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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka January 31st 2020

Když jsme se dnes loučili se západním pobřežím (neboli West Coastem), navštívili jsme v Haastu malé infocentrum spojené s muzeem. Zaujala mě jeho přezdívka "Wet Coast" (mokré pobřeží) a zároveň jsme si ho autenticky vyzkoušeli. Pršelo celou noc ze čtvrtka na pátek a ráno byl ještě velký opar, takže počasí na létání nebylo ani dnes. Ještě budeme mít jednu příležitost, tak snad se už zadaří. Je potřeba zdolat spoustu kilometrů, jelikož místa našeho zájmu jsou od sebe dost vzdálená. Mezi nimi dost často nebývá žádná civilizace, ale silnice tu udržují v dobrém stavu, i přes mnohé sesuvy půdy či kamení na vozovku. Otevírají se nám nové pohledy do krajiny, většinou projíždíme údolím a kolem nás se tyčí vrcholky. Cestou do Wanaky máme možnost obdivovat množství vodopádů, které se tříští o skály. U j... read more
Cestou k vodopádům
Jezero Hawea
Vrba v jezeře Wanaka

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka March 29th 2018

Bicycle ride from Lake Hawea to Lake Wanaka... simply stunning scenery. Approximately 35km travelled by mountain bike. Jana did great. Then in the evening there was an amphibious landing by the USA... nothing new there then.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka March 28th 2018

New Zealand has every shade a green. It's the most beautiful country I've ever seen and I'm so grateful to have traveled there. Wanaka is in the South Island, and was my favourite spot, specifically because it had great food, great climbing and a lake to swim in. Frankly, it was the Boulder of New Zealand, but with water. While I have lots of stories, there is one memory that stood out more thank others: I stayed at a hostel in Wanaka one day and there was a man in the kitchen that couldn't stop sneezing. He looked quite sick so I asked if he was okay and he said, "no, someone just mowed the grass and I'm allergic to it." I said, "that's your liver. If you detox your liver, then you won't experience those ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka March 28th 2018

8am bus to Wanaka via a very steep series of switchbacks. Into next AirBNB accommodation dumped the bags and off up Mount Iron. A quiet Italian lunch then out to Stephenson's Island within Lake Wanaka on a cruise boat.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka March 26th 2018

And so our 12,000 mile journey home begins. Today we drive to Wanaka. The SatNav can’t cope with the mountainous terrain so I have to resort to old fashioned navigating. We successfully reach our destination despite the old man’s inability to follow basic instructions. For several miles we drive alongside Lake Wakatipu, also known as Thunderbolt Lake as it resembles a flash of lightning. If Zorro created a lake, it would look like this. We stop for lunch at Queenstown. My guide book informs me it is NZ’s adrenaline capital and lists various bungee, sky swing and luge opportunities. We have brought up 2 children and spent our working lives in schools, airports and visa sections. We don’t feel the need to jump off a cable car attached to a piece of elastic for extra adrenaline. ... read more
Lake Wakatipu
Lake Wakatipu
Queenstown park

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka March 19th 2018

Day 22: Haast to Wanaka, 152km. Life's a bitch and then you die. The Donkey woke up the next morning with Rain patiently waiting outside. Rain did not want to make the same mistake as last time (day 20) when he lost most of his contents while the Donkey was standing, waiting indoors, laughing, behind the safety of the sliding doors of his Top Ten holiday Park motel unit, till the worst was over. This time Rain timed it better, holding himself back, but he was bursting to overflowing so had to let go of some showers. The Donkey set of in a drizzle at 7.30 a.m. on the Haast Pass Highway with Wanaka his destination for the day. When Rain decided that the Donkey was far enough from Haast so that it was unlikely that ... read more
Haast Pass/Tiorepatea
Rain and the Donkey on what the Donkey thinks is the highest point of Haast Pass, photo check point
Lake Hawea

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka December 31st 2017

Another morning and more time on struggle street. We had a 9:30 start this time but it was our last shift and was New Year’s Eve so couldn’t complain! As soon as it was over at 3:30 we got straight on the drink again. We spent a good few hours with all of the Volly’s at our campsite, headed out to see a band called Ocean Alley which was great. We then returned to our tent for some more substances and then headed out to see Tash Sultan first and the Fat Freddie’s Drop afterwards to see in the new year. It was such a great moment with everyone, surrounded by star lit mountains and good music - perfect. 01/01 Happy new year! As with most New Years days it was spent horizontal wondering why you ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka October 22nd 2017

Last friday was friday the 13th and I'm not superstitious or anything but still... I hate days like these. So yeah I went to the Hauroko lake, the deepest lake in New Zealand and I did a hike that was the most exhausting track that I did so far. But I DID IT and as the sayings goes: the best view comes after the hardest climb! Beside that I drove to the Clifden limestone caves, where I saw glow worms for the first time! On sunday I spontaneously decided to hike to the first hut from the Kepler Track. I have to admit that it was quite exhausting to go up especially as I had an extra weight because of my backpack. Additionaly, the weather conditions weren't the best. However I was very proud of myself ... read more
Lake Hauroko
Kepler Track with my spanish buddy
Milford Sound

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka June 1st 2017

Pour commencer le mois de juin, nous quittons la West Coast pour la région de l'Otago. Nous partons à 8h00 car la route qui nous attend est longue... Premier stop au lake Matheson; réputé pour offrir un reflet des Monts Tasman et Cook impeccable, tel un mirroir. Nous partons vérifier cela par nous-même, loin d'imaginer notre émerveillement devant ce spectacle pure, silencieux et majestueux. Un cookie et un flat white plus tard nous voici repartis direction Blue Pool avec un stop d'abord à Fantail Falls. Un émerveillement de plus dans la journée. Nous arrivons à Wanaka avec un air de déjà vu. En effet, cette ville n'a pas un charme kiwi mais ressemble plus aux villes européennes dans les montagnes: maisons en pierres, chalet etc.... mais reste néanmoins très mignonne. Le camping où nous passons 2 ... read more
Matheson Lake
Matheson Lake
Matheson Lake

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka April 21st 2017

Na een mooie zonsopkomst op het strand van Westport rijden we naar de zeeleeuwenkolonie van Cape Foulwind. Hier zonnen en zwemmen tientallen zeeleeuwen op en tussen de rotsen. Sommigen zijn erg fanatiek, maar de meeste liggen lui op de rotsen te zonnen. We rijden terug naar de Hoofdweg en zakken langs de kust af naar het zuiden. De kust wordt steeds grilliger en de weg slingert zich langs diepe kliffen. De branding beukt ook steeds heviger op de kust. Het lijkt een beetje op de kust van Californië. Bij Punaki stoppen we bij de panckacke rocks. Hier zijn gedurende millennia door water en wind laagjes uit het zandsteen geletwn, waardoor het net pannenkoeken lijken die op elkaar gestapeld zijn. We spotten een mooie blauw/grijze aalscholver. Onder ons beukt het zeewater door een paar natuurlijke doorgangen zich ... read more
Moeder en pup
Groot en klein groen

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