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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui December 20th 2006

Had a wonder round roturua and got bus to maunganui in the afternoon. Had a walk round the mount in the afternoon.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui December 16th 2006

Slept very well and woke up feeling very rested and refreshed. It took us a while to pack up as we have been here for a few days now and more and more things have been brought in from the car. A few people along the way have recommended Mt Manganui for a visit - it's a small costal town on the Western Bay of Plenty, which is supposed to be NZ's best surf city complete with an artificial reef for bigger waves. With the interest in surfing this looks to be a good place for a day. Drive was only a few hours to get to the 'Mount' and we got there just before lunch time. Both quite glad to get out of the sulphur smell of Rotorua a real pongy town! Mt Manganui is ... read more
View from the mount
Walking the mount

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui October 13th 2006

Thursday 5th October: Got up early to catch my first bus to Waihi, where I then had to wait over 2 hours for my next bus to Mount Maunganui. Mount Maunganui is a very beachy/surfy town that don't often get waves but it's real kool. When I got off the bus at The Mount, I followed this Japanese girl called Maki to the hostel. We then went for a walk along the beach together then I went for a surf. The waves were decent when I first got into the water but within two hours the waves had completely died down. In the evening I got talking to this American guy who's been at the Mount for a couple of months, then I went out for a drink with Maki. We went to bed quite early ... read more
View from the top of The Mount (Mauao)
View from around the base of The Mount (Mauao)
Me fishing

After leaving Auckland, I made my way to the Mount where opportunity was supposed to await, but low and behold, it was a tiny city with a "downtown" which I could walk in 5 minutes, all in all not my cup of tea. As I was also feeling very sick (I have a slight cold but at the time I had a fever and thought I was dying, I am a wimp I know), so I decided to move to Tauranga which is slightly bigger. Since then I have realized that the Mount is gorgeous, with a large hill (also known as Mount Maunganui, the "mountain" after which the town is named), beautiful beaches (which I will eventually learn to surf on), and most importantly the Mount hot pools, which is where I found a job. ... read more
The Coast
The City

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui September 16th 2006

16/9/06 Hi folks me again, sorry it has been a while since I filled in some information for you. Just been busy being lazy. Normal day starts around 10.00 - 10.30 when Aunty Tina phones me from work and I have just got out of bed !!!!!! Could easily get used to this. I have had an interview for a job this week and should hear before Friday if I have got the job or not. It is in a supermarket and the shifts are 10 hours (aarrgghh). If they don't start till 10.00 I should be OK. Last Saturday we went off to Mount Maunganui and we were determined to dip our toes in the Pacific. When we arrived the sun was shining so we decided to have a walk around the Mount and then ... read more
Mount Maunganui Again
McLaren Falls
McLaren Falls (trickling)

A month ago I missed this day, the 15th, as I was flying towards New Zealand and crossed the International Date Line. Weird! I can’t believe I’ve been here a month! It feels both too short and too long a time all at once - I’ve done so much that it feels like it’s been at least two months, but it doesn’t feel like a month since I’ve been away from home. I hope that makes at least a little sense… Anyway, things are still great here. The most recent trip was to Mount Maunganui, a beach and mountain on the East coast, in the Bay of Plenty. It was beautiful! Nine of us left Saturday morning and drove a little over an hour to the beach. We played touch rugby on the beach a while, ... read more
the flat
looks dangerous doesn't it?
another view of the bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui February 9th 2006

Helllloooo Only a few days to go.... We have been busy since Waihi and seeing the olds, we headed from Waihi to Raglan, which is home of some big surf. When we arrived, low and behold, there were kites out. The worst bit being that the current was really fierce (those damn currants) and there are plenty of rips. So... I had to leave it on this occassion. Had wicked time there though, Raglan nice little surf town. We then headed down to Waitomo (this is to be said in very serious deep voice - as this is how it was repeatedly pronounced during a museum video on the area) where we saw aractnacampa lumineso - more commonly known as... glow worms. Obviously we were too tight to pay to go into the glow worm caves ... read more
Chris with Surf Board

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui September 25th 2005

We are now staying at a campsite at the bottom of mount maunganui, looks all very impressive - waking up with a big hill on one side and the ocean on the other. Weather picking up, summer is on it's way!!! This is good news after the spring like weather we had up at the top of north island (cape reinga). Walking down to the light house there were 75 mph winds blowing. All a bit heart in the mouth, (one of the tour group got blown off his feet, very close to edge). But now the sun is out. We have been in the coromandel for a week, and it is very beautiful. We went sea kayaking, which was lots of fun if very hard work. both very tired the next day. We are currently ... read more

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