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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Liverpool August 14th 2019

Spending a few days in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. Today we visited the Information Centre and they recommended we visit the local cement sculptures. We did and we were so so impressed. They are called Concrete Creations and can be found at Cosby's Garden Centre in Liverpool. Although the centre was non-descript at the entrance, lurking behind the garden centre is a large number (perhaps 30 - 40) of concrete sculptures arranged on a number of trails behind the centre. The trails are wonderfully manicured with a wide variety of plants and shrubs . The various statues are intermingled amongst the greenery along the trails. We spent 30 minutes there walking around the trails and admiring the intricate sculptures. A must see if you are in the Liverpool area. In fact, it is well worth a ... read more
Me at Concrete Creations, Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Concrete Creations, Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Concrete Creations, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Waratah Bay March 26th 2019

Today being my last day of touring I freelanced a little bit. Although I had a few places to visit, I did not know what I would do when there. I basically visited a few coastal communities around Wilsons Promontory National Park. First up was Waratah Bay where I visited some of the local beaches. It was relatively cool, around 15, so the beaches were empty. Next up I visited the community of Sandy Point and of course another empty beach. I visited Walkerville South and parked at a car park and hiked down the path to the beach. A busier beach with many surfers and a more fun beach as there were lots of rocks to scramble around. Being low tide one could check out what's around the corner. At that location there is the ... read more
Waratah Bay
Sandy Point
Sandy Point

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory March 25th 2019

It was a quiet day today partly due to the weather. With a prediction of rain in the afternoon I wanted to cram one hike in before so I headed to the Big Drift within the Prom. The Big Drift is " an expansive landscape of inland sand dunes". Sounded interesting to me so off I went. The trail there was about 1.2 km in length one-way. When the trail hit the sand dune is when the fun started. To get to the top of the dune you had to climb up the steep bank of sand about 20 metres high. Tough going, 12 inches up, 6 inches back. When I finally did make it to the top more fun. There was a full-blown wind storm. One needed to be wearing goggles as the wind was ... read more
To the dunes
Climbing to the Big Drift
Big Drift

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia March 24th 2019

I finally made it to Wilsons Promontory National Park one of my more anticipated destinations. I arrived at the information centre around noon and got oriented to the park. Since I only had an afternoon to look around, I decided to tackle three bay/beach areas that were close together and could be explored. Firstly, I visited Squeaky Beach. A lovely beach with interesting boulders on one side that you could scramble around. It was a beautiful day so off came the sneakers and at least I got my feet wet. Next was Picnic Bay. A smaller beach but quite nice. These beaches are typically 300-400 metres from the carpark so not a difficult walk. Finally, off to Whiskey Bay. Again, some lovely boulders on either side worthy of investigation. There is a coastal trail that connect ... read more
Squeaky Beach
Squeaky Beach
Squeaky Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Inverloch March 23rd 2019

Today was a relatively quiet day. The main activity consisted of driving the Burong Coastal Drive from Cape Paterson to Inverloch. It has been dubbed as the "mini-ocean road" so how could I not drive it! This portion is less than 20 km but passes numerous points of interest where one sees unique rock formations, sandy beaches, the odd rock pool, and of course lovely coastal scenery. The nice part for me was there was typically beach access so I would spend time at each location walking around and absorbing whatever was going on. All of the stop points were in fact part of the Burong Marine National park as of course the focus is on life by the water. Unfortunately, I did not see The Caves as it was high tide and I did not ... read more
Twin Oaks
Twin Oaks
Twin Oaks

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Philip Island March 22nd 2019

Today started with a marvelous walk, a walk from Woolamai Beach to The Pinnacles. The first km of the hike is along the beach after which you climb some well-made steps and finish the walk to The Pinnacles as a coastal walk. Of course the scenery is quite nice. It is about 2.2 km to the actual Pinnacles at which time you are rewarded with these majestic rock spires jutting out of the ocean. Quite impressive. When I was there I could observe climbers actually scrambling to the top of the Pinnacles. It looked like they knew what they were doing. Certainly not for the faint of heart. This walk was one of the highlights of my time at Phillip Island. Next stop was to try the George Bass Coastal walk, or at least part of ... read more
Woolamai Beach
Woolamai Beach
Me at Woolamai Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Philip Island March 21st 2019

My first full day at Phillip Island. Lots to do. First stop was The Nobbies - two large rocks at the eastern end of the island - Big Nobbie and Little Nobbie. There is a very nice boardwalk which takes you around the area to a number of observation points. The coastal views were of course quite nice. Both Nobbies stand out. There is also a Blowhole in the area as well as Seal Rocks, home to thousands of Australian seals. Saw a few beaches before visiting Red Rocks. I was underwhelmed here. Litterally, a few few rocks in the sand. The site had nothing on PEI. Ya wanna see red rocks, that's the place to go. Early afternoon, I visited Oswin Roberts Reserve for a quick stroll through the area. Was feeling lazy so I ... read more
The Nobbies
At the The Nobbies
The Nobbies

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mornington Peninsula » Cape Schank March 19th 2019

On day 21 I visited Cape Schanck Lighthouse. There was a short but lovely loop trail there that took you to a numb er of observation points. The trail also brought you to Pebble Beach (aptly named) where I walked along the beach for a while. Next on my agenda was the Bushrangers Track - a tough hike of km in total. Up and down, with plenty of steep portions. I beachcombed in Bushrangers Bay for a while then started the trip back. Most of my walks to date have been shorter as I felt this one after it was done. After a rest, I decided to take a drive and visit a few of the major beaches in the area. These included Gunnamatta Beach and St Andrews Beach. The former is a popular surf beach ... read more
Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mornington Peninsula March 18th 2019

Day 20 was a great day. Two fabulous walks - Farnsworth Track and CoppinsTrack; the former in Portsea, the latter near Sorrento. Both were relatively short, provided wonderful views of the beach and the scenic overlooks of the area. Interestingly, there was beach access from both. In fact, in the Farnsworth Track, you did a short coastal portion then returned via the beach. Both provided access to several interesting rock formations - London Bridge and the Sphinx. Of course, I took advantage of this access and explored both fully. Just love the volcanic rock littering the beaches. In all I spent three to four hours doing the walks and just roaming around these areas. Last stop was Rye Ocean Beach - a surf beach on the Bass Strait. Another good day littered with views of beaches, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Queenscliff March 17th 2019

The main thing today was to take the ferry to the Mornington Peninsula. I arrived at Queenscliff where the ferry leaves every hour on the hour to Sorrento. I arrived early thinking I would take the 2PM ferry which would give me some time to look around. I saw a little of Queenscliff, visited the lighthouse, and saw one or two of the local beaches. My main activity, however, was a walk from Springs Beach to the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. There was a lovely combined walk/bike path along the coast from Queenscliff to Point Lonsdale. Once I approached the point, fortunately the tide was low which allowed me to scramble around the point and complete the walk along the beach. There were lots of unique volcanic rock formations and structures to keep me amused so all ... read more
Queenscliff Lighthouse
Beach at Queenscliff

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