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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico April 18th 2017

Suzanne here... The flight from Rurrenbaque to La Paz was great. We were in a tiny little propeller plane, with single seats each side of the aisle. Our obsession with arriving at airports early paid off too, as we were on the front seats, just inches away from the cockpit, which was fun. Landing in La Paz, we decided to ignore the taxi drivers and try the colectivo service. Minibus no. 212 left from just outside arrivals and took us all the way to Plaza Isabel la Católica, a two minute walk from our hotel. At 2bs each (about 23p) it was a great saving compared to the 70bs going-rate for a taxi. We felt quite pleased with ourselves. Our hotel was Casa Hermanos Manchego. This was a last minute change from Casa Skyways B&B, who ... read more
View from our seats
Hills around town
Hills around town

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico May 24th 2015

One of the most well-known attractions in Bolivia is the infamous “Death Road”, also known as the World’s Most Dangerous Road, so called because of the alarming number of road fatalities. For a fee, tourists can experience this for themselves and mountain bike down this perilous route. Since we were here, it seemed like a good idea to join in on this madness and experience it ourselves. I am not a mountain biker at all, and although I used to be a road cyclist, going downhill was never my favourite. I was one of those weird people who preferred the uphill climbs, so I was a little apprehensive about going down the “Death Road” to say the least. I had done some online research and decided to go with Gravity Bolivia, as although they were more ... read more
Bike's ready, I'm ready...
Rod kitted up and ready to go, La Cumbre
Sitting on the edge of the road, a straight drop below

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico March 1st 2015

Coroico y el 'Camino de la Muerte'. Con pocas ganas de arriesgarnos a morir en este viaje en sur América, nos unimos al plan que nuestro amigo alemán Hans, junto con su amigo visitante y compatriota Anselmo. La idea era, esperar que el clima pareciera apropiado y salir temprano en la mañana en un vehículo que nos llevaría arriba a la cabecera del camino de la muerte, de allí empezar a caminar bajando y avanzar a pie lo que mas pudiera, son unos 35 kilómetros la parte más peligrosa del camino. Empezamos a caminar en la parte norte del camino, unos 3.500 mts. Nublado, frío y solitario. Nos acompañaba también el perro de Hans, Sami, empezamos la marcha y enseguida entramos en una carretera serpentesca y muy angosta, con un gran y gigantesco precipicio. Muy profundo. ... read more
Mas precipicio
Unos de los pocos sitios sin precipicio del recorrido

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico February 19th 2015

The Corte de Luz (the blackout) due to a burnt out transformer, which happened two days ago today provoked a march through the town to the main square and brought about a town meeting attended by all residents of Coroico where various speeches were made regarding three points. First of all, everybody in the square stood up to sing the national anthem of Coroico. Then one speaker, stood up in the middle of the square with a microphone and said ‘Residents of Coroico, we are here today to reclaim our rights as Bolivians……’ It was peaceful thankfully and beautiful to see a community work together for a better future. The first point was regarding the sharing out of the land. The land of Coroico used to all belong to the church but the scenic parts (the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico February 18th 2015

At breakfast we learned that the transformer which delivers electricity to this town carries electricity all the way from Cochabamba, Ronald’s home town and is susceptible to getting damaged any where along the line due to bad weather. This time there had been a strong wind in one of the regions and the transformer had burnt out. Somebody heard on the radio that at 6pm this evening it will be turned on again. Of course all the electricians were in bed, drunk after celebrating carnival so couldn't fix it any sooner. We ate well today. Breakfast was included at the hostel – banana and papaya, bread with butter and jam, nescafe with hot milk. Then, we went down to the local market for lunch and ate eggs, meat, rice, bread and fried banana. We climbed up ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico November 14th 2014

Aujourd'hui, on a décidé de faire un peu de sport, mais il ne s'agit pas de faire un jogging ou du fùtbol. Non, on va simplement descendre en VTT la route la plus dangereuse du monde ! On l'appelle la route de la mort (El Camino de la Muerte, en castillan). Elle descend de la Paz à Coroico sur 3600m d'altitude. Ce nom lui a été donné car elle a été le théâtre de très nombreux accidents mortels. Par an, en moyenne 26 véhicules basculaient dans le vide. Le chemin est parfois très étroit, sujet aux éboulements, et il est très compliqué de s'y croiser avec d'imposants véhicules. Depuis quelques années une route goudronnée a été installée pour la contourner. Nous sommes partis de La Cumbre, au sommet, jusqu'à Coroico. La première moitié de la descente ... read more
Max l'intrépide
Après l'effort ... la bière quoi

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico June 22nd 2014

It all started when a lorry driver brought them a monkey he'd run over. The owners of Sende Verde agreed to keep it, and now they have over four hundred animals, some rescued from illegal trafficking, some abandoned pets - all rescued from lives of misery. Visitors can see black spider, orange howler and capuchin monkeys at close quarters. Dangling from thin branches, bodies elongated, swinging hand over hand, snapping twigs, catapulting, somersaulting, scratching; the original bungy jumpers. Guests are discouraged from touching. 'We try to minimise contact with humans. 'Monkey parents' (human surrogates) get to touch, we don't', explained Jenny, a volunteer from Greece. Some monkeys are free to roam, others are caged, some tethered – depending on their psychological state. Watching two baby black spider monkeys play we can see why people find them ... read more
Red and Green Parrot
Blue and Yellow Macaw
Spider Monkey

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico July 22nd 2013

Hola. Arrive a la paz, nous avons voulu faire une petite excursion sportive: la descente de la route de la mort en VTT. A savoir au depart de la Paz jusquaux portes de la ville de Coroico. Au total, 3500metres de denivelle en 3h30 de descente. Le guide, nous informe avant de partir,qu'a l'epoque ou la route etait utilisee (une autre fut construite depuis), environ 200 a 300 voyageurs se tuaient chaque annee! Tant mieu ca fait monter l'adrenaline. Avec la connexion internet, difficile de pouvoir mettre les videos gopro, mais on vous assure quil y aura un montage des que possible. En attendant, les photos parlent d'elle meme.... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico April 21st 2013

Hi all, Long time... so here is the story of the Choro trek... After renting all our camping equipment from La Paz we set off on a 71Kms journey over 3 days. Choro starts from near La Cumbre at 4800 to end up at 1800 - making its way through Cordillera Real from dramatic altiplanos sceneries to quickly descent into immense valleys with dense vegetation. Although it sounds like a straight walk down it's not as it sounds - Choro is a lot of going up and just a bit more of going down :) What made this trek so enjoyable was the fact that only us and 4 other trekkers shared the route while we were there which meant we were able to appreciate and take in the immensity of the sceneries we witnessed as ... read more
Starting the walk
What is ahead of us
Frightened local going up the other way

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico November 30th 2012

After a day recovering from the night before and some time spent exploring the city, wandering through the countless markets, steep windy streets and taking in the sights and sounds it was time for some adrenalin. It was time to saddle up and ride death road. The road from La Cumbre to Coroico in Bolivia is known as ‘The World’s Most dangerous Road’, the 64km narrow (just over 3.2meters wide) gravel road runs downhill along precipitous cliffs with up to 600m drops and few safety barriers. In March 2007 a new replacement road opened, this means the old road (the one we would be riding) is now used almost exclusively for cyclists, support vehicles and the odd tourist bus. Prior to this, the roads nickname was well deserved: an average of 26 vehicles per year disappeared ... read more
Road, Winding, Down
1st Landslide
Kitted Up

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