and looked, as one of the girls said, 'dashing' all dressed up. I think the air con guy and the pastry chef got the biggest screams and claps. We also screamed hard for our Anaconda crew – Marcos and Alinson.

The crew then handed us out certificates for us surviving in the Amazon. They had the crew take turns handing them out. Most of our girls got our boys or Herbert and Bulmer - People we knew. I got an engineer I haven't seen and was first up. It was an awkward do we hug or kiss on cheek or shake hands. We ended up in some weird handshake. The crew then all came around individually to say bye so it was hugs and kisses from every male crew member we hadn't even met. The captain came around to our group 2 times cheeky bugger. 'Accidental' I'm sure.

We then got photos with our boys and the captain got jealous and wanted in on the action so we got a few with him as well. He was pointing at himself and us continuously smiling until we did.

Our boys snuck off pretty early so Emily and I went downstairs. They were still working and had to return to duty so we exchanged facebook details so we could all stay in touch. The boys wanted to meet up end of duty for a chat and we stayed up for a little then retreated to bed as we were tired and they had to work back later then they expected. Susan and Warren were joking they will have a choice of visa for Australian, England, Canada or USA with our group of girls.

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