Day 186 New Zealand, Bay of Plenty, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa beach.

Published: May 28th 2015
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We woke up early as the docks entrance was near the car park and the heavy-duty trucks start early in the morning. We had planned to walk up Mount Manganuni, however the rain was teaming down!!!

We decided to have a nice easy morning instead and read in the morning head to the local burger king to get Wi-Fi and just to relax. In the afternoon we were going to Te Puke to meet my friend Sasha; we had worked together on the Pacific Jewel. Early afternoon we headed to Te Puke, where she works, however once we got there I got a message that she was at home in Papamoa beach area so we had to turn around and head back towards hers.

We arrived at Sasha’s after getting some directions from a stranger (normal for us). It was really good to see Sasha; she had not changed at all. She let us do some washing, use their Wi-Fi and even let us have here bed for the night as one of her roommate’s was not coming back that night!! (Great friends we have).

After catching up we all needed some food so we headed out to a night market, it was a 15 min drive away back in Mount Manganuni. It was not the best night market; the one we went to in Auckland was 1000% better!! Still we all had something (and were all disappointed with it). We then headed back to Sasha’s local pub for drinks, pool and to watch the NRL on the big screen.

We played doubles at pool with Sasha’s roommate and it was Kiwis Vs Pom’s, and yes us Pom’s won!!! (I also won $50 on the Pokies).

After a few drinks we headed back and everyone was shattered so we all hit the hay.

Love N&V x


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