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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui November 19th 2018

18th November I booked 2 nights at the campsite, so no rush this morning. I plan to walk today, in two minds as to walk the base trail or attempt the summit. First things first, breakfast, tea and washing on. Have a shower, wash up and tidy van whilst waiting for the washer to finish. I really cannot bring myself to use the tumble drier on such a sunny day, so hang the washing up around the van. Settle in with a book, the washing is soon dry. Make a sandwich and then head for a walk around the base track, should take 45 minutes. The track was fairly flat, so no problems apart from the bit, about two thirds around, where there had been a landslide and they built steps around it, so 4 flights ... read more
View up the trees
The Summit
Tui washing in a stream

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui November 18th 2018

17th November Up at a more reasonable time, as do not have to be out until 10am; I have no idea how I am going to come with early shifts when I get back to work, I could used to these late starts. Once I sort myself and the van out for the day I head to the car park by the beach, with the intention of seeking a walk out for the day. There was a surfing competition going on, so stayed a while, listed to the music, took in the atmosphere, with no idea if anyone out there was actually any good. Decide to make a move and generally head south to Tauranga with no particular plans. I start to get itchy eyes again even though I have taken an antihistamine, I wondering if ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui November 30th 2016

On continue le chemin vers Tauranga. Le guide indique que c'est une ville en pleine croissance qui a l'activité portuaire la plus importante de NZ et les jobs dans les champs se trouvent dans cette zone. Le trajet d'environ 2h d'Auckland à Tauranga est très plaisant, on passe des prairies aux forêts tropicales en quelques minutes. La limitation de vitesse en NZ est de 100km/h mais on a déjà pas mal de sensations fortes en étant à 80km/h! On décide de poser notre van (qui n'a toujours pas de petit nom) au pied du Mount Mauao, sur un parking qui longe le Coronation Park. Bilan de la première nuit en van au top: tant mieux car c'est parti pour durer! Il faut savoir que nous utilisons une application, "Campermate", qui nous indique tous les lieux où ... read more
jardin centre ville de Tauranga
jardin centre ville de Tauranga

Visits to Tauranga, Auckland and Bay of Islands Tauranga, Auckland and Bay of Islands Blog TAURANGA - 25th February We berthed at the Port of Tauranga in Mount Mauganui, with a shuttle bus into the city of Tauranga. Tauranga has become one of the fastest growing cities in New Zealand and roughly translated from Maori means "sheltered anchorage". It is the largest city in the Bay of Plenty and a gateway for cruise ship passengers to explore places such as Rotorua (Rotavegas to Kiwis). With its hot springs and geysers it is a magnet for visitors. We walked from the centre of Tauranga up to the Mission Cemetery passing the Cargo Shed Creative Arts Centre. This centre is in a converted railway building with stall holders selling Maori carvings and paintings, glass and jewellery. The cemetery ... read more

Today I explored part of the Bay of Plenty driving to the town of Mount Maunganui. A tourist resort town, it is filled with cafes, restaurants and such establishments. Once there, and after a coffee (long black with pourable cream), I climbed Te Mangua or The Mountain; specifically Mount Maunganui. This is a must activity in the area and very popular. First though I explored the main beach at Mount Maunganui, picked up some more shells, then hiked 15 minutes to the end of Moturno Island, a small island just off the beach. Te Maunga (Mount Maunganui) itself is only 232 metres high. The walk up, however, is quite challenging and described as strenuous in parts. It takes approximately 45 min one-way to the summit. This day it was raining so unfortunately the views from the ... read more
Mount Mauganui
Mount Mauganui
Mount Mauganui with the beach in the foreground

We woke up early as the docks entrance was near the car park and the heavy-duty trucks start early in the morning. We had planned to walk up Mount Manganuni, however the rain was teaming down!!! We decided to have a nice easy morning instead and read in the morning head to the local burger king to get Wi-Fi and just to relax. In the afternoon we were going to Te Puke to meet my friend Sasha; we had worked together on the Pacific Jewel. Early afternoon we headed to Te Puke, where she works, however once we got there I got a message that she was at home in Papamoa beach area so we had to turn around and head back towards hers. We arrived at Sasha’s after getting some directions from a stranger (normal ... read more

Hello People, After waking up in the quiet parking area of the TANC car park, we found that we had an over night neighbor ‘Juicy Van’ who we never heard turn up. Neil had too much energy in the morning so I encouraged him to go for a run. He only managed a mile and a half in 15 minutes before coming back (sweaty). We then headed north to Mount Maunganui, the drive there was only short, around 25km and a simple driving road. We arrived in Tauranga late morning; we first headed to a count down to get supplies. Once we had paid up there wasn’t much parking in the main town so the shop girl suggested to park on one of the residential street a few blocks out. So we parked up of 4th ... read more

Leaving the Bay of Islands we headed back through Auckland and across East to the Bay of Plenty. we stayed 2 nights at Papamoa right next to the beach. Nice afternoon in Mt. Maunganui and walked the base route of the mountain. Had awesome ice cream in a hand made waffle cone delish ... read more
The Land of the Long White Cloud !
Mt Mauganui

I got up early again so I could pack before heading up the coast to Mount Maunganui to meet Lauren Wade for lunch and stay with her parents that evening. The weather today was glorious which always seems to be the case when I am driving, luckily this time it was only just over an hour away! Before I left Terry had a call from the dog pound saying Oz had been picked up the night before so we went and got him and then i was on my way. On the route up the coast I passed a very long train carrying lots of wood, a sign of the massive foresting industry I had seen two days previous. When I arrived at the town I was 30 min early for lunch so went for a ... read more
With Lauren up the Mauao
The view up to the peninsular
Sunset from Papamoa Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui December 12th 2011

Saying farewell to the South Island, we boarded the Interislander car ferry to make the 3 hour crossing through Marlborough Sound and Cook Straight over to the city of Wellington at the southern end of the North Island. In this part of the country, where the population is 3-1 compared to the south, the scenery is not as magnificent, but it's warmer, and there are endless beautiful beaches, nice little cities, and some fierce geothermal activity going on. The Bay of Plenty, on the east coast, is where the oil tanker/cargo ship ran aground, cracking in half and spilling its load of crude into the ocean. We can see its crippled carcass listing in the water just across from where we're currently situated. Disgusting. Somebody should MAKE THOSE BASTARDS PAY I tell ya! After spending some ... read more
Crossing the straight on the Interislander
Marlborough Sound
Marlborough Sound 2

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