Retired educational administrator, who has published travel articles and photos. I teach swimming these days, and dabble in short fiction and non-fiction. I'm a lifelong travel junkie who did Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa when young. I tried to do some mission/charity work in Vietnam in 2013, but that trip was a misadventure which was called short by family emergency.

Now after five years of resolving family deaths and illnesses, I'm getting back on the road, in a fancy schmancy tour to PERU....From the Inca Empire to the Peruvian Amazon.

I never take tours like this but I'm tired and this itinerary looks so interesting, and exotic. I'll get to refresh my spirit, practice my Spanish, meet great people, eat and drink Peruvian cuisine with abandon, climb Machu Pichu, swim in the Amazon, shop till I drop. And maybe with any luck, I can ratchet up my writing discipline and find my voice again.

I'll try to upload photos and visit this blog regularly if I can find some wifi. They say it's not so ubiquitous there.
Stay tuned...

South America » Peru » Loreto March 30th 2017

Yes all, it's true. I'm back in NJ. Arrived in home yesterday, 4:30 ish..........alive but exhausted from arduous day of travel.But better now. I was not able to post much for a few reasons ......... 1. My electronics failed me miserably. img= Had it not been for new tablet, would have been completely cut off. I took many pictures with my old UN-Smart equipment, so the photos I managed to send with Facebook, were basically those that I could take with phone or tablet (smart equipment) and figure out how to get some wifi to load them. That was mostly in beginning of the trip. Last 3 days on Amazon...NADA. 2. If It's Tuesday this must be Machu Pichu; so much movement, no real downtime to write. img=https://... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto March 28th 2017

The Manatee Rescue Center in Iquitos, the Amazon This private center rescues animals from the Amazon that are orphaned or would be poached otherwise. In particular they focus on their indigenous manatee, which is the smallest in the world. Our Florida manatee is the largest in the world. Both populations are endangered but for different reasons. Here it's the motorboat propellers and pollution. In the Amazon it's the local people who want to eat them. In the last shots they were doing some surgery on one little guy to remove an infection and puss........and he was crying. When he's grown and rehabilitated they will release him back into the river.... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores March 20th 2017

The hotel in Lima is gorgeous in spite of the Water Crisis. Room is comfy and gorgeous. It's much better to have insomnia 2:30 in the morning in a luxurious bed with AC that is gorgeous like the modern stuff you see on HGTV. I had a welcome dip in the pool yesterday too. f I can figure out how to get the tv video Ana put on fb, onto my page....of the cow, the truck, the container, the the girl under the pile of wood rushing down the ravine with Incredible Force for miles and miles from the mountains, I will. Everyone in the video was lucky to be alive, but maNY have been killed. Tomorrow we start the tour. Colonial Lima. Meeting in the morning with alleged complicated details I think. So far all ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima March 18th 2017

Ana, my lovely airbnb hostess, accompanying get me to cafe breakfast SAT, noon after I finally arose and got it together. Divorced architect, oldest of 5,mother of 3, oldest 40ish, and she is 3yrsolder thanme.😯 Oy vey.... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima March 18th 2017

OK. Contrary to what that rip off artist Verizon told me, I CANNOT text from anywhere in the world. BTW there is no Verizon outside the US so don't believe any BS they tell you. As soon as I left US I could not text. Not from Toronto, not from anywhere. All I can do is blog and email and I think blogging is easier......saves lots of separate work. If you want to try communicating with me, try to send a message or a c omment through this blog which there iscapacity for. You probably have to play around with it. Right now I am concerned about getting photos on this thing. I don't see the ones I posted at airport yesterday. I am amazed I could pair this bluetooth keyboard. OK, I landed about 2 ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto March 17th 2017

Do not understand where my previous entry went. Part of it appears here, not all. I hate technology. It's over come us. It's eaten us and spit us out and we don't even realize it.. What did you miss? 12 hours killing time in Toronto Pearson. Constantly impressed by niceness of Canadians. Read in my book about the Silk Road. Had a Godfather with Dewars to destress. Was told that my 8 hour flight to Lima would not provid eme with a meal. The agent at the Air Canada desk said that could not be. It is illegal to imprison people in the air without food. All I had was Vietnmese chicken broth, and although it was excellent Vietnamese chicken broth, it will not sustain me for the next 9 hours. Dealing with nonfunctioning tech is ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto March 17th 2017

Sent a post earlier today. Presuming "it must be reviewed before posted" I cannot imagine why it has not been posted. 😨... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey March 4th 2017

Don't know how I will fare with technology once I'm on here's what to expect. I arrive Lima Airport sometime in middle of night of March 18. I try to get cab to my airbnb digs My nice hostesses have already been texting with me to get me thru jitters of mid night airport arrival and cab procurement. It's half way between airport and Miraflores , tourist area of Lima where my first tour hotel is located, Casa Andina Private Collection Miraflores. url= read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cranford March 4th 2017

This is where I'm scheduled to stay the night of Sunday, Mar. 19th url= That's if I ma... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 January 15th 2013

Day one: 2 hr sleep after gruiesome 22 hr trip with stop over in Tokyo. Mob seen at customs and then getting A fellow traveler at Narita axi. I'm glad I'm with these 2 veterans, Luke and Joseph. It's great to travel with big brawny men, especially seasoned ones and in fact a hard corps native. Went to mass here at the convent this morning. Gorgeous matins mass with nunns singing. Sr/ Vu is the mother superior here and she speaks French to me because she did her graduate studies in Paris. My French is so bad but it's better than my Vietnamese. We will go to the orphanage attached to this convent next. The children and bbies here are gorgeous. You want to steal all of them. I just wish I could figure out how ... read more

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