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South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn December 23rd 2019

How do you like my photo of the baby burrow owls hiding by the side of the road and taken through the window of the bus? Mum or Dad was sitting totally unconcerned on the top of a tree/bush nearby. From Puerto Madryn we took a trip out to the wild and woolly Valdes Peninsula where there is only salty water, wind, less rain that the Sahara, scrub and some unusual animals. Scrawny merino sheep live there for only 6 or 7 years as their teeth wear down eating the tough grasses and scrub. Llama-like guanacos and emu-like rheas roam freely as do the sheep. The sheep are rounded up once a year for shearing. A strange looking large hare, which is really a rodent, was found lying in the shade under a bush. We were ... read more
Burrow Owl

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn April 6th 2019

Aujourd'hui on vit cool... On ne fait pas des kilomètres pour le plaisir d'en faire... On visite la région de Puerto Madryn, pas trop loin de l'appartement que nous avons loué... Petite promenade sympa... jusqu'à ce qu'arrive à nouveau le "ripio" donc la poussière et le gravier... alors on se contente de refaire marche arrière... C'est pas que ça nous gêne tellement, mais on a vraiment pas envie de s'offrir une bosse dans la voiture sans assurance.... Puerto Madryn se trouve au fond d'un golfe profond, le Golfo Nuevo, formé par la péninsule Valdés et le cap de Punta Ninfas. Le paysage alentour est celui de la meseta (plateau patagon), formant tout au long de la côte une succession d'escarpements et de plages de sable. ... read more
les coins des sportifs
belle dune

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Valdes Peninsula April 5th 2019

Para el espagnol vean la pagina que habla de la Peninsula Valdés : Y debajo del texto en frances encontraran algo mas de mi parte !... Nous connaissons bien cette péninsule pour y être venus déjà deux fois... On vient en principe ici entre novembre et mars pour y observer le passage des baleines franches qui descendent vers l'Antarctic avec leurs petits... Ce n'est pas le moment, mais nous aimons cette région aussi pour le reste de sa faune... La péninsule Valdés ou presqu’île de Valdés est une particularité côtière de la province de Chubut, en Argentine. Elle forme une portion de terre quasi-rectangulaire et unie au continent par l'url=https... read more
une visite un peu insolite
un droit d'entrée est demandé de plus ou moins 15 €
On vient ici surtout pour observer la baleine franche

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Punta Tombo February 19th 2018

Today, I got to cross off another experience from my bucket list. We joined a small group of Germans on a 2 hour drive south of our hotel to visit a penguin colony. It was a great breeding season so there were about 1 million birds there. We must have seen about half of them. They were on, in and under everything. We drove along a straight road across a low shrub plain. Not much rain falls here, only about 200ml/year. Along the way, our eagle-eyed driver stopped to point out local wildlife. Among the menagerie were half rabbit/half dog creatures, amarillos, long-legged half camel/half llama beasts with split lips and various birds of prey. The first penguin we encountered were the losers. They did not reproduce this year. They were about 3 km the sea. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut January 28th 2018

I am glad National Parks are not like Museums. After three hours in the latter my mind is full, my eyes glaze over and I want to sit down. Not so in Patagonia. After eight hours of clear blue lakes, forest from shore line to tree line, snow capped peaks, cavernous forest glades and wildflowers, I am on a high. Dropping South from Bariloche on Ruta 40 towards Trevelin, I took the gravel road less travelled by. It was very different. Winding through the foothills, most of the road led through the Alerces National Park declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2017. Why? It seems that the Alerces, 'fitzroya cupressoides', are amongst the oldest living trees in the world. One found on an island in the park on lake Menendez, has clocked 2,600 years. It ... read more
Lunchtime at El Bolson
Lines at the Government Gas station.
The view across the plateau

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Valdes Peninsula March 8th 2017

Après un long trajet en plusieurs parties, et l'agréable rencontre d'Isabelle et Laurent (qui ont eu la gentillesse de partager leur véhicule pour plusieurs centaines de km), nous arrivons enfin à Puerto Madryn, aux portes de la Péninsule de Valdes, un endroit très sauvage où les mammifères marins sont nombreux! La Peninsule est connue pour être le lieu de rassemblement de nombreuses espèces comme les manchots de Magellan, baleines, orques, éléphants de mer et autre lions de mer. Nous décidons alors de louer une voiture pour explorer la péninsule depuis Puerto Pyramides, où nous passerons la nuit face à l'océan. Le lendemain réveil à 6h pour le levé du soleil et pour peut être voir des orques en marée montante! En effet, c'est la période où les gros mammifères viennent se rassasier sur les côtes de ... read more
Péninsule Valdes
Péninsule Valdes
Péninsule Valdes

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn February 6th 2016

Saturday 6th February, 2016. Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina Puerto Madryn is a city in the province of Chubut within the Argentine Patagonia. It is located on the Golfo Nuevo which is formed by the Valdes Peninusla and Punta Ninfas. It is located on the cliffs of a high plateau, which features an impressive view of the South Atlantic Ocean. The City is 1,400 km (870 miles) from Bunos Aires along the Route 3. From June to December Southern Right Wales arrive in Puerto Madryn and these can be observed from the beach or from boats - we were here at the wrong time of year unfortunately. There are also Orca in the area and a large Sea Lion colony. The city is the diving capital of Argentina. In September 1865, 150 Welsh immigrants arrived at ... read more
14.  The Railway Museum, Colectives Square,  Trelew
26.  Sign at the Bus Station in Spanish & Welsh Commemorating 150 years of colonisation
38.  Chalet Pujol (Museum of Oceanography)

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn January 12th 2016

Il viaggio verso Puerto Madryn dura all'incirca dieci ore secondo la signorina della biglietteria, sempre quella del post precedente per intenderci. Più le altre dieci per uscire da Buenos Aires, capiamo dopo noi. Il viaggio comincia subito con un cartello il quale ricorda ai signori passeggeri che sul bagno del bus è vietato 'hacer kaka', con la k. Poco male, perché da brave cretine il fatto ci da da ridere per tutte le 10+10 ore del viaggio. Cosicché, la monotonia del paesaggio passa in secondo piano, mentre scorre per ore sotto i nostri occhi. Patagonia. Patagonia è quella cosa che sogni per anni e poi eccola lì, ufficialmente alle 13.30 del 16/12/2015. Patagonia è quella terra sconfinata su cui non cresce niente, se non leggenda ed inspiegabile magia. Patagonia significa grandi piedi, fu chiamata così dai ... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut December 1st 2015

Travelling from Bahia Blanca to Caleta Olivia were transit days with initially lots of farms then crops then fairly barren looking land whîch had a few sheep and cattle, horses, rhea and guanacos. Heading further south toward Santa Cruz there were large stretches of not much but straight road and wind so it was always very pleasing to see a gas station. The river looked beautiful at Corpen Aike which reminded me a bit of Cromwell. There was also some superb coastal riding and in great conditions too. We had an easy entrance into Chile and spent the night in Porvenir which seemed to be a town with a lot of work happening. At 10.45pm it was still twilight and the light came again at 4.30am. The next day we had another border crossing back into ... read more
Baling in Villarino

South America » Argentina » Chubut March 24th 2015

Puerto Madryn, Punta Tomba, Rawson and Valdes Peninsula 17th March to the 23rd March On Tuesday (17th) I arrived in Puerto Madryn, a lovely coastal town in the Chubut region of Argentina. Straight away I loved the place, the beach with its sandy shoreline and blue blue sea. A different way to spend St. Patrick's day but lovely all the same. My hostel "Hi Patagonia" was very nice and the staff very good at organising trips (with no extra cost!!). Gaston even checked the tide times and weather conditions to see what day would give me the best chance of seeing Orca's - I went on Sunday, unfortunately the Orca's has appeared before my tour bus got there. :( I spent lots of days, wandering along the shore line, enjoying the warm weather and relaxing atmosphere ... read more

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