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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill March 17th 2011

A Slice of Kiwi Life Bottom end of New Zealand- sorry not keeping in touch much lately – you will get this when I can get on line- not much internet around here, and no mobile fone signals and even no ATMs!!! Reporting From Invercargill 10th – 14th March My aim was to get to the furthest south I could and I made it last Saturday to Stewart Island which is off the southern coast of the South Island. Nothing between there and Antarctica. Rosslyn in Queenstown had friends who have a sheep farm outside of Invercargill- town on South Coast – who very kindly said I could stay with them- and so it was I stayed with the Duffs – Jill and John. I keep saying it that the people I have met here are ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill February 14th 2011

With the sun retreating and the grandeur of the alpine mountains sliding away behind us we drove into the very pleasant rolling hills of the Central Otago Region. Yellowed grasses waved in the breeze and sheep covered every hill. It is beautiful countryside and as we meandered along the small back roads in search of a campsite we came across the so called 'Elephant Rocks'. Tucked into a valley these huge boulders do look as if they are crouching animals huddled together. It was used as a setting for the recent Chronicles of Narnia film, and its easy to see why. No houses in sight for miles and miles, only acres of green green pastures speckled with amazing rock formations, the perfect setting for a fanatsy film. After a few wrong turns where we found ourselves ... read more
Me looking fresh for a change
The sand dune at Sandfly bay
Sealions stretching

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill February 11th 2011

Thursday 9th December 2010 (Dunedin – Invercargill) Jamie had his work Christmas party last night, so we were blessed with a new driver Josh, who had driven various tour groups before, but as this was his first solo voyage on the bottom bus he seemed to really enjoy it with us. Starting with Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world, we ran to the top breathless and panting for 10 minutes after. After this the real tour began with a drive through the beautiful Catlins on South Coast where we visited Nugget Point which was littered with fur seals and a light house. Slightly further up the coast we were guided along a short beach where we saw a lone sea lion up close. Josh made sure we stayed an appropriate distance away so it ... read more
Nugget Point, Catlins
Fur Seal (Sea Lion)
McClean Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill January 26th 2011

Had a bit of a lay in this morning, I ended up on the leaky air bed so was pretty much on the floor when I woke around 6am, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Helen went to pay the woman at the office for another night’s camping, think League of Gentlemen and you’ll have an idea of what she was like, very friendly though. Site itself is not too bad at all, excellent shower this morning, although to get hot water, or into the kitchen, you have to enter a 4 digit code! The weather has been pretty much non stop rain since we headed out this morning, we, of course, had our track day session, so we stopped at the hospice shop (which was open!) and got a spatula, the only thing we seem ... read more
blog 073
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blog 075

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill December 8th 2010

The destination was the Burt Munro Challenge Rally in Invercargill, at the bottom of the South Island in New Zealand. Originally I was going to go there on my Trusty 1942 WLA Harley Davidson, but as I was away having fun on the TAT in the USA, I never got the time to service the WLA, then I got an invite to join up with a couple of characters that were organizing a ride from North Cape (close to our place) to the Bluff at the bottom of the South Island, OFF the BEATEN TRACK and to coincide with the start of the Burt Munro Rally at Invercargill. This ride was to celebrate 30 years production of the BMW GS series, they also decided to raise some money for the Westpac rescue helicopter fund. So after ... read more
Cape Reinga
Garry and Justin
Helena Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill November 20th 2010

So Taniamarree showed me around the local area - Bluff, Riverton, etc. I visited the Southern most point of mainland New zealand, the very windy Bluff Hill and a beach with invisible nesting seabirds! I also wandered around Invercargill myself visiting Queen's Park & the aviary and a couple of nice little shops too. I also got invited to a home BBQ which was very tasty & a fun evening, although the beach was a tad on the windy side!! :) Saturday morning I met up with the Stray bus again heading over to Dunedin. First stop was to visit some local sealions, most of which were dozing happily but one didn't like us on it's beach very much! We also found the McLean Falls (as recommended by the hostel lady) which was quiet impressive! And ... read more
Odd aviary inhabitant!
Sleepy sealions
McLean Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill April 21st 2010

We were on the bus by 6am and headed on our way back to Te Anau to drop off some things and get breakfast before we made our way to Invercargill. I slept most of the way. I decided not to go to Stewart Island to save myself some money so I stayed in Invercargill with 2 other girls who didn’t go either. Pictures Stewart Island is New Zealand’s 3rd island and there is not much there but a small town, walking trails and a lot of kiwi birds. But it’s still rare to see kiwi birds there as kiwi’s are nocturnal and only come out at night and are shy animals. Walked over to the supermarket to get lunch for the next day and then went to see the actual World’s fastest indian motorcycle. It’s ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill February 4th 2010

One thing that I find infinitely interesting about traveling, is that one’s perceptions of one’s path become much clearer in the moment. When you start stepping in the wrong direction, whether it be down a certain road or as simple as making an illogical purchase at a store, it seems that the world steps in much faster to let you know you are making the wrong decision. Likewise, When one is making the “right” decision, the world seems to blossom at one’s feet. However subtle; the signs are there, and if you listen, that will keep you on the straight path to travelers’ success. (I wonder why this subconscious sort of understanding becomes so hazy in the day-to-day of our more settled lives? It certainly is not that it is absent, just harder to tune into ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill January 10th 2010

Llegamos al final de la Isla Sur!!! Esta es la ultima punta de la isla! Aca ya empieza el mar para abajo. Muy linda ciudad, ahi nos quedamos 2 dias ya que llovio el segundo dia y pudimos descansar un poco de tanto viaje!! Alquilamos una especie de departamento para todos y un cuarto mas alado. Era muy lindo, todo equipado, lavavajillas, lavarropa, cocina, televisor plasma, muy lindo. Les dejo las fotos! ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill August 11th 2009

After leaving the UK for the last time we soon found ourselves back in drizzly old Auckland. We were exhausted after a 26 hour flight from London via Hong Kong but it felt flippin fantastic to be back home. It was a weird feeling which was to stick around with us for the next couple of weeks as we readjusted to life back in NZ. I think it was a mixture of relief at the fact that we were back home, and excitement at beginning the next stage of our lives. We were really glad to have Shylah pick us up at the airport and take us out to her house in Waimauku, just north of Auckland, to spend a couple of days getting over the flight (I don’t think we would have been able to ... read more
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