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Lake Titicaca is the world’s largest lake at high altitude. It is vast. It shimmers in the sun for as far as the eye can see on the horizon. The waters are sapphire blue and so inviting for a swim, yet the temperature remains freezing cold. Isla De La Sol (Island of the Sun), is the island in the middle of Titicaca that the Incas believed was where their sun god was born…which makes it the believed birthplace of the Incas. There are still Incan temple ruins here today that you can trek to. To get to Isla De La Sol you must take a two-hour boat ride from the tiny little Bolivian port town of Copacabana. Once arriving, it is all hoofing it by foot straight up, as there are not any cars on the ... read more
Lake Titicaca
Isla De La Sol Summit
Sunset from Isla de la Sol

Dear all (Many more photo's right at the bottom of the page!) Well we are in La Paz, Bolivia at the moment - the highest capital city in the world, and don't we know it. The city is 3660m above sea level and the oxygen here is 40% less than normal, meaning it is almost impossible to walk up stairs and even talk to each other without feeling out of breath. We are acclimatatising and the dull headaches are going but it has been quite an experience where the only real remedy is to chew on Coca leaves like the locals do - it tastes like forest! We have just come back from a wonderful trip to the Amazon and our friend from back home, Chris has flown over from England to spend some time with ... read more
Barrie & the crazy Dutch boys cycle the wine tour in Mendoza
Our anniversary wine tour - Mas vino!
Barrie tackling a 500g steak in Buenos Aires

Hola Guys, So this weekend we went to Lake Titicaca. We left Saturday morning after waiting in the freezing cold for our bus to show up for around an hour. The drive was beautiful!! We got there and checked into our hostal. Jess and I stayed in a cute little villa with a lake view, hammocks, and a fireplace!! The rest of the crew stayed at a different hostal around the corner from us. We did a gorgeous hike up a hill that had crosses with the story of the crucifiction of Jesus lining the path. We hung out at the peak drinking beers and taking silly photos until the sun went down. Then we went out for dinner and drinks. The next morning we were on a really rocky boat ride to Isla del Sol, ... read more

We arrived in Copacabana, the town which sits on the edge of the sapphire blue waters of Lake Titicaca, late on Sunday afternoon. We had been passed reroute from Sorata by many cars decorated with flowers and upon our arrival in Copacabana we saw cars being decorated in front of the Cathedral in the main square. The fascinating custom - the Blessing of the Automobiles, takes place here every weekend. It is like a spiritual insurance policy - once you’ve had your car blessed presumably you’re less likely to have a car accident. Since our arrival in South America though we’ve seen dozens of roadside shrines to road accident victims (many decorated with the broken windscreen or tyre from the car) - unlike most Australian shrines there are very rarely only one cross - we’ve regularly ... read more
Sunset over Lake Titicaca
Blessing the cars for good fortrune
Cathedral in Copacabana

On the deck of a boat, waiting for our departure to Isla del Sol, I look out to the morning horizon of Lake Titicaca to see that a plane has crashed noiselessly into the sea. A giant grey plume of smoke extends down from the clouds and into the point of impact, where all that can now be seen is a churning black hole of water, ringed by a ballooning quantity of foam. I hold my breath for the first appearance of tortured alimimium, and for the start of a very different day to that previously planned, when it becomes apparent that my eyes have deceived me: there is no plane, and there never was. What we are now witnessing is the birth of a cyclone. The plume of smoke, now revealed to be a tower ... read more

From La Paz the only way to Copacabana without having to go overland through Peru is to cross Lake Titicaca from the east by small motor launch. The bus had its own barge! The whole journey took about 3 hours from La Paz on a bus with no heating, alpaca rugs all round. There's two Copacabana's, our one is the Bolivian capital in the Titicaca Lake area which is shared with Peru to the west and north. Lake Titicaca is 8400sqkm and is the highest lake of its size at altitude in the world (3808m),and we felt it once walking to our lovely but leaky hostal, Las Olas. It was in an amazing situ just below the Cerro Calvario with views for miles down the lake when it wasn't raining, which was mostly in the ... read more
Time off for the transport on Isla del Sol
Our bus crossing Titicaca
Japapi 4024m,Isla del Sol

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca January 25th 2011

After spending a great 3 weeks in La Paz mooching around the witches market, visiting the fun fair and eating out a lot, we set off on our short 4 hour bus journey to Copacabana, the jumping off point for Lake Titicaca and where we would later cross the border into Peru. Lake Titicaca is a lake located on the border of Peru and Bolivia. It sits 3,811 m (12,500 ft) above sea level, making it the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. By volume of water, it is also the largest lake in South America and is bigger than Lake Tahoe in the USA. After finding ourselves a hostel (which appeared to be run by children as we didn´t see anyone over the age of 14 there!) we had some dinner and booked ourselves ... read more
Lake Titicaca J&J 026
Lake Titicaca J&J 001
Lake Titicaca J&J 002

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca December 16th 2010

Lod na ostrov nam odchadzala o 8.30 a trvala asi 2 hodinky, v predajni listokov nam povedali 15 minut, ale uz nas to ani nezarazilo. Na lodi sme znovu stretli Petera a dohodli sme sa ze pojdeme spolu. Ostrov vyzeral krasne, zase sme sa citili ako niekde v stredozemi. Ostrov bol porasteny eukalyptovymi stromami, v dialke bola vidiet Cordillera Real, ked tu nejeka inske ruiny a krasne plaze. Na jednej z nich sme sa rozhodli oddychnut si a Stanik s Petarom si isli zaplavat, vraj to bolo ozviezujuce, co pre mna znamena studene. Pomali sa zacal priblizovat vecer a my sme kracali okolo maleho hotela s krasnym vyhladom na Titicaca a samozrejme sa rozhodli ostat a vychutnat si zapad slnka. Tak sme len tak sedeli vonku, pili pivko, rozpravali sa a pozerali na nadherny zapad slnka ... read more
cestou na Isla del Sol/ on our way to Isla del Sol
Stanik a Petar
Cordillera Real

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca October 26th 2010

Nothing prepares you for how big this lake is. On the Bolivia-Peru border we were both expecting something more like the Solent, i.e you can wave at the people on the other side. This is really not the case. The lake is so huge that all you can see stretching out to the horizon is lake. We decided to visit it from both countries, spending a night on the Bolivian Isla del Sol before moving on to the more touristy Puno and the famous floating islands in Peru.   Isla del sol, the birthplace of the sun in Inca legend, is incredibly beautiful. It is very unspoilt with no cars or roads and watching the breathtaking sunset from our terrace at the very top of the Island was spectacular. However, getting up to this terrace was ... read more
Our First View of the Lake
The Sun Steps
Inca Trail Training

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca October 18th 2010

Departing Peru We were due to leave Puno on a 7:30AM bus, which we booked the night before. Our travel agent had told us that we would be picked up from our hostel and taken to the bus station. Since our bus was taking us to Bolivia, we spent the last of our Peruvian soles that night, although we returned to our hostel to discover that the Boss had s/6 left in her purse. After checking out at 7, we sat out front of the hostel to wait for our 7:10 pick up. By 7:15 we were starting to worry when a girl came out of the hostel and asked “Joseph and Fiona?” We nodded, she gave us our tickets and disappeared. We really should have learned by then that “pick up” meant no such thing. ... read more
The Inca Steps
The Boss and I

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