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Following our jungle and pampas adventures we flew back to La Paz -slept there over night and caught a 3 hour bus in the morning to Copacabana which is part of the infamous Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is one of the highest navigable lakes in the world. So... besides having a great name, there is also something cool about it. We arrived to Copacabana which is on the southern section of the lake. To get there, we bused from La Paz ($45 Bolivianos). Towards the end of our journey, we had to get off the bus and onto a small boat to drive us across a small section of water. The bus made its way across via a barge. Why the Bolivian government didn't pave the road the entire way around (probably a 15 minute drive ... read more
Views while walking along Isla del Sol
Boat Across
Boat Across

Justin and I arrived by around noon. First thing we saw was a donkey running up the street dragging a rope behind it. First impression: a whole lot more touristy than La Paz. But because La Paz is the 'big city', Cocacabana is a whole lot cheaper as well, for lodging. Meal prices were more expensive, but the food was better. Walking around, the 'touristy broken record sound' was very present. Repetitive touts for "Tickets La Paz, Puno, Isle del sole" become part of the the background before you knew it. I just assumed my Asia trip 'I don't hear you, don't acknowledge you' pose and found that the touts gave up on me rather quickly. We checked into the more scenic and more expensive Hostel Leyenda for the first night. For the 2nd, we went ... read more
First sight of the city - a running donkey
blessing of the cars outside chruch
View of Cocacabana

All went well when returning from Rurrenabaque. Our flight left on time, we arrived on time in La Paz, went back to get our big bags from Wild Rover and caught a taxi to catch a bus to Copacabana and Lake Titicaca. All went well until our taxi was caught in one of the many La Paz protests. We sat for about 15 minutes waiting for the people to clear out of the street, but when it didn’t happen our driver took measures into his own hands. Up onto the sidewalk we went, driving maybe 100 feet on the sidewalk, honking at pedestrians until we finally reached the street again. Go cabbie! We arrived at the cemetery in La Paz, where we picked our bus up from and paid our fare and got on. We didn’t ... read more
Arriving at sunset at the lookout point
Sunset at Lake Titicaca
The sun rays on our hike back down to Copacabana

Rested and restless, I was in need of some action. The parties at the Loki and Wild Rover had grown stale. The frequency with which the travellers changed in these places was staggering. Five old and fifty-five new faces every night. Where are you from? Where have you been so far? Questions a short-term traveller may revel in replying became tiring after half a year on the road. The question Patrik (Swiss; Peru and Chile if you must know) and I had coined in Santiago for fun: What's your favourite colour? though simple and seemingly silly sounding (you're welcome to write in with better suggestions for breaking the ice) still carried more nutritional value than the boring oldies. Unable to change the people, I decided to change the scene. Off to the dangerous part of town, ... read more
La Cordillera Real. Truly Magestic
In and Out

Last Friday we left the busy, loud, jam packed city of La Paz and headed to Lago Titi Kaka (Lake Titicaca - Lake of the Grey Puma) which is an enormous lake that borders Bolivia and Peru. It´s sometimes referred to as the highest lake in the world (with some of the islands reaching over 4,000m in height) but this isn´t actually true, there are 2 higher lakes (in Peru and Chile). Nevertheless, Lake Titicaca is nothing short of beautiful and breathtaking (quite literally due to the altitude) and we decided to check out the islands on both sides. 40% of the Lake is in Bolivia and 60% is in Peru. We stayed on Isla Del Sol (Island of the Sun) on the Bolivian side where the story goes that this is where the sun was ... read more

Lake Titicaca the highest navigable lake in the world at a shade under 4000m! Titi being the Quechuan word for Puma and Caca being the word for drink......putting it together the lake´s name basically means "Where the Puma Comes to drink!" You can tell we were listening on some of our guided tours! We bused from La Paz to Copacobana, the main Bolivian town (villiage is probably a more apt description) on the edge of the lake. The only real highly of the trip is when you get to the twin towns of San Pietro and San you get off the bus and get a boat across a narrow part of Lake Titicaca, whilst the bus drives onto a barge and floats across. We got to Copa and found a hostel. Lonely planet was a ... read more
Copa Harbour & Tornado on the water!
Puma Rock - Isla del Sol
Gordon at the Temple of the Sun

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca February 13th 2009

13th February We'd been out and about on treks and tours in the jungle & pampas for the last week then had a full days travel from Rurre to La Paz by plane then a rough bus journey to Copacabana so it was time to take it easy again. Being back at 3800m we needed time to reaclimatise after a week at nearly sea level so we had a stroll aroung the town of Copacabana to get our bearings. The town is set on a penninsular jutting out into the south of Lake Titicaca, surrounded by rugged peaks on all sides. The lake stretches out from the town to the horizon, it looks more like a sea than a lake. Again there are shops galore selling all manner of handmade crafts, jewelry, clothing & bags. We ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca January 26th 2009

Hello Uuurrrrgh what a journey! We last left you in Uyuni in the South of Bolivia and our next destination was to be Copacabana, in the far North - a trip that was made up of a 13hr bus ride taking us to La Paz and then another 4hr bus ride from there. When our luxury bus arrived in Uyuni we felt quite smug that we´d manage to book early enough to get the seats at the very front on the top deck and so tonnes of room. It turned out to be a prime viewpoint for the journey ahead. We off-roaded through dessert, followed haphazard diversions which took us toppleing down embankments (for which we were holding our breath as we were sure we were about to capsize!) and drove through flooded rivers (the run-up ... read more
View from the bus
Flower sellers
Our bus crossing Lake Titicaca

Russ and I left Santa Cruz for a small jungle town in called Samaipata 3 hours west. In between two towns on the way there were 116 speed bumbs. We took a sweet hike through the mountainous jungle and we met an awsome french couple with whom we left the next day inorder to make it to a music festival on the Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca for new years. The festival was a bit underwelming because there were not that many people but the location for new years was unto itself a once in a life time experience. Russ and I camped out on this sweet ridge with insane views of the lake but it was super windy there too and the second night it rained all night and my stuff got all wet. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca December 27th 2008

A 6hour journey from La Paz to Peru we stopped at Lake Titicaca to check out the worlds highest lake... read more
Lake Titicaca(copacabana)
Lake Titicaca(copacabana)
Lake Titicaca(copacabana)

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