Matthew & Renee O'Sullivan


Matthew & Renee O'Sullivan

Our honeymoon around the South Island of NZ... about time I say!!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch April 3rd 2011

Day 21 - Sunday the 3rd of April This is it.....the end! We have done it. We have circumnavigated the South Island in 21 days! So much fun a camper holiday can be! The “slap a Camper” game has kept us amused for hours, especially on those long drives. Emptying the camper’s toilet and waste and filling with water became daily chores and we don’t think we’ll ever travel again without noticing the dump station signs along the side of the road. We definitely have a new found respect for camper drivers and will never be impatient or toot at one again. They are big and heavy on the road and not the easiest things to be behind a wheel of, especially when you run out of gas and lose power of these beasts, like we ... read more
Goodbye Hanmer
Matt emptying the waste for the final time
Emptying the waste

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Hanmer Springs April 2nd 2011

Day 20 – Saturday the 2nd of April Our last day of honeymooning had arrived much sooner than we had anticipated; thankfully it was going to be a relaxing and enjoyable day. Hanmer springs was the perfect way to end a honeymoon, we had planned it so well. What we didn’t think about was the fact it was a Saturday and the pools were packed. It’s apparently a popular place for christchurchers to come to in the weekends and with the recent earthquake, probably a lot more a needing an escape than usual. It didn’t dampen our day though. The pools were heavenly. We tried most and a few were visited a bit more frequently than others. The 3 hot spas were sulphur and stunk like Rotorua and about 5 of the other pools were thermal, ... read more
Matt's Blue Cod
Renee's yummy lamb

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Hanmer Springs April 1st 2011

Day 19 – Friday the 1st of April Pinch and a punch for the first of the month! And no returns! Sadly today we had to leave wine country, but not without a few more sips of wine. Hello Allan Scott! The Sauv was ok but nothing wow until we tried one of their single vineyard sauvs......yum! A bottle of that and we’ll take the bubbles too and off we set with more bottles of wine and us still trying to figure out how we were to ship it all home. No way were we going to pay for excess baggage. We’d only collected about a case and a half so far to try and send back. We could not come all this way and NOT stop at Saint Clair our favourite Sauvignon Blanc winery, that ... read more
View on the drive to Hanmer down the coast
The route we took
Barrels at Seresin

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Blenheim March 31st 2011

Day 18 – Thursday the 31st of March Today was “Wine Tour by Bike” day. We woke up to the daily ritual of the Marlborough gas guns. It’s an incredibly loud gun powered by gas that lets off 3 loud shots every 20minutes from 7am till 7.30pm every day, something the locals of wine country are very use to. The lovely couple we were staying with were kind enough to warn us of these frequent bursts. It got to the stage we were counting the shots. We’re not sure how the locals do it; they’re probably immune to the sound. We picked up our bikes at about 10.30, had our itinerary mapped out for us and off we pedalled. Had been over 9 years since Renee has rested her wee bottom on a bike saddle and ... read more
All the grape varieties
Grape picker at work!
Matt eating lunch at Highfield

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Blenheim March 30th 2011

Day 17 – Wednesday the 30th of March Wednesday was once again much of a relaxing (mostly... I’ll get to this shortly) day of driving from the lake to Blenheim. Perfectly straight and very long roads all the way... perfect for Renee to sink her teeth in to the driving ways of the beast. We can’t remember exactly the distance between the lake and Blenheim but we do know NOW that we did not have enough gas to make it! We had been watching the gas light with interest for quite some time (the beast has a countdown showing how many k’s left in the tank) and comparing this to the Navman. It was roughly 200km between the two and we got within 10km of Renwick, on the outer skirts of Blenheim... right in the heart ... read more
The long roads in to Blenheim
The barrelling plant
Our goat's meat kebabs

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Blenheim March 29th 2011

Day 16 – Tuesday the 29th of March Today was a real driving and relaxing day. A hark back to civilisation. We woke as late as possible and slowly tidied the camper up. Surprising just how much mess we were able to make in only 17 or so hours! We spent the morning eating brekkie and folding our washing done the night before. Eventually we decided on Nelson as our next port of call with a stop in at the few vineyards in the area. After winding our way back over the hills (the area being laden with apples, pears, kiwifruit and nashi) we eventually reached the relatively large town (comparative to most we have visited) of Richmond - located just outside of Nelson, and probably just considered a part of Nelson. We stopped in at ... read more
Our washing line strung up inside the camper
Look out duckie!!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Buller Gorge March 28th 2011

Day 15 – Monday the 28th of March So far we have ticked off 20 of the 101 Must Do’s for Kiwis, at least in the South Island anyhow, and all over the last 15 days. Today we ticked off number 20... the Buller Gorge. Thanks for being so patient waiting for the latest blog. We had written them, but simply had no time, nor service in order to post them. But now we are settled in the Abel Tasman town of Marahau, having a quiet wine and homemade meal and catching up on our honeymoon blog. We awoke this morning in what was the former township of Lyell, now just a DOC site of grass, trees and walking tracks. So we decided to set off this morning to explore one of those walking tracks to ... read more
Lyell township
Lyell - as it is today
Graveyard of Lyell

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Punakiaki March 27th 2011

Day 14 – Sunday the 27th of March Only one week left of our honeymoon. If only we could win the lottery, then we could be free to roam the world in campers. It’s official, we truly believe camper van holidays are the only holidays to have. So much fun! From Lake Mahinapua we drove to Hokitika to see the glass blowing studio, apparently it’s a must if you’re passing through the town. Being on holiday you totally lose track of the days of the week. It’s Sunday today....hehe. So the glass blowers weren’t there as it’s their weekend. We took a look around the studio at the ridiculously priced pieces and decided on a smaller, much cheaper momento. Shantytown was our next adventure stop. It said in the brochures to allow 90mins to soak it ... read more
Matt... married life!!
Us at Punakaiki
Shantytown Train

Day 13 – Saturday 26th of March After a bad night’s sleep from the thunderstorm we had yet another sleep in and a late start. After emptying our toilet and refilling our water (daily chores in the campervan world) we set out for a long day of driving. Our goal for the day was to make it to the glaciers just north of the Haast Pass. The long drive took us directly through the Mt Aspiring National Park. One of only a few in the world that is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – basically the highest level of environmental protection that can be given. Other areas with the same protection include the Himalayas and the Grand Canyon. This natural wonderland made our trip even longer as we succumbed to several temptations to stop ... read more
Diana Falls
Our contribution to Maori Beach
Our Kea beside 2 others at Fox Glacier

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka March 25th 2011

Day 12 – Friday 25th of March Before we left Queenstown we did had two more items to tick off our to-do list. The amazing indoor minigolf and Fergburger. A few days ago we noticed an indoor minigolf right across the road from our camp site and thought we’d inspect. It was just like you see in the movies, real American style minigolf. It had mechanical obstacles. Everything opened, closed, make noises, spaceships lifting off, mines exploding. Gondolas carried your ball to the top, through tunnels, over bridges, down rivers.....was AMAZING! Next stop was for lunch. We were NOT leaving Queenstown without trying the world famous in NZ – Fergburger! We were most definitely not disappointed. Matt had the Cock Cajun burger – a chicken burger marinated in a spicy Cajun marinade and served with the ... read more
Renee's Fergburger - Bombay Chicken!
Matt has perfected his self-centre
3.... 2.... 1.... LIFT OFF!!!!

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