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It was only a 3 hour bus ride from La Paz to the lake-side town of Copacana. Passing through the Northern neighbourhood of La Paz, El Alto, was an interesting experience. A relatively poor, bustling area of the town. Judging by the time it must have been rush hour. It just felt like a sea of people, stalls and vehicles, all fighting for their space on the dusty streets. We stayed in Copacabana for 2 nights at a really nice hostel, quite big but they made us feel very welcome. They had a constant supply of free fresh fruit which was a nice touch. The town itself was touristy with people on the streets trying to get you into their restuarant, bar etc. We didn´t let that dishearten us as we knew it wasn´t the main ... read more
Vast amounts of space

Me voila en Bolivie ! Texte a venir, promis :) Le lac Titicaca et la presqu'ile de Copacabana, riche en culte Peruvien/Bolivien!... read more
A Puno
Annonces de recherche d'emplois!
Petits stands

L'isle du Soleil, et ses plages de sable blanc...* L'aventure continue, plus que 15 jours et les jours defilent! J'ai trop peu de temps pour ecrire malheureusement ! Tout va bien en Bolivie :)... read more
Couche de soleil merite !
Au couche de soleil, au bout du monde...
Au couche de soleil

Hola a todos, Ca fait quelque temps que nous n'avons pas ecrit, mais c'est reparti, difficile de trouver des cibercafes tous les jours.. Nous voila donc en Bolovie a La Paz. Pour s'y rendre, nous sommes partis de Cuzco en bus, jusau'a Puno, ville au bord du lac Titicaca du cote peruvien, puis on a passe la frontiere pour se rendre a Copacabana en Bolivie en bordure du lac. Nous y avons pris un bateau pour passer la nuit a l'Isla de Sol ( ile du soleil), au milieu du lac. Sensations vraiment magnifiques, et vues impressionnantes : le coucher de soleil vu depuis le milieu du lac, c'est vraiment quelque chose, vu qu'il n'y a pas grand chose sur l'ile nous avions prevu de preparer notre propre nourriture (rien d'exceptionnel, du riz, oeufs, ketchup, oignons), ... read more
lac Titicaca
Lac Titicaca

Taigi i6 ryto kaip jau tapo įprasta įsijungiam televizoriu ir žiūrim žinas, gal pagaliau baigesi protestai. Sužinom, kad atlaisvino vieną kelią Titikako ežero link, bet ne pagrindinį. Papusryčiaujam ir važiuojam į tą rajoną iš kurio turėtų važiuoti mikriukai į Copacabana miestą prie Titikakos ežero. Deja šis kelias vis dar užblokuotas. Bet ilgiau sėdėti La Pase ir nieko neveikti nenoriu, tad bandom važiuoti šiokiu tokiu aplinkeliu. Sėdam į autobusą ir važiuojam kelias valandas link ežero. Pravažiuojam kažkokį patikros punktą, visus išlaipina iš autobuso, sako reikia parodyti dokumentus. Visi praeinam, bet taip ir nerandam kam parodyti dokumentų. Netrukus atvažiuojam į pirmą miestelį prie Titikakos. Iš čia surandam kitą mikriuką kuris turėtų nuvežti iki Copacabanos. Tik dabar suprantu, kad šis miestas jau yra Peru, o tas patikrinimas, ku... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca December 11th 2012

We were not incredibly excited about visiting Copacabana but we had to pass through this highly touristy place to get to the amazing Isla del Sol. We have to admit, we underestimated this little town, although we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. We arrived in the afternoon and it was already too late for a boat to the island. We could not even be bothered with looking for accommodation and we took a room in a very reasonably priced Hotel Colonial just because it was next to the bus stop (100B/15$ with breakfast). We took a stroll around the main road filled with restaurants, bars and souvenir stalls and we were not impressed. We don’t quite understand how people can stay there for a week but hey, it is ... read more
in Copacabana
stunning scenery
very traditional

29th September – Copacabana to La Paz Left Copacabana around 9am for the 4hr drive to La Paz. Great scenery along the way and our guide stopped to let us take pictures. The road climbs up to a high point of 4100mtres above sea level and then slowly decreases again winding itself around Lake Titicaca. The road ends at a town called San Pedro where you have to cross the lake by boat and the bus, car or whatever vehicle, has to cross the lake on a barge driven by an outboard motor (see photos). Quite hilarious, they make everyone get out of the vehicle and take a separate boat as the barges with the vehicles have sunk before. We crossed the lake and embarked at a town called San Pablo. We were lucky enough to ... read more
overlooking lake titicaca
overlooking lake titicaca on the other side of the road
vehicle ferry at san pedro

Hola Amigos, ...nachdem ich mit meinen 8 chilenischen Amigos in La Paz angekommen sind (einer fuhr zum Flughafen) und wir uns mit Sandwichen gestaerkt haben, habe ich mich entschieden TIWANAKU zu ueberspringen und mit den (nun 7) chilenischen Amigos nach Copacabana am "Lago de Titicaca" zu reisen. Mit den Chilenen zu reisen war mir eine gute Sprachschule. Die Chilenen sprechen einen schwierigen spanischen Dialekt und meistens auch sehr schnell. Da ein paar von ihnen ausreichend Englisch sprachen, konnte wir mit unserem "Spanglisch" gegenseitig unsere Sprachkenntnisse aufbessern. Copacabana ist eine schoene tourisitisch gepraegte Stadt. Hier verbrachten wir eine Nacht in meinem mit 20 Bolivianos pro Nacht bisher billigsten Hostal. Am naechsten Morgen schnappten wir uns frueh die Fahere nach ISLA DEL SOL. Meine Sitznachbarin auf der Fahere war eine kommunikative und echt "nette" Cost... read more
The boattrip to Isla del Sol
The tree of Life
The labyrinths of Isla del Sol

Finally getting ready to leave Bolivia. Wow, we did NOT plan on being here so long, but it has been a great time. Caught a bus from La Paz to Copacabana (not in Brazil, it´s a big town on the shore of Lake Titikaka), about 3 hours. We got in rather late, so we watched the sunset over the water and had some fresh fish (only place in Bolivia, as it´s a landlocked country). We took advantage of our last hot shower for a while and then the next morning set off. We hiked for almost 8 hours up the peninsula, headed towards Isla del Sol. It was long, it was high up, and a LOT of uphill, so it was quite taxing. We stopped at this crazy Bolivian who wanted to show us literally about ... read more
Nice break
Playa del Sol

Thankfully, mercifully, whatever one may say about a three hour journey that took us from La Paz to the shores of Copacabana on Lake Titicaca, we arrived safe and unharmed for what would be a two night stay. Rather than stay in the town of Copacabana itself, a pleasant place with all the creature comforts you could hope for at this stage of our trip, we decided upon the advice of others to stay on the Isla del Sol itself, situated within the lake accessed via 90 minute boat ride. Given the natural beauty of the island and its place in the history of the Incas, it was not such a difficult decision. The lake itself is found at 3,841m above sea level and despite other smaller lakes found around the world being at higher altitudes, ... read more
The blue lake
Great view

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