Copacabana (Lake Titicaca), Bolivia

Published: September 27th 2011
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So much fun driving the boatSo much fun driving the boatSo much fun driving the boat

While daddy did all the work
" I went to Lake Titicaca. I like saying Titicaca. We went on an awesome ride. It was a swan pedal boat and I did the driving a little bit. We took a boat to a floating island. They caught the fish and cooked it and we ate it. We bought a lot of stuff for people.Bolivia and Peru were so much fun." - Sofia

After having fun saying "Titicaca" so many time before leaving for Bolivia, we finally arrived. A few hour bus ride from La Paz and we were there. We stayed at a nice hotel caled La Cupula. It had a good restuarant and I especially liked and had fun with the meat and chocolate fondou. I had a lot of fun relaxing in the Hammocks and met a whole bunch of kids who I gave pencils to. They were very thankful.

I had 2 favorite things to do in Lake Titicaca. The first was to ride the swan pedal boats. I had so much fun driving. Well daddy did most of the work I got to steer. We would pedal by these cool looking reed boats. I went twice with Daddy and the next day
All SmilesAll SmilesAll Smiles

Floating Island, Lake Titicaca
we went with Jen as well.

My other favorite thing was to go to the floating island to eat fish. It was about a 45 minute boat ride to get there. I had fun sitting on top of the boat. We then got to see the fish and watch the fisherman catch the fish. I then watched them flop around and then watched what the fisherman did to them. It was kinda gross but I wanted to watch. Then a woman cooked them up.....YUMMY! We took Jen there the next day as well.

On the bus ride, I blew my first bubble ever!!!

After 1 more night in La Paz, we said goodbye to Jen in the morning. We were supposed to leave first, but daddy found out that the changed the flight to the afternoon. He was very bummed as that meant that we were getting back to Miami at 300am on the same day I was starting my first day of school. It ended up that the flight was even delayed more and we did not get back into Miami until 530am. But the good thing is that we slept well on the plane and after a shower, we were ready for school and work.

The end of a great summer trip. My favorite places were definitely Machu Picchu and the Salt Flats. It was great to travel with Daddy's friend Jen who is like and aunt to me.

As far as were to next......Romania in March with a stopover in Paris and there are thoughts of Iceland and Greenland next summer....wherever it may be, I am sure it will be awesome..

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Me, Daddy and JenMe, Daddy and Jen
Me, Daddy and Jen

Pedal Boat on Lake Titicaca
More MusicMore Music
More Music

Cathedral, Copacbana, Lake Titicaca
Watching Him Prepare LunchWatching Him Prepare Lunch
Watching Him Prepare Lunch

I wanted to see everything
Great TroutGreat Trout
Great Trout

Floating Island, Lake Titicaca
Looking Cute, Safe, and WarmLooking Cute, Safe, and Warm
Looking Cute, Safe, and Warm

Boat to Floating Island, Lake Titicaca
I loved lighting the CandlesI loved lighting the Candles
I loved lighting the Candles

Cathedral, Copacabana

Lake Titicaca
View from our HotelView from our Hotel
View from our Hotel

Hotel la Cupula
Chilling in the HammockChilling in the Hammock
Chilling in the Hammock

Hotel La Cupala, Copacabana
Catching our LunchCatching our Lunch
Catching our Lunch

Floating Island, Lake Titicaca
My SwanMy Swan
My Swan

So much fun on the pedal boat
Cool BoatsCool Boats
Cool Boats

Lake Titicaca
Kids near my hotelKids near my hotel
Kids near my hotel

I gave them all some pencils

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