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Sitting in the garden in my deckchair with a pot of tea

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 11th 2018

11th December I woke up with that bloody magpie stomping on the van roof. Made a cuppa and emptied all the know and crannies if the van to make sure I did not forget anything. Was going to go for another cuppa but realized it was 8.15, I need to be at the volunteering place at 8.45. I quickly wash up and throw stuff out that I no longer need, including some very smelly slip on beach shoes that I bought. How the they got so smelly on such a short period of time I do not know. I got to the volunteering place and no rangers or wardens today just us volunteers. I head along to the nursery and help pot up native tree seedlings. The reserve is gradually replanting farmland with native species and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 11th 2018

10th December Random breakfast is sardines in toast, not forgetting tea as well. I sort my van out and cook up some pasta and quick noodles and no with tuna ready for my evening meal as the campsite I am headed to does not have a kitchen. I left about 10 and initially planned to have walk, but I am a bit wary of another hypo, so ending up getting my chair out and reading my book whilst overlooking the beach. I head towards my final campground and read a bit more, make a cuppa, have a snooze. Generally take it easy and watch the world go around. In between all if that busyness I managed to cram everything into my rucksack, and put an outfit to one side to travel home in. I have crackers, ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 11th 2018

9th December Woke up early, 6ish, feeling very hot the van was like an oven, the rising Sun was shining through the gap in the curtains. Flung open The doors and snoozed whilst listening to the local birds, although I was not very impressed with the magpie stomping around on the van roof. I dozed until 7.30ish when I started to hear other people wandering around. Tea and toast for breakfast. Quick shower and dressed and wanders over to reception to book another night. Hand washed a few clothes, washed up, stashed my food in the fridge and had a well deserved cuppa. I might have to ration the tea, only got a dozen tea bags left to last me til the 11th. Also almost out of milk. I walked along the coastal path towards town ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 9th 2018

8th December No idea what time I woke up. Tea and egg sandwich for breakfast. Away from the site by 9.30 ish, set sat nav for a place called Thames, with a view of find a walk an route. Just before I got to Thames I saw a sign for Kauaeranga Valley, so ignored sat nav and followed the signs. I was also long for a cafe as I need caffeine, but I was soon out in the sticks and realized there was no chance of a cafe, all my hopes pinned on the visitor centre. No cafe at the visitor centre. Oh no! I had a look around all the maps and the walks were all pretty serious, any thing from 6 to 7 hrs to 4 or 5 days. I was seriously out of ... read more
Morning walk along gravel road

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Te Aroha December 8th 2018

7th December One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog is that I had figured out to prevent the bed from collapsing in the night, basically I have to have the back of the van a little higher than the front of the van, this means gravity forces the bed to stay on place. The pitch I have been at for the last two nights has been very slopes, which has meant that I woken up in the night and I have actually slid down the bed. Not sure what time I got up, the kitchen was very crowded so settled for tea, toast and cereal outside, for once it was not raining. Headed back to van with a cuppa to figure out what I was going to do for the rest of the day. ... read more
Community Garden
Anyone for turkey?
Wereair Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island December 7th 2018

6th December I got up latish and snoozed with van door open, listening the birds. I decided I was staying another night I decided as I no particular place to go. I eventually ventured into the kitchen, the Americans were still there! To be fair they were less obnoxious now that they were not drinking wine. I showered, dressed and walked over to reception to pay for another night. Most campsites I have been too have a book exchange, so I asked whether they had one, as I am almost finished that damned book. No book exchange in the campsite but there is one I Cambridge town centre in an old red telephone box. There it is I have a plan for later, to walk into town. I got back to my van, and did a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island December 6th 2018

5th December. Woke up to the sound of traffic instead of the sky d of the sea. This campground was pretty much in the middle of the city. As there was no waves or view to distract me I was away fairly quickly, not before deciding on a campsite for tonight, tonight I will be staying in Cambridge. I left the campground at 8.45ish straight into rush our traffic. I was headed to Sanctuary Mountain as planned, I got there just before 10. I looked at the map in the visitor centre and I planned the 90 minute walk. I spoke to the girl on the counter who told me the paths were well defined and no steep slopes. I had a hot chocolate and biscuit before I set off. Typical, it started raining. I swapped ... read more
View from the top
Lunchtime view

Oceania December 5th 2018

4th December I awoke to rain and thunder and lightning, so there goes that planned morning beach walk. I gathered all my stuff, meds, breakfast things, change of clothes, shoes stuff and head for the amenity block. In this weather I was determined to only get once. I found my self a quieter corner in the dining room to sort myself out. The teenagers were already up and creating mayhem in the kitchen. I am not sure I can cope with that many teenagers this early in the morning. I braved the kitchen and made tea, toast and cereal and settled in for breakfast. More tea, might be awake after more tea. The rain was still heavy, I braved the kitchen again to wash up, grabbed a shower and got dressed. Whilst I was getting dressed ... read more
Flooded path

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan December 3rd 2018

3rd December I woke up about 6.30, and opened the doors and snoozed. Only one problem it started to rain and my sheet got a bit damp, I did not notice it until I packed the van up. I made my self at home in the kitchen, charged my phone, switched on the TV. Breakfast was, tea, toast a cereal. I got dressed sorted the van out and picked up my phone and stuff from the freezer and fridge on the way out. Today I already have a plan, I am headed to Raglan, I already had it in mind as it on the coast, a couple of people I spoke to yesterday also recommended it. One of them asked whether I would go cross country on the dirt road. No I said as I was ... read more
Catching worms

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Otorohanga December 3rd 2018

2nd December I wake up about 6.30 just as the sun is starting to rise. I pop to the loo, open the van doors and climb back under the duvet for another hour or so. I could get used to waking up to the rising Sun, the morning chorus and the sound of the water lapping on the waterfront. It is going to be SOOO hard when I have to go back to work. Eventually, my stomach tells me it us time for breakfast, so I make tea and toast and generally watch the world go by for another hour or so. I also had a stab at another painting; still not fit for public display I afraid. Time to make a decision, stay or go, given that it is almost 10 and I have to ... read more

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