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We have arrived at Lake Titicaca and are staying in a very cute little town by the lake called Cocacabana?, mmm pls excuse the spelling :. We left La Paz by minivan (all 12 of us!) at 5pm so it was 9 and dark when we arrived.. so I will leave the description of the spectacular scenery for Gav and another time. After leaving Cochacbamba it took about 8 hours, over the mountains and thru the high altiplano, to reach La Paz which is a enormous city built on the sides of several mountains, very steep cobbled streets and so crowded with people and traffic ! Our hostel was on a main road , near some massive markets . We were both feeling the altitude and had to crawl at a snails pace up all the ... read more

The blogs have been coming a little slow lately, apologies for that, but we hope you're still reading them! After three excellent weeks in Peru, we crossed the southern border into Bolivia - another relative unknown for the four of us but nevertheless an exciting prospect. We spent a few days in Copacabana (not to be confused with the Brazilian beach destination!), a town set on the edge of the beautiful Lake Titicaca. We took a boat (the slowest boat in the world) to the famous Isla Del Sol and spent most of the day trekking across it. It was Rhys' birthday and he celebrated in style with a mean bout of the squizzers and was forced to leave a few 'presents' in the sacred hills! We returned late afternoon to see Spurs winning 5-1 against ... read more
Lake Titicaca
Birthday Dinner
The Salt Flats

After two nights in our sub-zero hotel in Uyuni, we braved the horrific conditions of a nightbus, and headed towards Bolivia´s capital, La Paz. The nightbus was utterly disgusting - completely cramped and claustrophobic, it stank of urine and the blankets provided were like a science experiment of filth. That said, my main concern (and Sibs) was that it would be cold, and it really wasn't all that freezing - in fact it was considerably warmer than the hotel we left behind. For the first few hours it felt like we were driving across the highest and rockiest peaks of the Andes in a 1970s Mini Cooper - the only journey it could be compared to over this year was our bone shattering bus from Cambodia to Bangkok. But eventually the road improved, and because I ... read more
La Paz stalls
La Paz from above
La Paz bus

The end of my trip is fast approaching, and I'm running out of time to do everything I want to do. So my trip to Lake Titicaca could best be described as fleeting! After a night in La Paz re-adjusting to the altitude, I got the bus the next morning to Copacabana, my last stop in Bolivia. The town is like a little outpost of Bolivia on the western side of Lake Titicaca, which is otherwise Peruvian. To get there, you have to go to the east of the lake, and then cross the Straits of Tiquina by ferry. We were told beforehand that all the passengers would have to get off and get a separate ferry from the actual bus, which seemed a little strange to me. Until I saw the so-called 'car ferry'! (see ... read more
View, Isla del Sola
Waiting for the ferry
Church, Copacabana

Our friend (and fellow avation ethusiast) Agustin asked if we wanted to join for a train trip to Guaqui at the Titikaka Lake. We didn't even know about a train on the altiplano but as it all sounded fantastic we were ofcourse in for the idea. Tickets were bought two days before for the incredible amount of 2 euros return. Very early Sunday morning on April 13th the train was waiting in El Alto just outside La Paz to bring us to Guaqui at Lake Titikaka. The train only drives once a month on a Sunday as a tourist outing. Most of the passengers are Bolivians spending a day out. On the way to Guaqui the train stops at Tiwanaku where there is time for a short visit. The sunday we decided to do it, it ... read more
The train

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca November 29th 2007

Caught the bus from Puno to Copacabana then a ferry to Isla Del Sol where we stayed for two nights, one day walking around the whole island! We found some inca ruins, crops, llamas, small homes and tired feet. ... read more
Inca ruin
looking over the fields at over 3000m
Multicoloured Island

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca October 25th 2007

From Cuzco we took a train to the town of Puno. It was a little longer than the bus ride- but very worth it. We had lots of room to strech out since there were only 8 of us in the train car and they served beers.Lake Titicaca sits on the border of Peru and Bolivia. We first visited the lake on the Peruivan side, in Puno. There's not really much to say about Puno, except we did take one tour out on the lake to visit the island of Uros.Uro's is comprised of many small reed islands. The islands arent made of dirt or rock but rather piled up with 3 meters of cut reeds. Its very spongy and soft to walk on...sort of a softer trampoline feel. The reeds are also harvested to build ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca October 18th 2007

After arriving at Lake Titicaca we decided to spend a few days in Puno, partly because we fancied chilling out for a while, and partly because Stuart changed his flight so instead of going into Bolivia he would fly back to Lima from Juliaca (which is quite near to Puno.) The main touristy thing to do in Puno (well, the only touristy thing to do in Puno actually) is to visit the Uros Islands, which are floating islands made of dried reed, a short boat ride into the lake from Puno. Amazingly Bridget´s emergency sick-bag was not called into action on this intrepid journey. Each island is a couple of acres in size and is home to one family. Although we didn´t have a guide, we worked out a typical day for an Uros islander, depending ... read more
Lord Smithers in his fancy wheelchair
The Last Supper
View from our living room on Lake Titacaca.

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca September 30th 2007

We are a bit behind with writing on our web log. 30 September we went to Lake Titicaca. A colleague of Margot’s work invited us to join. That we never say no to. So we went with 2 cars (1 was a beetle full with kids). There was a party of a village with dancing and a regatta. From were we live we first have to go though el Alto (the places were the airport is). On Sunday there is market in Alto so it was extremely crowded It took us 1.5 hour to leave the city. Normally that is not the case in La Paz. It is crowded with cars but still not to bad. Lots of people share buses and taxi’s (a shared taxi in La Paz is called a trufi). The day everybody ... read more
music goup

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca September 10th 2007

Invited to find accomidation with our new friends we trudged through the muddy unpaved streets of Copacabana. This is a small and ramshackle place nestleing in a steep cove and surrounded by rocky peaks. It was cold when we arrived and the place did not seem to offer us much. We found a very nice hostal with clean rooms and hot water and all at a very cheap price. After breakfast (under a pound) Eddie and I went on a wander. Passing through what can only be described as the rubbish dump quarter of town, complete with feral dogs, pigs, scruffy kids and even a bull tied to the burntout remainds of an upturned car we stumbled onto the beach. However we found that we had come around the back of one of the tow peaks ... read more
Lake Titicacca From Cerro Calvino
A Good Bunch On Isla Del Sol
Taking A Well Earned Break

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