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27th April 2011
Lake Tekapo township

very nice photo
1st April 2011

yo need more blogs
Ok you two having a great time how about some more info and photo's, blog,blog,blog guy's or no dinner Sunday......
30th March 2011

vidio and kiosk
Hi guys love the video of you two on the flying fox and we checked out and loved the video kiosk photo's, the expressions on peoples faces are just great hehe luv ya mum
28th March 2011

Hey guys Your travel blog is awesome! SOunds like your having an awesome time! Keep safe Love Monique xx
28th March 2011

Everytime we see a camper you slap the other. Like punch a buggy. We wrote about it on the first blog.
28th March 2011

Haha....that's brilliant! Must have been a good day for us girls. Food poisoning aye. I was a goner. Did manage to wake up about an hour later complaining to Matt how hungry I was.
27th March 2011
Renee....needing water!

yea man
You look just like Kris did. I had to leave her in our hotel room and take the aunty out to dinner by myself. Fun considering I'd never met her before and explaining her neices 'food poisoning'
26th March 2011

What is slap a camper all about?
22nd March 2011

Hey there if Acker had 9 kids to the first wife and 4 to the second that's a total of 13 not fifteen, just thoufgt you might be able to change it as I know how Matt's dislikes incorrect spelling etc Wifey. Hehe
16th March 2011

Hehe......Nah had to pay separately for the hunky Husband! Hehe
15th March 2011

I told you the water down there was the nost gorgeous turquiose color
15th March 2011

Day 1
Way to go guys - great to see piccies so soon. love mum o'sullivan
15th March 2011
Our camper!!!!!

Wow that thing is a beast !!!! Did the hunky man standing in front of it come free with the rental ?!?! hahaha :) u sure u want to drive that nae?? scary xoxoxox
15th March 2011

Hey you two! Great to see and hear how your getting on! The camper looks like a good size! and comfy at that! I hope your not holding up traffic though... people hate campers on the road! hahaha The pics are good - if I can say that.... CHCH devastion is a bit much though! Enjoy the honeymoon! Lots of love, me! xoxoxox
14th March 2011

I take it Lake Tekapo was more than 3 hours as you were talking to me and were leaving at 4.45 from ChCh. Love ya miss ya xx
14th March 2011

loving the blog!
Hey guys glad you arrived safely and made it through Christchurch safe and sound. Keep the updates and picture coming. Love to you both xx

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