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After three and a half amazing weeks, Peru has certainly earned itself a 'top destination star' in our book but all good things must come to an end and it was time to move onto to Boliva and see if we can love that place as much! First stop Copacabana on the edge of Lake Titicaca only 8kms from the border. The bus journey from Cusco wasn't bad on Huayrur Tours and we'd only paid 70 Solis (£17) for the comfiest seats we've had to date... Full Cama... 160 degrees reclining... But it was freezing and no Cruz Del Sur blankets, pillows, DVDs, snacks or hostess to be seen..... Just some grumpy man who insisted the heating was working..... Well Jon was cold that's how chilly it was, I'm surprised the windows weren't frozen! We pulled ... read more
Amazing Terraces
Lake Titicaca

Hi all, Since our last blog we have travelled a bit but have struggled to get good internet connection AND a computer that will allow us to download pictures. Apologies for lack of pics but we will upload as soon as poss! PUNO - floating islands We arrived here (still in Peru btw) from the excitment of the jungle and stayed in Puno city centre which was an average sort of place - nothing to write home about. We had booked a tour to the floating islands (Uros) the next morning and paid for our coach to Copacobana in Bolivia. We got picked up and taken to the shores of the lake which is stunning and MASSIVE. Hard to believe it is a lake, rather than a small sea... We hopped on a boat and headed ... read more

Part 2 The group changed directions in Sucre with Paul and Alana going off into the jungle to work with animals and Ian and Frankie staying in Sucre for more Spanish lessons. Ian and Francis both did home stays, Ians Spanish teacher was more than happy with their 1 on 1 lessons!!! After a week Ian caught the bus to the party town of La Paz where later we were to find out that he had gained some sort of 'god' status. Frankie was not too far behind Ian, although she did do a stop over in the jungle to visit us. Alana and Paul... We left sucre and caught a bus driven by a Bolivian maniac to Cochabamba with our new English friends, Lissa and Bo. We spent two days looking at the markets before ... read more
Photo 36
Photo 70
Photo 2

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca February 20th 2012

Breakfast and down to the quayside. The Dragoman trip coming the other way from Rio to Lima was in Copacabana at the same time as us although they were staying at a different hotel and it was arranged that the two groups would head out together to the Isla del Sol which legend says is the birthplace of the Incan Sun God. The boat trip was fairly tedious in a rather delapidated boat. It took a while to get going because the leader from the other group who accompanied us seemed to think that 30 odd people could fit into one boat and finally, had to hire a second one. Neither boat had a toilet and the trip was over two hours to reach the island. We were both first off to find the nearest rocky ... read more
Isla del Sol

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca November 7th 2011

Wednesday 7th December 2011 We awoke just before six, had a tea, then left at 06.30. The roads were quieter as the rode out bikes out of the centre of La Paz and started our 8-mile uphill climb to El Ato and onto the Altiplano. It took two hours to do this, breathing in smog from passing trucks, taxis, and buses. We had several litres of Maté de Cocoa water to keep up going, also Ovalmaltine from Holland, and Kendal Mint Cake from England. Just after the toll booth at the top of the autopista, a sharp right turn took us onto the road we needed for the next 50 miles. There were several lanes of minibuses vying for space in El Alto and you had to cycle really defensive. The whole set up reminded me ... read more
James at El Alto
The Altiplano
Empty Roads...

The bus ride from La Paz to Lake Titicaca is amazing!Its a really short ride and you ar driven through huge green mountains overlooking the lake which is srtunning!I couldnt beleieve how huge the lake was, iv never seen anything like it!We stopped in Copacobana on our way to Puno so that we could see two sides of the lake!We had such a nice lunch in this little cafe on the edge of the lake!We spent a few hours drinking beer and eating trout from the lake which was delicious!We then moved over to Puno which is a more established town. We spent the day visiting the floating villages!They were so cool, the people live on these huge islands made from straw!This sounded insane to me before we went but the villagers showed us how they ... read more

" I went to Lake Titicaca. I like saying Titicaca. We went on an awesome ride. It was a swan pedal boat and I did the driving a little bit. We took a boat to a floating island. They caught the fish and cooked it and we ate it. We bought a lot of stuff for people.Bolivia and Peru were so much fun." - Sofia _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After having fun saying "Titicaca" so many time before leaving for Bolivia, we finally arrived. A few hour bus ride from La Paz and we were there. We stayed at a nice hotel caled La Cupula. It had a good restuarant and I especially liked and had fun with the meat and chocolate fondou. I had a lot of fun relaxing in the Hammocks and met a whole bunch of ... read more
All Smiles
So Cool....Meat Fondou
Me, Daddy and Jen

Nous y voilà, la Bolivie ! Le pays qui représente le plus ce que l’on s’imagine de l’Amérique latine. Le pays le plus pauvre aussi. Peut-être le plus authentique également… La Bolivie c’est bientôt 10 millions d’habitants, c’est 4 langues officielles (espagnol, quechua, aymara, guarani ; les 3 dernières étant surtout parlées par les peuples des montagnes ou de l’Amazonie). C’est tout juste 9 habitants par km2 (c’est pas encore la Nouvelle-Zélande, mais c’est pas mal). C’est aussi une monnaie tellement dérisoire pour nous autres (surtout cette année, vive le franc suisse !), c’est-à-dire presque 1 franc suisse pour 7 bolivianos. C’est rien. La Bolivie, niveau géographique, c’est aussi un mythe qu’il faut casser : l’Altiplano, cette zone particulière à plus de 3000 mètres que l’on voit sur toutes les photos de la Bolivie, c’est... read more
Frontière Pérou-Bolivie : ya foule !
Vue de Copacabana depuis el Calvario
Bienvenues à Copacabana

After a full day recovering from a pretty heavy night, we booked ourselves on the nightbus to Puno. We wanted to go see the floating islands of Uros, with a vague notion of heading into Bolivia if we had the time. Nightbuses are the business, because you save on accomodation at the same time. It was comforable enough, I managed to sleep a fair bit, but I always do! When we arrived in Puno it was very early, still dark. We decided that Copacobana in Bolvia looks like a nicer place to stay on Lake Titicaca so we booked a 7am bus that day onto Copacobana. We did manage to catch sunrise over the lake at Puno which was beautiful. The bus and crossing onto Bolivia was very simple. My first, over ground border crossing and ... read more
this is a lake, not a sea
view from our apartment at Copacobana
Eoghan loves boats

After a night’s rest following our Inca Trail achievement, we set off on an early morning tourist bus to Puno that visited some “slightly” less impressive Inca ruins en route. We immediately realise we should have taken the direct bus and the “fascinating” detours which include a church, museum and a half built mud house fail to top Machu Picchu somewhat. Cat unfortunately missed these delightful interruptions to our journey due to the fact that she was quite ill and was somehow managing to be sick silently into numerous plastic bags (all but one of which had no holes in!). After 10 long hours we arrive in Puno and catch our first glimpse of the lake. Puno itself is no idyllic lakeside setting, but the sheer size of the lake makes an impressive vista. That night ... read more
Looking out over the islands from the rickety viewpoint (not sure what Kev's shadow hand is doing here)
Casting a shadow on the reed floor
The "traditional" boat ride

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