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Wow, how is this only the third day! We have done so much. Yesterday we walked around the Lake Taupo area. Some of those fisherman stumbling INTO the bar at 7pm looked a little scary, but it was cool to see a bit more night life than what we had in Rotorua. Actually, while we were sitting in a restaurant a group of about 20 women clothed in pink boas and blaring on whistles marched into the restaurant in a congo line and started shouting and rolling on the floor on cue. One of them ran up to Jack and asked, "Scrambled or poached?" to which Jack replied "scrambled...". And then they were gone. Out the door, and the restaurant went back to normal, aside from one man's reaction: "Bloody hell" We slept in our van ... read more

After a rainy weekend at the Mount all of us Americans were determined to get back there and get some sun. Simon, a guy who lives across the hall from me, invited 8 of us to his beach house in Papamoa for the weekend. Its just south of the mount0 ten minute drive. Come to find out he didnt tell his mom we were coming. When he showed up with 4 americans she was suprised. Then, when the rest, who had taken a bus over, showed up she was not very happy. Basically she hated us, but hated simon more. Just kidding! They set up the house so that the garage is just full of bunk beds. So thats where we slept. 9 people on 2 bunk beds and a couch and Dan was on the ... read more
Best Ice Cream Ever
My Girls
Starting the hike up the mount

So University of Waikato was nice enough to take international student to Mount Maunganui, apparently one of the nicest peaches in New Zealand. So, naturally I paid the 5 dollars to get on the bus and was sooo excited. Then we get there and it was pouring down rain. It was so rainy and nasty that you couldnt even see the top of the mountain! Sad day. So instead I went shopping and what did we find but a sale rack that said "SALE: $99& less." Are you serious??? I need to find a forever 21 in NZ like now! Anyways, since laying on the beach all day was shot, the girls and I decided to go to the Hot Salt Water Pools. So relaxing. We Just hung out there for a while and then made ... read more
Rainy Day

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui February 22nd 2008

Wednesday 20th Another 'that little bit too early' start, and still only just ready in time - but in a slow getting ready kind of way! After half-hour of collections we're on the way, seeing more Art Deco architecture on the way. Around 10ish we get to Taupo - 20 minutes is allowed here as Eric, our driver, disappears off to drop/collect more passengers. Another 10 minute stop at the Huka Falls, and get a chance to see the view Woshil talked about above the falls, as well as the view below the falls - neither of which I saw last time! Back past the geothermal power station and soon that bad egg smell kicks in again and we're back in Rotorua. After Geoff (Hobbs) in particular raged about the Luge I wanted to have a ... read more
Huka Falls, from below
Huka Falls, the top
Huka Falls, from above

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui January 29th 2008

After a month of traveling in New Zealand, Ashley + I had a great last week in the North Island. After our initial car trouble, Emma, my friend from camp, was able to pick us up, and take us to her house. Her house is on a huge farm right outside Te Puke, and she has every kind of animal imaginable! They have about 170 dairy cows, which is apparently a very small herd for New Zealand, horses, chickens (Fresh Eggs every morning!), dogs, cats, and even a pot-bellied pig! We had the best time ever at Emma's house. The first day we went to her family friends house, who have a house right on this gorgeous lake, it actually reminded me a lot of Walloon. We spent the day just lying in the sun, and ... read more
Emma's Farm
Emma on the ATV
Mount Manganui

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui January 28th 2008

Hello everyone who is wanting to hear about my travels (about the parts I'm going to tell anyway!) Well I guess I'll start from the beginning since this is the first time I've had a chance to write (Mike you smart ass). Well I will start with the flight, It was pretty brutal, The fly from Calgary to LA was a sinch and the flight from LA to Tokyo was alright too. It was not a full plane so we could move around and find other seating. Then we got to Tokyo and refulled then reboarded and that was shitty cause there were more people and I was crammed in the middle of Kevin and some old guy. After a few hours of that I said screw that and I jacked some guys cozy spot (he ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui January 27th 2008

The next part of my plan for my time in New Zealand was to go swimming with dolphins. I´d tried to do this twice before, but failed on both occasions...the first because we didn´t find any dolphins, and the second because although we found dolphins, there was a baby dolphin in the group and you´re not allowed to swim when there´s a baby around. So I was determined that this time I would manage it. Based on my research, the Bay of Plenty is a good place for dolphins so I decided to head to a town there called Tauranga, after Taupo. However, everytime I mentioned Tauranga to anyone at the hostel in Taupo, they said, ahh, you´re going to Mt Maunganui...I figured seeing as everyone was saying this, Mt Mauganui it was. I´d read about ... read more
Still on the beach
Mt Maunganui

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui January 15th 2008

Many may wonder what happened to the Robbins since their South Island adventure. Well, we have been fitting in a lot of routine stuff in the months of January through March. The South Island Trip ended mid January. Since that time, summer came into full swing, and when not working or schooling we have tried to enjoy the local outdoor life. For me, that occurred mostly on the week ends. Because there is no free lunch, I had to pay for my NZ raising. I have covered 15 call days in a short period of time and managed to squeeze in 15-20 CME hours. Sarah and the kids have been equally as busy. School has started back. Grace has been attacking homework tenaciously. Ben’s curriculum includes Photography and Oceanography. Sometimes he wears shoes to school and ... read more
After dinner jam session
Birthday dinner #2
Sunrise on the Mount

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui December 16th 2007

Hi all. A lovely few days since the last blog. We travelled up to Mt Monganui after Rotarua, in the Bay of Plenty, and the sun came out for a few days. We were dying for a bit of sun shine, and it was great that we were in this lovely beach resort. It was a really picturesc town right on the beach, and at the end of the beach was a huge mount, which you could walk up to the summit, and the views were great. We found a great campsite right on the beach, and luckily got a plot right on the front row over looking the beach, and the great surf. We enjoyed a couple days just kicking back, sitting in the sun, climbing the mount, watching the surfers, and walking the lovely ... read more
The mount
Top of mount
Me and Sophs

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Mount Maunganui October 16th 2007

Feeling very chilled-out here in Mt Maunganui; staying here for a few days to unwind. The weather changes here by the minute. It's been quite windy most days, with bright sunshine and then downpours. We picked a time today when it wasn't quite so windy and ventured up to the top of The Mount, 232 metres high. The route to the top seems to be a regular route for runners, several of whom puffed their way past us on the way up. The view from the top is worth the hike, with the Bay of Plenty on one side of Maunganui and Tauranga Harbour on the other. The stretch of beach from The Mount is about 20 km long to Papamoa. Went over to Tauranga Airport earlier in the day, to a Helicopter Training Centre. Steve ... read more
Zoom in on The Van
On the Approach to the Summit

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