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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill March 4th 2013

We have been having some internet issues along wiith keyboard issues, so these posts might be a little bit abbreviated. We left Oamaru and headed south down the eastern coast of the South Island. Our first stop was to stop and see the Moeraki Boulders which are listed as the 101 things you should see in New Zealand. We strolled along the beach and sure enough there were all these large spherical boulders along the coastline. We spent a short time walking on the beach and enjoying the Pacific Ocean. Our next stop was Dunedin where we had a light lunch and then visited Larnach Castle. We didn't go inside, but wandered around the grounds enjoying the gardens. The castle was situated high above the city. We had one more stop before heading for our final ... read more
Moeraki Boulders
Larnach Castle

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill February 20th 2013

Wahrscheinlich um dem ehemaligen Arbeiterlager gerecht zu werden, geht es heute bereits 7 Uhr in der früh mit dem Bus los. Wir halten für eine Wanderung, den „Sunshine walk“. Leider ist heute Morgen aber kompletter Nebel und somit freuen wir uns bereits, wenn wir mehr als 20m vor uns sehen können. Zurück von der Wanderung geht es wieder nach Te Anau. Hier gibt es einen 2-stündigen Zwischenstopp. Da hier, wie bereits erwähnt, nicht viel zu unternehmen ist, gehen wir erst einmal für das Mittagessen einkaufen und genießen dieses dann beim Picknick im Park und Kartenspielen. Jetzt geht es zu den Mirror Lakes, den Spiegelseen. Hier spiegelt sich wirklich sehr gut die Umgebung in den Seen. Es ist immer noch leicht bewölkt, somit werden die Bilder nicht wie auf der Postkarte – schade. Jetzt geht es weiter ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill December 4th 2012

Just started raining again, but I am in the Scottish sounding Invercargill so I suppose it is quiet apt! Just had a very cheeky Song Thrush come into the van and rummage for crumbs on the floor. Unfortunately, it left a little present just before it flew out! Seems ages since I updated the blog. Enjoyed my time helping out at the Mahoe Reserve, I had been in touch with Sue Jarvis about this and it was liking meeting up with an old friend. Sunday night I stayed at a really quaint site at Geraldine, I had the place all to myself, which was a little spoky! It was a really nice site called The Farmyard aimed at families with young children, had a adventure and a petting zoo. I made a fuss of the donkeys ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill November 17th 2012

The next part of our trip involved driving down to Bluff, which although not technically the furthest southern point is considered so by many, a bit like Cape Reinga in the north. The drive itself was not as spectacular as those that have come before, but was made much nicer by another lovely sunny crisp day. We drove straight to Bluff and parked at the top of the Bluff hill view point. We did a short walk of about 2 hours down the hill and round the coast a small way ending with climbing back up the hill. After the last few days activities it was proving more difficult an we expected. We did enjoy our lunch sat outside the van on the hill looking out over bluff and the Catlins though. We had decided to ... read more
HIding behind the rocks at Bluff.
Getting ideas??
view point by the Catlins

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill December 31st 2011

Hi We are now in Kapuka, just east of Invercargill staying with my cousin David (Hooter) his wife Jan and 2 boys Connor and Brayden. we really expected the weather to be quite cold as they dont normally get much of a summer so imagine our suprise when we have had day after day of beautiful sunshine when most of the rest of New Zealand has had torrential rain and floods.. The children have loved it on the farms with thier cousins and when we sugggest trips out they take a bit of persuading.. however yesterday we went to Bluff the most southerly point of NZ and to the beach at Riverton for a jump in the waves. On boxing day we went out in kayaks and a jet boat and spent the afternoon on the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill November 4th 2011

Invercargill, opnieuw een grote stad. Hier gingen we naar onze trouwe supermarkt de Pack'n Save. Niet bepaald de meest leuke supermarkt, maar op woensdag geven ze serieuze kortingen! De meeste supermarkten hier zijn 7/7 open en van 7 uur tot middernacht. Bizar, maar wel zéér handig! Als je voor meer dan 40 nz dollar koopt krijg je korting om te tanken. 4 ct per liter. Het scheelt toch weer hé! Invercargill is trots op zijn filmheld uit de jaren '40 van de film: The fastest Indian. We bezochten de motorhandel waar de enige echte bromfiets uit de film stond. Ook het museum in de stad bevat een exemplaar maar mag de fiets daar niet 'origineel' noemen. Het museum is ook zeker de moeite om te doen (gratis). Daar bevindt zich ook het informatiecentrum. Wij informeerden ons ... read more
The film: The world's fastest Indian -motor-
Tuatara museum

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill September 26th 2011

26 September 2011 – sometime early in the morning wherever we are (0635 NZ) LONDON… Tuesday Ngaia, lovely Ngaia, took the day off work & showed us round London town!!! Our day begins with Lou getting us on the Underground & directing us to Hurstys work, The Radison on Bloomsbury St, we are off to a buffet breakfast! YUM! Best cup of tea I have had in AGES!!!! And it is nice to have something other than pastry for breaky!! From here we make our plan for the day, a dawdle down Oxford St (including a look in Top Shop on Oxford St, holy cr*p that shop is RIDICULOUS!) and we are now all proud owners of umbrellas from Primark - £4! Bargain! We end up at Buckingham Palace, the Queen isn’t home so no cuppa ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill September 20th 2011

Hello, and welcome from Invercargill! Turns out that there isn't too much here. One street with shops and a Starbucks, followed by miles of industrial estates that seem to be mostly unused. It was about time New Zealand showed us something that wasn't simply just incredible! Yesterday we made the long drive down from Dunedin, and decided to visit what is the tourist attraction of Invercargill, the Bluff. This is the furthest South I have ever been, about 4000km from the South Pole, and I was greeted with a sleepy fisherman's town with a giant port and an oyster bar. 10 minutes later and Bluff was done, and we headed back to Invercargill via a stupidly steep hill to the view point, which to be fair showed a pretty good view back onto New Zealand's mainland ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill April 6th 2011

In der Nacht hat es immer wieder geregnet und da geht man nicht besonders gern raus zum Wasser lassen. Außerdem wars ziemlich kalt. Aber was sein muss, muss sein;-) Dafür gabs am Morgen Sonnenschein und auch einen Regenbogen als Belohnung für unseren Strandspaziergang vor dem Frühstück. Beim Frühstück hatten wir dann Gesellschaft, weil eine Henne unbedingt in unserer Nähe sein wollte. Die war echt total zahm und hat sich sogar streicheln lassen. Kurz darauf hab ich dann eine Frau rufen gehört und sie gefragt, ob sie vielleicht eine Henne sucht. Sie ist dann gekommen und hat uns erzählt, dass ihr Sohn die Henne gefunden hat, nachdem sie von einem Tiertransportlaster heruntergefallen ist. Hatte nicht einmal mehr Federn und in der Zwischenzeit schaut sie schon wieder ganz gut aus. Als „Finderlohn“ hat sie uns dann sogar ein ... read more
Neuseeland 130
Neuseeland 133
Neuseeland 135

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill March 18th 2011

Day 5 – Friday the 18th of March We were hoping to get the last of the sights of Dunedin done today before heading to Invercargill. Yesterday we booked in to do the Taieri Gorge Railway, known as one of the world’s great train trips, on the back of a recommendation from a 80-ish year old lady on our Cadbury tour. We um’d and ah’d about doing it as it’s a little on the pricey side but eventually we bit the bullet and booked. Because it was a Friday we were able to do the journey from Dunedin to Middlemarch (Normally it only goes to Pukerangi). We departed the Dunedin Railway station at 9.30am. It was a 77km train ride and many of the vantage points are only accessible by train – the track being privately ... read more
The Taieri Gorge Railway
The Rail Track

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