Lake Titicaca,Copacabana and Isla del Sol

Published: March 5th 2011
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From La Paz the only way to Copacabana without having to go overland through Peru is to cross Lake Titicaca from the east by small motor launch. The bus had its own barge! The whole journey took about 3 hours from La Paz on a bus with no heating, alpaca rugs all round.
There's two Copacabana's, our one is the Bolivian capital in the Titicaca Lake area which is shared with Peru to the west and north. Lake Titicaca is 8400sqkm and is the highest lake of its size at altitude in the world (3808m),and we felt it once walking to our lovely but leaky hostal, Las Olas. It was in an amazing situ just below the Cerro Calvario with views for miles down the lake when it wasn't raining, which was mostly in the evening but the showers were hard and sharp with hot sunny spells in between. One day we had drizzle all morning but we still managed a walk with our new bolivian furry friends.
There's not much to the town yet, but we saw land for sale,so in a few years it will be more developed. I think we ate trout(from L. Titicaca) pizza all week, not good ones, but breakfasts were a little more interesting,having discovered an irish owned cafe which served porrage and irish soda bread.
A highlight was an overnight stay on the Isla Del Sol, 2.5 hrs away by boat. This island is where Incanism started by the first Inca Manco Capac. We visited the north village called Challampampa and walked the whole length of the island(11km) to Japapi(4024m our highest yet) and stayed in a hostel with no heating and no one else staying which was cool. There are no roads on the island and people were camping where they liked. The main means of transport are the Donkeys and the Lamas and the locals farm maize and coco on terraces which have been cut out of the hillside to enable good irrigation and use of space, a bit like rice paddies. It was a very mystical and peaceful island once away from the crowds at the main sites.
Back in Copacabana we ate our last meal and prepared to travel across the border the next day to Peru and Puno for one night. Lynn lost her 3rd umbrella this trip in the restaraunt! So I,m thinking Ponchos from now on.

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6th March 2011

You are in another world out there - what an experience for you both. I feel you are really far away now. Quite a change from the rest of the trip. Sorry you are not getting much sun, but it looks warmer than here - 5 at midday. Enjoying your blogg very much. It helps to see you both looking well. How many miles have you walked! carol

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