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South America » Colombia » Barranquilla May 8th 2019

Actually, not Baranquilla itself, but Puerto Colombia, 16 kms West of Baranquilla center. This is a small city with almost no tourists in view, with beach front and a long "malecon", (boardwalk along the sea). This city is a getaway for families of big Baranquilla. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's quite safe with all the families and children around. The ocean color is not Caribbean turquoise but it's okay. Along the malecon, many artists painted benches and other objects. The small animated center is one street inland of malecon. The hotel we stayed was Hotel Boutique Porto Bello. It's by far, the nicest hotel around! We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, and all weekenders left the hotel, so we were alone for 2 days! With all the personnel to ourselves, we felt like movie stars! ... read more
puerto colombia
art on malecon
airplane on malecon

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla February 27th 2017

Carnaval de Barranquilla - ¡Quien lo vive, es quien lo goza!One of the world’s oldest and largest carnaval celebrations happens in Barranquilla and that's where we have spent last three days watching, enjoying and partying with the locals.The carnaval is celebrated with parades of carts and dancing people and with street parties everywhere in the city. Approaching the parade street feels like going to a music festival, long before you can hear the pumping music, only this time it... read more

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla February 9th 2016

Barranquilla is only famous for two things. Being the home town of Shakira, and being the home of the second-biggest Carnaval celebration after Rio de Janeiro. Having attended the biggest party in the world three years ago, if Barranquilla’s showpiece was be anything like Rio’s, then this was going to be an awesome, alcoholic five days. Otherwise, there was no reason whatsoever to visit this soulless, concrete jungle. Hadn’t planned on attending – in fact, I didn’t even know that Barranquilla’s Carnaval existed until I read about it in my Lonely Planet when I got to South America…and realised that I was going to be in Cartagena, by chance, just a couple of days before the start of the festival. The stars were aligned – it was time to party! Making our way from Cartagen... read more
Bull Float
La Marimonda
Another Colourful Costume

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla January 9th 2016

In january 2016, my wife and me visited Barranquilla, Colombia, called "La Arenosa". This is a city located at north of Colombia, specifically at The Caribbean Region. Barranquilla is the giggest city of this Region. In these ocassion, we visited mall Buena Vista, the biggest of city. This place is really beauty. You can to find everything, although the prices of the articles are very high. We visited the zoo also, where saw many exotic animals like elephants, zebras, tigers, lions, monkeys and birds.... read more

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla March 3rd 2014

Friday 28th February (Odyssey Day 112) A lazy start again today as we didn’t leave until 1000. It will be a short day today so why not enjoy the beach for a little longer? Hannah and I had our last go at the slack line and after so much practice, we did both manage to get all the way across. I obviously had severe delusions about my balance before this! We then headed off toward the city of Barranquilla and as we arrived on the outskirts of town and drove through a few slums, everyone was getting worried about spending Carnival here. As it turned out, we drove through the bad part of town and arrived in quite a nice and clean area where our hotel was. The majority of the group are in the Golden ... read more
Barranquilla Carnival Day 1

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla May 30th 2012 read more

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla May 8th 2012

The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay! Colombia is famous all around the world because of drugs, prostitutes, and corruption. It is also famous because of the amazing beaches, best coffee in the world, best emeralds in the world, and why not as Pit-bull says in his song International Love “ one of the most beautiful women I ever seen”. Too bad that people don’t talk about the good things of this amazing country. I am Colombian, and a lot of times when people ask me about my citizenship and I tell them Colombian; the first reaction of most of those people is asking me about drugs, as if I sell them or so. I don’t really understand their ignorance about Colombia when they have never been there; oh wait! Is ... read more

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla February 18th 2012

This weekend had me a blast; a little sad and hopeless, I was wondering what to do to find my searching quest: Relaxation: A push here and there oriented me towards this Colombia´s biggest celebration which I had dreamed of, for a very long time; and my dream, as usual, had turned into that, a procrastinated trip. A long trip which I had done last year for giving an English lecture, I knew the difference now was that I had to go by bus, quite a difference but a lot cheaper. Little did I know that I would spend a horrible night texting on the bus and that, combined with many copetrans´s endless stopovers, had me exhausted but hey, it was really worth it. The first thing I remarked was the amount of foreigners ... read more
Marimondas to mock the upper classes
Beautiful Cumbia Display
Caseta Crawling!

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla February 18th 2012

After trying to figure out for days how we were going to get up the coast from Cartagena to Barranquilla, we finally lucked out today and ran into Valentin!! Valentin is the nicest cab driver we experienced in Cartagena and was on the street as we exited car rental places because we were getting desparate in finding transportation to the city of Barranquilla where the 2nd largest carnaval in South America (only behind Rio de Janeiro in Brazil) was taking place! Valentin spoke slightly more English than Greg and I's Spanish and offered us a great deal (only 400 Mil pesos! $240 USD) to take us, show us around, and bring us back. SO WORTH IT! We picked up some cervesas for the ride (because that is legal here), and headed north up the coast. After ... read more

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla January 30th 2012

I got to Barranquilla on Wednesday. I was initially planning on staying for just a day but intestinal problems kept me there a little longer. I went to school with my friend who teaches at one of the private schools. She teaches for the wealthiest kids in Barranquilla. If you would like an idea of their wealth. All her kids, fifth graders, have an iPad ... 2 I believe. I enjoyed being there, it gave me an idea of how teaching in another country is like. I know Korea will be differen in so many ways, but still gave me some things to think about. There is a doctor who is at the school all day, so I got to see a doctor for free! She gave me some meds to help relieve the pain I ... read more

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