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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca September 20th 2010

First of all thanks to everyone who comments it’s great to know you are enjoying the blog and we love hearing from you! After another over-night bus (we are getting used to these now and quite liking them!) from Cusco we arrived (along with Mindy and Joel) at the Peru/Bolivia border around 7.30am. We got off the bus and headed through to passport control. We then realised we didn’t have any Bolivian currency on us and there was no cash point so with a mixture of Dollars, Euros, Pounds and a few Peruvian Soles that we found in our pockets and bags we managed to scrape together enough cash to exchange at the only money shop at the border for some Bolivianos and carry on through to passport control. After getting our passports stamped and filling ... read more
Us with the Isla del Sol sunset
Us with Mindy and Joel
Sun begining to set

After leaving La Paz we headed for Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The bus ride from La Paz to Copacabana in a great ride. After reading online that the road wasn't known for safety I have come to the assumption that this was outdated. For once in Bolivia the whole journey was on a paved road. We arrived in Copacabana late in to the afternoon. We headed for a hostel that Clinton's guidebook had recommended. Not sure of the name but it is a HI Hostel. Basically we got a three bed room on the top floor right on the 'beach' for about £4 a night. The reason to stay here isn't for the room or the showers which again were cold. But for the amazing sunset views from the balcony. An absolutely stunning ... read more
Inca Table

Plans are made to be changed. We never planed to visit Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol and Copacabana. I would have wished to do some serious rafting, but we knew this is not the right season for rafting in Bolivia, so we had to find something else. The original plan was to do some kayak...that can be fun, even on a class II rapid. But here it is, we could not find a trip for the day we a little plan change! In Bolivia, we have used Turisbus Travel Agent based at the Hotel Rosario. And I can tell you they are pro, and not much more expensive than the competition. W decided to book a one day tour of the Lake be honest, I would have wish it to be a two days ... read more
Kantuta, Bolivia national flower
Selecting dried potatoes, Isla del Sol
The Cathedral of Copacabana

Hi all, it has been many months since I have updated my blog. I gues I have been thinking about it in the back of my mind and processing my thoughts and perhaps this has led to a clarity produced by time and distance? Anyway we shall see. For the next hour or so I will try to get back inside the experience I had and relay it to you. Although I may miss some details, our memory is basically perception isn't it? After Brasil I said goodbye to my travel friends - Frederico, Fabio (the Italians) and Hilde (the Dutch girl). There is always something bittersweet about goodbyes I find and no matter how many I do I am never good at them. There is the twinge of sadness of leaving people who you've had ... read more

The morning after we arrived back to Cusco from the Inca Trail, Conny, Jennie and I got up early (again!) to travel to Puno, a city on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. Puno is not an exciting place but it does have restaurants, so of course we partook of some Lake Titicaca trout and pisco sours. The next day, we went on a trip to the reed islands on Lake Titicaca. These were pretty fascinating. We had a demonstration from a reed resident on how the islands are manmade. Then a local lady invited me to see her reed house (very small, but did have a TV - not made of reeds), and dressed me up in her traditional gear. Then of course I felt I had to buy something. Everything was supposedly made there ... read more

We flew into La Paz from Sao Paulo, joining up the Brazilian coast with the Bolivian Andes and, after a few days adjusting to the altitude in La Paz, we took the bus to Copacabana and Lake Titicaca. Copacabana town was friendly enough but it was on Isla del Sol we found something special. Quiet and picturesque, with Titicaca and the snow capped Andes as the backdrop, you can walk along cobbled pathways where the only other traffic is passing donkeys or cows, encouraged along by their friendly owners. Vegetable gardens either side of the paths, small fields of crops, the odd grunting pig, blossoming flowers, it has a country garden feel. You have to stop every so often to catch your breath with the altitude, but then it´s a chance to take in the view ... read more
Isla del Sol north
Copacabana beach
Getting a good view

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca November 30th 2009

Captains log stardate 04:17, 30th november, 2009.. Copacabana, Bolivia. Hola folks! this is my 1st blog.. so go easy yeah. Mi chico, Judy has been doin a great job dont you think? She has persisted through all the hassles n frustrations of painfully slow South american computers. Im writting this on a cool little sun terrace in mid Arequipa (a week ago) Family run hostel in centre.. palm trees n ramshackled houses to my south.. the mighty El Misty (5822m) flanked by the ragged snow capped Chachani (6075m) to my north.. AWESOME! 27C clear blue blue sky with just a squaking parrot for company. Im writing this in my note pad before typing it up.. its easier for slexidics like myself. Lets begin with the most important thing 1st.. food! What is 10 inches long 2 ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca October 24th 2009

We arrived after only a short bus trip from Puno (with a bus driver that would beep his horn at anything) and a quick immigration to the small town of Copacabana, Famous for the blessing of cars at the local cathedral, the town was set pleasantly between two hills on Lake Titicaca. At first it doesn't seem all that different to Peru, although we did notice that the women wear a different type of skirt here, more of a shimmery pleated skirt (they still do nothing for their figures so I am told). It is again high at 3800m but it wasn't as cold as we had expected, the sun was shining and it was quite pleasant to sit out in the cafes down the main street and relax once we had worked out again how ... read more
Climbing Cerro Calvarro at sunset
Cerro Calvarro at sunset

¡HOLA! Am Freitagabend hab ich mich klischeemaessig von Cochabamba und Lizzy verabschiedet (sie ist im August nicht mehr da, wenn ich zurueck komme...). Erich kann leider nicht mit, er muss seine Seminararbeit zu Ende schreiben... Jeden ersten Freitag des Monats gibts in Bolivien ziemlich interessante Rituale zu Ehren der Pachamama (Mutter Erde). Zufaellig sind wir in ein Lokal/Musem gestolpert, wo gerade dieses Ritual zelebriert wurde. Es gab Caipirinia um 50 Cent und gratis Kokablaetter, sowie typisches bolivianisches Essen (kleine Kuhherzen am Spiess...Jeronimo hat mir versichert, dass sie extrem lecker waeren...ich glaubs ihm...ohne zu probieren...) Das Ritual ist echt spannend - ein priesteraehnlicher Typ in buntem Poncho erklaert, was er so macht und was so wichtig ist an der Pachamama, danach stellen sich alle (inklusive uns) in einer Reihe an und opfern je 2 Kokablaett... read more
leider kann man die Farben und die Eindruecke auf den Fotos nicht so gut festhalten...
Sunset bei der Abfahrt in La Paz
Am Strand von Copacabana

We just spent a night in Copacabana after arriving and got up early the next day to catch the 8.30 boat to Isla del Sol. This little Island in the huge lake Titicaka is really very nice! Landscape is really beautiful - just have a look at the pictures. We did the nice one-day walk from the northern end of the island to the southern end. It is not really a long one and even though the Lake and the Island are at some more than 3500m the walk is not too strenous. On the way back the boat stops at some floating island (set up as a demonstration only). Floating islands on the Peruvian side are supposed to be much bigger tough. All in all a really nice walk on isla del sol surrounded by ... read more
Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca

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