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Joanne & Richard Lewis

Traveling around the world for the longest honeymoon ever.

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Asia » Laos » South » Champasak March 30th 2011

Wednesday 16th February 2011 With our heavy rucksacks weighing us down we walked to the local bus station (would have got tuk tuk if we’d known how far it was) got in Sawngthaew to Wat Phu Champasak, and had to wait for an hour until we were graced with the presence of 16 other passengers to get going. An hour later we arrived to a mass of people as the annual Buddhist festival was taking place. The museum kindly agreed for us to leave our bags while we visited the ruins... We were slightly annoyed that the ‘foreigner’ ticket cost 10x the local entry fee, and in addition, they wanted us to pay to take in our cameras (but that was never going to happen!). There were elephant, crocodile & Buddha’s foot imprints in some of ... read more
Festival madness
Elephant rock
Incense Anyone?

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse March 29th 2011

Tuesday 15th February 2011 Richard wasn’t well (probably the Indian...) so he had a restful day in bed whilst Joanne spent some time finally catching up on the blog. In the afternoon we both went out for a peaceful walk around a monastery and Joanne befriended the smallest kitten that climbed into her camera bag and looked very at home. ... read more
Kitten Scarf
Another Monastary

Asia » Laos » South » Savannakhet March 28th 2011

Monday 14th February 2011 We took a quick walk around town and checked out Wat Sainyaphum, the oldest & largest monastery in Southern Laos, followed by the Dinosaur Museum (which was a small room with bones & fossils in drawers) unfortunately all of the narrative was in Laos & French. The rest of our day included a peek at the old French architecture and lunch by river before taking a Tuk Tuk to the bus station where we were ushered onto a local bus to Pakse. What a disaster!!! This journey should have taken 4-5 hours tops; but due to a stupid American couple causing massive fuss about not having enough leg room and no-where to stow their bags (what do you expect for a pound?) we ended up pulled over at the side of the ... read more
Making friends with Monks
Colourful Dragon
Wat Sainyaphum

Asia » Laos » South » Tham Lot Kong Lo March 27th 2011

Saturday 12th February 2011 At 7am we boarded the local bus to Ban Khoun Kham with Lee and Louise. It took far longer than stated - 7 hours when it should have been 4 :o( It started raining as we got off the bus (shock) so we booked into the closest guest house and went for lunch at the only restaurant in town with our only friends in town. Walking in search of the Waterfall, we ended up in small local village and the Sainamhai Resort, which was mentioned in Louise’s Lonely Planet guide 3.8km out of town, unfortunately in the wrong direction. We stopped for a drink deciding it was too late to find the waterfall. When it started getting dark while walking back along the lonely road, we were kindly offered a lift part ... read more
Entering the caves
Natural BLUE caves!
Seeing the light

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane March 26th 2011

Thursday 10th February 2011 Rather than taking another long “VIP” bus to Vientiane, we decided to take the kayaking trip to break up the day. Our trip started with a large tuk tuk ride for an hour to be followed by an alleged 17km kayak through rapids, with a BBQ lunch by river followed by a mini bus journey into centre of Vientiane. The kayaking part of the journey was much shorter than expected, with a very large chunk of it spent sitting on some rocks waiting for our lunch to be cooked, but we enjoyed it none-the-less. We’d expected to be picked up by a minibus for the 2nd (much longer) section of our road journey, but instead another tuk tuk was waiting for us, and this time it was even more packed than before, ... read more
Stopped for lunch
Bike complete with basket!

Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng March 25th 2011

Tuesday 8th February 2011 Our “VIP” bus was anything but, unless you count the “VIP” written in big letters on the front. You could easily be fooled into thinking it was just a local bus with very little leg room and no facilities. After a very long journey, winding up and down mountain roads we checked into Nazim Guest House which had been recommended online and walked to the top of Pha Poak mountain for a viewpoint over Vang Vieng and a glimpse into a very small dark cave. Down from our climb we went to dinner on the river where the tubing ends, with every bar or restaurant playing Friends or Family Guy on repeat. Wednesday 9th February 2011 What does everyone go to Vang Vieng for? Tubing on Mekong river of course! After renting ... read more
Evening hot air balloon
Floating past the slides & swings

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang March 23rd 2011

Wednesday 2nd February 2011 After a second very long (& cold) day on the boat down the Mekong, we arrived in Luang Prabang. We walked around town briefly, ignoring anyone quoting room prices in $’s as you immediately know it’s too expensive, and found a nice place, Souk Ka Phol Guest House, on the main street, ideal location and bargain price of 80,000KIP (£6.40) for two double beds & an ensuite. Thursday 3rd February 2011 After a lazy morning we wandered around town checking out the various Wats - nothing too extravagant as Joanne was not feeling very well. There was loud banging on the front door at 23:30, which Joanne got up to answer as everyone else seemed to be ignoring it. It turned out the owners had padlocked the front door, with a couple ... read more
Monks cross for free!
Royal Palace
Royal Grandeur

Asia » Laos » West » Pakbeng March 22nd 2011

Tuesday 1st February 2011 In the morning we were rudely awaken by loud and ferocious knocking on our door shouting 10 minutes till we leave for breakfast... we were a little perplexed as we’d barely had 5 hours sleep and had been informed when we booked that the guest house was opposite the boarder so it shouldn’t matter to them what time we got up. We got taken (all 12 of us with our bags) on the back of a pick-up truck down the road to another hotel for a very basic breakfast, and then told we would have to wait until 10am to go to the boarder which was still miles away... unwilling to wait for 3 hours, we insisted they take us immediately as we had not paid this companies extortionate fee to get ... read more
Local Mekong Village
Rolling hills

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai March 20th 2011

Friday 28th January 2011 When we arrived at the Green Tulip Guest House we sought advice from one of the owners who booked us on a 2 day trek with elephant riding, a home-stay, and white water rafting + a cooking course the day after we got back all for just £35 each – we thought this was a bit of a bargain. Taking a walk along the north side of town visiting the temples, we realised that we are a bit temple’d out! It doesn't take too long when surrounded by many modern style temples with large gold buddhas – mainly constructed out of concrete. In the evening we visited the night bazaar but it was, once again, very touristy with the same clothes and knick-knacks you can pick up in Bangkok (although at a ... read more
Feeding the Elephants
Homestay, or slumberparty?
Dinner Time

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