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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill April 18th 2007

Today must have been our busiest day so far on our travels - We packed so much in! We got up early in order to get to the Cathedral Caves. Viewing these caves is dependent on low tide, which was at 8.47am. They can be view an hour either side of low tide. Named because of their huge Cathedral-like arcs, these caves were a definite must and we were really glad we saw them (they'd been closed for a whole week before we came, due to weather conditions). There were two bays of caves, the first set of caves were the most spectacular as they joined in the middle and you could walk straight through. The second bay was less popular as people often don't bother to go that far. We were so pleased we made ... read more
New Zealand has more sheep than people!
Full rainbow over the road to Invercargill
Waves crashing at Porpoise Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill April 12th 2007

Stewart Island is New Zealand's third and southern-most island (as close to the South Pole as you are likely to go). It is relatively small and remote but teems with native birds, forest walks and wildlife. We got up this morning with every intention of going to Stewart Island on the ferry from Bluff, just south of Invercargill. Unfortunately, the howling winds that Josh and I experienced at Slope Point continued unabated, the sea was very rough and when we arrived in Bluff, we were told that the ferry was cancelled. We decided to take a flight over later in the day which left a couple of hours to kill in Invercargill. It was only sensible that we visit the Invercargill Starbucks, the most southerly location of the iconic chain of coffee stores. Ironically, the coffee ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill April 3rd 2007

Hey! weer heel wat gedaan de afgelopen tijd. Na de routeburn track dus de Kepler gaan lopen. Eerst nog mn spullen terug gekregen van die gozer van het casino, mooi niet dus, werkte gewoon in de cinema haha maar goed, zolang ik mn spullen maar heb ;) daarna Paul weer opgezocht (uit Engeland) en de volgende dag de Kepler track gelopen, zooooo mooi. echt niks van verw8 en waren alle drie helemaal verbijsterd van de uitzichten. in de shelter op de top van de berg geslapen (ali illegali ;) ) uiteindelijk in 2 dagen uitgelopen ipv 3 a 4. de volgende dag een super mooie film gekeken over fiordland en daarna afscheid genomen van Joris, hij heeft nog een maand en ik 3 en hebben dus een ander schema. ik reis nu met Paul .we zijn ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill March 12th 2007

Like the locals, we topped up with drinking water at a tap provided by the Speight's brewery from their own borehole. Many bring huge containers but we settled for a few bottles. We headed 5km north to Baldwin Street which is according to the Guinness book of records the steepest residential street in the world. It certainly attracts the coach-based tourists. We of course walked to the top and back - a very well placed water fountain is at the top. The highlight was watching a cyclist who we empathised with as he managed with lactic acid drenched muscles and bursting lungs to torture himself all the way to the top and then explode in ecstatic relief. It was almost midday by the time we left Dunedin. We at one point unrepentantly ended up on ... read more
Baldwin Street
Lunch stop

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill March 10th 2007

Het is nu 10 maart. Vanuit Christchurch vertrokken naar Kaikoura. Alles draait hier om "Whale watch" dus die hebben we maar direct geboekt. En of het de moeite was. We waren nog geen 15 minuten op zee en de eerste walvis vertoonde zich met een geweldige duik en bijhorende zwaaiende staart! Dit fenomeen speelt zich hier af boven een "ravijn" van 1280 meter diep! 3 walvissen hebben we gespot op een afstand van nog geen 20 meter! Daarna hebben we een hele school dusky dolphins gevolgd. Geweldig schouwspel. Na Kaikoura zijn we via Hanmer Springs naar Banks Peninsula/Akaroa gereden om te overnachten. Camping ligt in een uitgestorven krater. Van daaruit naar de bergen, Mount Cook! met 3750 meter een indrukwekkend schouwspel. En het weer blijft fantastisch. Gemiddeld hebben we 25-27 graden en volop zon. Van Mount ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill January 23rd 2007

There's nothing better than starting your day feeling all refreshed from a good night's sleep and owing to the good facilities and friendly owners at the campsite, we decided to stay another night and spend the day exploring Invercargill. Just before we left, the Geordie lad we spoke to last night came over with a big bag of food that he and his brother no longer need now that they've had to cut their camping holiday short, which was nice of him. Walking into Invercargill centre took no time at all and thanks to the grid layout of the city, it was really easy to find our way around. We took a walk up to the museum where we were promised the oppotunity to view another of New Zealand's most endangered species - the tuatara. If ... read more
Lizard Loving
Spot the Tuatara
Tiny Tuatara

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill January 22nd 2007

Ok, sorry if the title seems a bit alarmist but this is just a quick blog entry to let you know that we are, in fact, alive and haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth as some people might be thinking. I'd love to tell you we've been having a terrible time while you're all enjoying the delights of winter in Britain but I cannot tell a lie - South Island rocks! The reason I've not been posting any news blogs is purely down to now being on the road in our funky campervan and internet access has either been hard to find or very expensive when it's been available. If you're having blog withdrawal symptoms then fear not as tomorrow I should be uploading enough blogs to keep you entertained throughout the forthcoming days. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Invercargill January 2nd 2007

The proof is in the photos and their descriptions so I will leave most of the explanation to those devices. Left Invercargill around 10am and headed east towards Dunedin. I realized ten minutes out of town that I had forgotten to capture Invercargill on camera. Fortunately I had a postcard of the town at hand. We stopped at various sites along the road, which was the southerly most route that we could take. Seals and penguins were elusive to our search as were the dolphins at Porpoise Bay. We were not disappointed by the wildlife on the Otago Peninsula (Dunedin). The Royal Albatross, the largest bird in the world nests on the peninsula. The wingspan is 9 to 10 feet across. Graceful in the air but completely uncoordinated on the ground. Facts and facts, blah blah ... read more
Sheep in the Catlins
Waipapa the southerly most point in nz
Windswept Trees on the Coast

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