Weekend at Lake Titicaca

Published: June 13th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hola Guys,

So this weekend we went to Lake Titicaca. We left Saturday morning after waiting in the freezing cold for our bus to show up for around an hour. The drive was beautiful!! We got there and checked into our hostal. Jess and I stayed in a cute little villa with a lake view, hammocks, and a fireplace!! The rest of the crew stayed at a different hostal around the corner from us. We did a gorgeous hike up a hill that had crosses with the story of the crucifiction of Jesus lining the path. We hung out at the peak drinking beers and taking silly photos until the sun went down. Then we went out for dinner and drinks. The next morning we were on a really rocky boat ride to Isla del Sol, which is considered to be the birthplace of an Incan god. I got sick on the boat... maybe a combo of a slight hangover and the motion of the ocean. We did a three and a half hour hike across the island. The sights were beautiful. You can see the Andes in behind a huge bright blue lake!!! Gorgeous!! I felt much better after about half an hour into the hike. Then we caught the boat back to Copacabana. In Copacabana we picked up a to go lunch for the bus ride back to La Paz. I got enchiladas. Bad move. On our first stop we had to get off the bus and take a small boat across the water while our bus got ferried across. I upchucked the enchiladas. Jess rubbed my back and tried to shoo off the street dog waiting for my second hand enchiladas. Kinda gross. But y'all love me so who cares!! We're back in La Paz. We didn't have work today because of a transit strike but it'll be working tomorrow. If you guys are around today log into Skype and I'll stay logged in while I'm at the cafe!! I'll post some pictures today too since I finally have a slow day. Love you guys!!


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