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March 25th 2011
Published: March 28th 2011
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Each display was mechanical and all different. This one is the ski-slopes - the ball was taken up the slopes in a gondola
Day 12 – Friday 25th of March

Before we left Queenstown we did had two more items to tick off our to-do list. The amazing indoor minigolf and Fergburger.

A few days ago we noticed an indoor minigolf right across the road from our camp site and thought we’d inspect. It was just like you see in the movies, real American style minigolf. It had mechanical obstacles. Everything opened, closed, make noises, spaceships lifting off, mines exploding. Gondolas carried your ball to the top, through tunnels, over bridges, down rivers.....was AMAZING!

Next stop was for lunch. We were NOT leaving Queenstown without trying the world famous in NZ – Fergburger! We were most definitely not disappointed. Matt had the Cock Cajun burger – a chicken burger marinated in a spicy Cajun marinade and served with the usual salads and a lemon yoghurt. Renee has the Bombay Chicken – a grilled chicken coated in chilli, ginger and coriander with aioli, mango chutney and cucumber raita. Renee’s burger was a clear winner, but both were scrumptious. Definitely will be returning again. We did notice that all the burger used the same lettuce, tomato and red onion combination, so not much
Renee's Fergburger - Bombay Chicken!Renee's Fergburger - Bombay Chicken!Renee's Fergburger - Bombay Chicken!

We wanna live in Queenstown just for these burgers!!
variance there. The main difference between all the burgers seemed to be in the meat and how it was cooked.

Goodbye Queenstown hello open road again, haven’t seen you in a few days.

Our time in Queenstown was up. As much as we loved our time, we were already hankering the daily move from town to town. So off we were to the bright lights and big pond of Wanaka. A pleasant drive through mainly flat highways, apart from over the Crown Range which seemed to zig and zag. By taking this route it took us directly through Cardrona and therefore past the historic Cardrona Hotel! We were in Wanaka in no time and so made a mad dash to see if we could make it to Puzzling World before it closed. Luckily there hours are extended during the summer months and we had plenty of time to spare.

To put it lightly, Puzzling World was awesome!! We had so much fun. The holograms are brilliant, the sculptures are so realistic they’re amazing and some of the simple displays were the best. Two of our favourites however were the lopsided room and the Great Maze.

Matt has perfected his self-centreMatt has perfected his self-centreMatt has perfected his self-centre

The Lop-sided room at Puzzling World
lopsided room basically consists of a floor that is on such an angle that you’re basically walking uphill, but all the furniture and fittings have been placed on an angle to make you thing they’re going uphill. It’s a serious mind-f**k and throws your sense of balance out completely. It’s making me dizzy simply thinking about it. One of the tricks was a pool ball that seemingly rolls uphill, then there was water flowing upwards and then there was us – both standing on a lean looking like Michael Jackson! Haha.

The Great Maze was wickedly hard to complete and yet so much fun. It consists of around 1.5km of twists and turns in total, however the average person walks/run/crawls/stumbles/stomps for 3-5km in completion of the maze. This means it is great exercise as well as being great fun. There are two ways to finish the maze. The first was to find each of the corner towers (Yellow, Green, Blue and Red) in any order and then find the finish. The second way is to find them in that particular order. We of course took the more difficult challenge which they said takes 1-1.5 hours to finish. In doing so we managed to find every corner except the yellow and so had to backtrack, but once we got there we were set. The fun part was that there were so many people hurrying and scurrying about that you kinda got to know them as you passed by them – occasionally on the same side of the walls/bridges and at other times going in opposite directions. All searching for their own way of completing the maze. In total we completed the maze in just under an hour and are quietly proud of the fact that we seemed to beat everyone else who was still stuck running about.

After all the excitement of Queenstown and the mind-boogling experience of Puzzling World it was off to our first DOC (Department of Conservation) site, Boundary Creek - half way between Wanaka and Haast Pass.

What a welcome it gave us. Ferocious little sand flies greeted us in the thousands, luckily Renee thought of packing repellent, so no doubt we sprayed up and closed the doors and windows and stayed inside. We got handy with our little kitchen and cooked dinner for ONLY the 3rd time. Then it was off to bed only to be woken at 1am by the hugest bang of thunder either one of us had ever encountered. The storm raged throughout the night from then on and thunder was so loud it literally shook our camper (as AC/DC would put it – It Shook Me All Night Long! and left us Thunderstruck!). It felt and sounded as if huge boulders from off the mountains were rolling down at us. Quite frightening, even Matt was a little worried. All we could think about was if the storm would raise the water levels and we’d awake in the morning in the middle of the Tasman, or half crushed by flying debris. You may think us a little paranoid, but when we woke we noticed that there we branches littered everywhere, including under the camper right next to us. Scary!

Additional photos below
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Renee on the toilet!Renee on the toilet!
Renee on the toilet!

At the Chinese settlement in Arrowtown

... but now found and married off to a dapper young man! (Mum & dad.. recognise this?)
The road through CardronaThe road through Cardrona
The road through Cardrona

Calle dthe Crown Range
The famous Cardrona HotelThe famous Cardrona Hotel
The famous Cardrona Hotel

Was closed for a private function, so no brews for us today!
Stuart Landborough's Puzzling WorldStuart Landborough's Puzzling World
Stuart Landborough's Puzzling World

The best attraction in Wanaka!
Renee also has found her centreRenee also has found her centre
Renee also has found her centre

Perhaps marriage is the key!!!
The Roman toiletsThe Roman toilets
The Roman toilets

Matt, as usual.... eating!
The Yellow Corner!!!The Yellow Corner!!!
The Yellow Corner!!!

The first and hardest to find!
Wahoo! Finished!Wahoo! Finished!
Wahoo! Finished!

And in less than an hour!

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