Lake Titicaca

Published: August 22nd 2011
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The bus ride from La Paz to Lake Titicaca is amazing!Its a really short ride and you ar driven through huge green mountains overlooking the lake which is srtunning!I couldnt beleieve how huge the lake was, iv never seen anything like it!We stopped in Copacobana on our way to Puno so that we could see two sides of the lake!We had such a nice lunch in this little cafe on the edge of the lake!We spent a few hours drinking beer and eating trout from the lake which was delicious!We then moved over to Puno which is a more established town. We spent the day visiting the floating villages!They were so cool, the people live on these huge islands made from straw!This sounded insane to me before we went but the villagers showed us how they construct the islands using just straw, huge slabs of earth and rope!They are the most clever people i have ever met and when the end of the world comes they will keep going whereas the rest of us in the western world will be the first to go!lol! The chief of the island invited me and a few of my friends to come into his home and see where he and his family live! His wife allowed me to try on one of the traditional outfits that the women in Bolivia wear! This consists of a huge full skirt in blindingly bright colours, a cotton long sleeved waist coat, bowler hat and they wear their long dark hair in two plaits with tassles on the ends!I loved it, they all look so colorful and beautiful!Bolivian people are some of the friendliest i have met, they are always smiling and happy!We got to take a ride on the chiefs straw boat before we left which was really cool!Again it is constructed of straw in the shape of two Jaguars!It amazes me what people can do with just straw and bamboo!


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