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South America » Argentina » Misiones » Iguazú National Park January 31st 2023

Puerto Iguazú I want to start with an apology to those of you who messaged me via the blog site. For some reason the messages didn’t trigger alerts to me so I didn’t know they were there and only found them by accident yesterday. Thank you for your messages, I love receiving them and will reply to you all shortly. This is a short blog to record the stay at Tupa Lodge I am still in PI, as after trying again there was still no suitable accommodation in San Ignacio. I did not want to go further to other towns as it would have meant a six or seven hour journey each way, but I was getting bored with the Hotel Tourbillon where I was staying. It was fine for visits to the falls which are ... read more
One side of my balcony
The other side
Breakfast bar, look at the goodies

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Iguazú National Park January 16th 2023

Aaaaand repeat. Because apparently if you say it enough, it causes a dramatic and immediate reduction in temperature. At least that’s how the logic goes if you’re ... read more
I’m only smiling because I have a slushy
They’ve promised me that this is the last photo
There were actually about 800 other people around

Bonjour à tous, Une excellente nuit dans cet écrin tropical. Ce matin à 5h1/2, réveillé par le chant des oiseaux entre autre les toucans. Je vais oser dire que ça fait du "boucan". C'est un chant, cri, que je ne connaissais pas, je les fréquente pas assez au quotidien. Très bel oiseau. Le rendez vous était prévu à 7h30. Un pickup 4X4, vient me chercher, un chauffeur et Maria-Laura mon guide, parlant français, pour la journée et que pour moi. Nous faisons les 2km pour sortir du bourbier et rejoindre la route, où là nous attend un minibus, avec 8 personnes, et pour eux une guide parlant espagnol. Chapeau bas pour les moyens mis en oeuvre. 8H30, nous sommes à l'entrée du Parc National des Chutes d"Iguazu, Maria Laura, m'explique que c'est très bien d'être les ... read more
chutes d'Iguazu
chutes d'Iguazu
chutes d'Iguazu

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Iguazú National Park January 16th 2019

Today we are going to Iguazú National Park on the Argentinian side of the falls. For a local, this trip is simple; a bus to the Argentinian town of Puerto Iguazú and a second bus to the park. For a foreigner is more complicated as you have to disembark for immigration twice and the bus doesn’t wait, so it involves taking 3 consecutive buses on the same route, then a 4th bus to the park. We walk to the international bus stop and wait. A bus to Paraguay pulls up and everyone else gets on. This happens a few more times before eventually a bus driver asks why we’re sitting at the bus stop and explains that buses to Argentina depart from the other end of the road. On our complicated journey we have fallen at ... read more
Walk to Garganta del Diablo
Garganta del Diablo
Garganta del Diablo

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Iguazú National Park October 25th 2018

Up at 06:15 to check out as Reggie and Luis the driver were picking us up at 07:30 and taking our bags along as they will take us straight to the airport after today’s excursions. Took almost an hour to cross the border back into Argentina to see the Falls from the other side. First we had to check-out of Brazil at the Federal Police office then drive over the bridge to check-in to Argentina. Half of the inside walls of the bridge are painted in gold and green for Brazil, then changed to the sky blue and white of Argentina. The Argentinian Parque Nacional Iguazu is well set-out with large paths and nicely maintained jungle (if you maintain jungle that is) and the walkways over the river are made of metal grates similar to the ... read more

GÜN 33 06 MART SALI: Sabah erkenden dün yerini saptadığım otobüs terminaline gittim.. Fazla beklemeden, "Rio Uruguay" şirketinin otobüsleri bizi "Cataratas del Iguazu" (benim söylemim Katarat-ül Iguazu) milli parkının önünde bıraktı.. Parka giriş ücreti olarak, yaşa maşa bakmadan kişi başına 500 Arjantin papeli aldılar.. Parkın kapısında, tur kartalları,daireleri küçülterek,alçak uçuşta turist avlamaya çalışıyorlar.. Tipimin, gel gel'i olmadığından beni pas geçtiler.. Az yürüdünüz mü "Estacion Central" diye bir yere varıyorsunuz.. Burada, eğlenceli park trenleri sizi bekliyor. 15-20 dakika sonra “Garganta del Diablo”(Şeytan gırtlağı) denilen yere vardık. .. Burası trenin son durağı .. İstasyon içinde "coati" denilen, bizde pek görülmeyen, uzun kuyruklu iri kemirgenler, fütursuzca dolaşıyor..turis... read more

Today we hiked the park, took the ecological raft ride. Spent some time sitting and relaxing in the lower falls area. We went to the pool late afternoon as it was really warm today. We met some nice fellow travelers and exchanged travel stories.... read more
Iguazu Inferior Falls Circuit
Iguazu at sunset
Hitching a ride

Today we walked the lower falls, the upper falls, and took the train again to Garganta del Diablo. It was cooler today with high humidity. Several rain showers, but we did not get too wet. The heaviest shower hit when we were on our way back from Garganta del Diablo on the train. Today we took our time as we hiked the trails. Birds, monkeys, spiders and caiman. We kept our eyes open for puma too, as we were told there are five in the park. We only saw puma tracks made by a pair of puma shoes. We had empanadas for lunch. Coatis everywhere again. One jumped on our table as soon as we finished to see if we left anything.... read more
Iguazu- Inferior Circuit

We took a short walk through the park this morning. Saw the abundant coati. Cute, but can be dangerous. I have warned Pedro not to open any snacks on the trails. Aunt Judy I'm sure can recall having one sit on her lap when she sat on a bench years ago. Uncle Lloyd....I have not yet seen enough waterfalls. We are eating empanadas and I have not found any peanuts in the can. Poor Lloydy. We took a taxi to town today. There was a short delay by some protesters. We had quite the adventure at the bank. There was a lobby with chairs of at least 75 people waiting orderly in chairs. We asked how long to see a teller and they said it was usually an hour and a half. We had to wait ... read more
Triple Frontier
Lunch in Puerto Igauzu

Made it to our hotel. The view of the falls is beautiful. Walked the lower falls circuit. Nearly stepped on the tarantula. Pedro says I nearly brushed my foot on it. We are enjoying ourselves. It is nice and warm in the upper 80's.... read more
Relaxing at the Sheraton
Salto Alvar Nunez

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