Lake Titicaca....teehee

Published: August 8th 2011
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After a full day recovering from a pretty heavy night, we booked ourselves on the nightbus to Puno. We wanted to go see the floating islands of Uros, with a vague notion of heading into Bolivia if we had the time.
Nightbuses are the business, because you save on accomodation at the same time. It was comforable enough, I managed to sleep a fair bit, but I always do! When we arrived in Puno it was very early, still dark. We decided that Copacobana in Bolvia looks like a nicer place to stay on Lake Titicaca so we booked a 7am bus that day onto Copacobana. We did manage to catch sunrise over the lake at Puno which was beautiful.
The bus and crossing onto Bolivia was very simple. My first, over ground border crossing and it was so easy. Copacobana is just over the border so it wasnt a long bus. We got off and booked ourselves onto a boat to go see isla de la sol, seemed to be the main attraction at Copacobana. We had about an hour to find somewhere to stay that night.
We decided to treat ourselves to a lake view room, really lovely clean hostel, we had an excellent view over the lake for the sunset. Then we got our boat to the Islands.
Eoghan was loving being on the boat, big wain that he is. It took us a good while to get to the island. From there we could see a gorgeous view over the lake of snowcapped bolivian mountains. It is so harder to explain just how huge this lake looks. You just assume its the sea, when you are there. There were some ruins there too, but I didnt quite get what they were about. We funnily enough bumped into 2 friends from out Inca Jungle trail to Macchu Picchu there, so random. They were staying on the actual island but we were heading back to Copacobana town. It was nice seeing a friendly face!
We made another Argentinian friend who we had dinner with. We arranged to meet him later that night for a drink but he never showed. There were a few nice bars with good live music in Copacobana, I would really recommend it to anyone!

We got a 9am bus back to Puno the next day, to spend the day there and then get a nightbus back to Cusco. We managed to go see the floating uro islands fairly early. These are man-made, reed islands in Peru side of Lake Titicaca. People have been living on them for centuries, its so surreal, And they manage to have solar panels and all! Its crazy.

Puno itself, I didnt love. Copacobana has got the lakeside town down to a tee. Puno was just ok. But we had a nice meal there and wondered the town centre and markets and just got the bus back to Cusco. It was a nice weekend, and I really wanted to see the islands, but i would reccommend not bothering staying overnight in Puno like we did.
PLan is now, back to cusco, then onto to Ica for some sandboarding and sun then make our way up the coast.

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