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4th April 2011

Enjoyment factor
It was an experience... We enjoyed being there but can't really appreciate the religious factor (especially when the festival was more like a funfair!)
4th April 2011

Laos Experience
Kinda get the impression you didn't really enjoy it?
3rd April 2011

Smart Cat
Think being ill, again part of Laos, I'll tell you my story when youre home, not for blog!!
3rd April 2011

VIP Bus Travel
and no leg room, I feel the pain, but you're in Laos, americans should know that & just go with the flow!
3rd April 2011

Bus Schedules
Guess you've discovered now in Laos they were a work of fiction!!
3rd April 2011

ZZzz's, probably a bit unfair, but compared to other Asian cities not my best. I got a 'VIP' mini bus from VV, not as far as LP, but still not the best, saw the kayak option, but bit skeptical of how much time would eb on the river. Stupa was impressive, plus the Laotian 'arc de triomphe' Ice cream looks good, I remember it being boiling hot in Vientiane
3rd April 2011

Vang Vieng
Lots of drunk people tubing, but stunning scenery & best part was 25ks up Nam Song where just me in my inner tube, guide further down & kids hanging onto the tube as we floated down. Did you put enough sunscreen on, I forgot feet & suffered big time!
1st April 2011

I liked it, very laid back, wasnt so keen on the hike up to Phou Si in the middle of town. Guess you're enjoying Beer Lao. Kuang Si falls were very pretty, Jo, healing from broken shoulder was my excuse, bikini top is a bit cowardly!!
1st April 2011

Cant be a suprise
you've been in asia long enough now to expect something like this, just put it down to experience & when you're home its another memory. I got minivan from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng, told 5 hour journey, must have forgotten to mention 3 changes, hanging around waiting & more like 8 hours!
1st April 2011

We can cook... We're just better now!
29th March 2011

U can cook 4 me anytime!!
Dear Joanne and Richard, Have savoured your blog in more ways than one! I get so excited when I receive a blog from u. Have also received your postcard of Angkor Wat on 26/3 as did R+M, not bad 14 days all the way from Cambodia and the card looked like it was just taken off the shelf. Hope China is warming up for u on the last leg sof your Honeymoon. Take care love Judithxxx
28th March 2011

Hit & miss in places
but all n all sounds like you had a good time, plus learnt how to cook!
28th March 2011

That's pretty amazing! Sitting here eating peanut m&ms.... blog and pix are brilliant!! See you next week. Enjoy. Suz xx
From Blog: World Trip Route
26th March 2011

Thank you - we had beautiful weather for the journey - great for piccies! Yes - I do recall them playing that now you mention it :o)
21st March 2011
One of the islands!

:) love this pic
Bula I stayed on this island years ago and I loved it, I had a wonderful time do they still play "you are my sunshine" on their guitars!
18th March 2011

Always wanted to go here
but due to protests last year when lots of red shirts had made camp up there didnt think it best to go. Sounds like a good day.
18th March 2011

..what if they're energy saving ones!!
We were practically up-to-date. Spoke to Mum and Dad last night to ask exactly when u would be coming home. It sure will be a cultural shock for u both but what unbelievable memories u will have for the rest of your lives!! Take special care love Judithxxx
18th March 2011

Thanks Judith - glad that "cockroaches" brought back fond memories - ha ha... Hope to see you soon after we return... All our love xxx
18th March 2011

Can't trust Taxi's either - got in one in Hanoi and the meter was whirling around - I told him to stop and we got out... so tired of being ripped off :o(
17th March 2011

I know it's a few months later but having visited Thailand myself it was impossible to crush them - we (me and my ex where up all night fighting about 20 of them in our bathroom with his clogs - totally unsuccessfully!!!but this brought back lots of memories for me thank u. Hope u are both well and enjoying your final weeks. Lots of love Judithxx
17th March 2011

Tuk Tuks
Never trust what a tuk tuk driver says!! Avoid bars called Richards!! Cabs are metered & air/c so good way to travel. Wat Arun, very steep steps. Skytrain & BTS also good cheap way to get around.
17th March 2011

Just arrived today, but it freezing cold and pouring with rain - any suggestions?
16th March 2011

Phi Phi
If you can avoid the crowds its beautiful. Not sure about the rock climbing!
16th March 2011

Limestone Karsts
around Krabi coast & Phi Phi are stunning, not sure if you're in Yangshuo yet, but lots to look forward to there as well
16th March 2011

We only had 1 day to cram everything in and the Metro didn't link up very well... How was the Butterfly Park?

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