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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 14th 2011

Landed safely in Christchurch!! Attempted to park and tackle the city centre in order to find the hospital where we had wedding cake to deliver to Maria, only to find she had been discharged. So instead we wandered the outer boundary of the quake. The devastation was breath taking, but not in an awe sort of way. It felt airy like a ghost town. All the building were bordered off and had Green, yellow or red stickers. Everything was abandoned. The dust/sand from the liquefaction was everywhere and many residents still wore masks. The bikers were out in force. Probably the best way to get around the broken city! From Chch we followed our GPS, the best addition to the trip (as we discovered when we passed the first speed camera and it alerted us! Nice!). ... read more
A destroyed building
So sad
A cordoned off bridge

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mangere March 14th 2011

Ahhh... what a way to start a holiday!! Sitting by the window, comfy seats, bubbles, sun shining down. Absolute relaxation!!! Well, here we are! Waiting for our flight to Christchurch to start our long-awaited journey through the South Island. A land I have never truly seen and one which Renee last visited properly in her early teens. Could we have picked a more stunning destination than our own country? Nah, I don't think so. And certainly not at this time of year. 21 days of absolute bliss, going at our own pace, booking only as we need to and otherwise relaxing in our own 5-star camper! We have already come up with our first game of the trip.... "Slap-A-Camper!". This game works very similar to "Punch Buggy" or "Free-Hit - Fire Hydrant" in that when one ... read more
Renee's little SKYBUG all loaded up

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